WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 16/03/2015

The Authority

Let’s just start by saying that Rollins is such a tremendous heel! He came out in his home state to a roaring ovation and turned it into boos in less than two minutes of getting the microphone.

Apart from that, Rollins complaining about betrayal really is ridiculous. However, part of what he said was true. Randy did what he did out of pure hatred and to exert revenge, while Seth’s betrayal of the Shield was done for money and fame. In the long run, Orton turning on Rollins will fade as a memory, while the destruction of the Shield will remain a monumental part of WWE history.

The Authority were collectively feeling sorry for Seth. It’s somewhat ridiculous when all these men are treating Rollins like a bunch of aunties, who came to visit the only boy in the family.

In the end, Rollins accepted the challenge at WrestleMania. When I hadn’t already seen the end of the show, I was actually excited about seeing Seth free from this entourage that’s only holding him back.

Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee

It’s a nice change to see a solid divas’ match open the show for once. I enjoyed watching it.
AJ is so flexible that it’s really hard for her opponent to predict what she’ll do next. Nikki has improved more in the last year than in her entire WWE career before that.

The match was good and Nikki won it over a distraction, provided by Brie, who attacked Paige at ringside.
I still think that this should have been a Fatal-4-Way for the title at Mania but the WWE seems to be still going strong with the tag team match idea.

Big Show/Kane/Seth Rollins

And suddenly Kane and Big Show told Rollins what everyone knows they are thinking – that he’s acting like a spoiled brat under the protection of the Authority.

Kane, saying that, is not that surprising since we’ve seen quarrels between him and Seth over the same issue before. Big Show, however, is a different question. He’s been like Seth’s overprotective nanny recently, so his reaction came out of the blue. I found it odd.

Ryback def. The Miz

Miz ordered Mizdow to help him win the match or he’d get fired. However, Mizdow didn’t lift a finger throughout the fight and just watched as Ryback decimated the Miz.

After the match, Mizdow came in the ring to help Miz up, only to get hit with the Skull-Crushing Finale. I wonder if there’s a chance we’ll get Miz vs. Mizdow at Mania, instead of having them both in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle, which we know for a fact they won’t win.

US Championship Match Contract Signing
This segment was cringe-worthy in every aspect. John Cena’s over-the-top patriotic promo, Rusev’s terribly written and repetitive speech and that absolutely useless “attorney” with his painfully fake accent. Just why?!

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd def. The New Day

This barely was a match. The champs defeated the New Day, employing some dirty tactics.

Los Matadores apparently are turning heel. They fed Xavier Woods to Cesaro but then had El Torito attack Cesaro. Seriously, a small dude in a bull suit was booked to outwrestle Cesaro last night…I don’t even want to comment this any longer.
Seth Rollins/J&J Security

This was probably the most dramatic of all backstage segments Rollins was a part of last night. J&J told him that the MITB briefcase is getting to him but it only agitated Rollins even more and he slapped Jamie, so both Mercury and Noble quit.

I can’t stop seeing the LOTR references. The ring getting to anyone, who has it, the way Frodo stopped seeing clearly, who was a friends and who wasn’t…
Big Show vs. Erick Rowan

The match never started. Big Show just destroyed Erick Rowan and left.

Rowan couldn’t have been more of a jobber. It’s sad. I thought something good might have come out for him out of the Wyatt Family break-up when he had his first segment with Renee Young backstage. Unfortunately I was wrong.

Pre-Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Brawl

Kane called out all the jobbers who had entered the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle with the intention of showing off at their expense but Mark Henry crashed the party and eliminated everyone.

The most important remark in this segment came from JBL: “But Axel is STILL in the Royal Rumble!”. Priceless.

Also, I find it funny that Kane and Mark Henry are fighting over which one of them two’s going to win at Mania when clearly it will be Sheamus.
Paul Heyman/ Roman Reigns

Coming up against Paul Heyman face to face with a microphone in handナ That must have been the scariest night of Reigns’ life but he did well. His promo was on point. After going through this WrestleMania will be child’s play.

It was a smart move to have Reigns intimidate Heyman and then address Brock. Having to engage in a conversation with the Advocate would have exposed Roman’s downfalls on the talking front.

Backstage Heyman announced that Brock will be on RAW next week to confront Reigns. I can’t wait to see how it plays out. It makes it look even weirder that Roman didn’t come out to confront Brock last week but hey, better late than never! The fans have been complaining that there’s no physical feud between Lesnar & Reigns. The WWE’s finally giving us a taste of what’s to come.
Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler & Daniel Bryan def. Bad News Barrett, Stardust & Luke Harper

This match was just a sneak peak at what the IC title match at WrestleMania would look like. It was chaotic as it was, adding ladders will just make it better.

Ziggler and Bryan are still working on their mini-feud. It’s completely groundless but it will make for some incredible matches. Ambrose won with the most impressive execution of Dirty Deeds I’ve seen. Actually, I don’t know if it was the execution or the selling but BNB bounced off the ground high.

After the match, the title kept switching hands but this time no one wanted to give it up willingly. Barrett finally came on top and retrieved his championship. It was a good call. BNB needs some momentum, going into WrestleMania.
Bray Wyatt

Another beautifully delivered promo by Bray Wyatt. The Undertaker’s pyro last week doesn’t seem to have affected the Eater of Worlds. It was haunting.

Randy Orton & Sting

Seth Rollins came out to announce that he had in fact tricked Randy to believe that the Authority had issues, when in reality all members of the authority were going to support Seth. It was a surprise but it made no sense. Orton had already said that he expected the Authority to come out and make him pay. Why go through all the trouble of making him think they weren’t just to screw with him in the end?

Sting came out to help Randy and the Viper looked as confused as everybody else. As impressive as the two of them standing in the ring, back to back, with weapons in their hands were, this didn’t make sense either. There were still 3 times more people on the side of the Authority, I think it would have been reasonable to take their chances against Orton and Sting.

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