WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 18/03/2015

Tyler Breeze def. Kalisto

This was a fresh combination of two superstar, who we haven’t seen feud yet. There was no storyline to underline the match but it worked out well. The fight was stripped down of a plot and it made up for high-quality wrestling that was a pleasure to watch.

Kalisto delivered an outstanding performance. If the WWE’s looking for a guy to replace Mysterio, they need to look no further. You know you’re watching a good wrestler when he does a 450 splash as a casual mid match move.


Tyler Breeze, as you might already know, is one of my NXT favorites. He might have a ridiculous gimmick but his in-ring style is distinctive, or as some might say – “gorgeous”. Breeze has impressive ring awareness and it led to some of the best moments in the match. Impeccable timing, as well.


Prince Pretty won again. He seems to be on a roll lately. It’s way too early to talk about this but I hope that Breeze’s streak continues and leads to him becoming the #1 contender and later on – the NXT Champion.

Alex Riley/Finn Balor

Finn Balor tried to warn Riley about Kevin Owens but Riley was overtaken by emotion and wouldn’t listen. It was a strong foreshadowing segment.

Wesley Blake def. Big Cass

After a very long and detailed entrance promo, the Certified Gs were welcomed as fan favorites. The reaction Big Cass got was that of a face.

It was nice to see Collin Cassidy wrestler for once. When he’s with Enzo, Amore usually fills in most of the time in the ring and Big Cass only comes in the end to save the day.  It’s been long since the last time I’ve seen Big Cass in singles action. He dominated the match from beginning to end.

Blake was booked to look weak and win due to a distraction. Carmella got hurt accidentally and Big Cass lost.

I don’t see why the WWE decided to make Blake and Murphy heel. They are funny, charismatic and win by insane flukes. They could be very easy to support.

Alexa Bliss def. Sasha Banks

The match was good and it was visually appealing to watch. The two ladies are complete opposites in the color scheme – blond vs brunette, blue vs. red, glitter vs. hardcore. This gave the match a movie-like atmosphere. It was very cinematic.

The quality of the wrestling without a fault either. Alexa gave it all in front of her home crowd and held her own against the Boss. Sasha Banks was solid, as usual. She tried to use brutal force and aggression and give Bliss a beating on the outside but it cost her the match. Alexa won via count out.

Backstage the two ladies clashed again and Mr. Regal appeared to sort out the issue. He gave Alexa Bliss a title show next week. I like how on NXT everyone goes straight to the point. You don’t have to spend a moth watching Rusev refuse to give Cena a match. If there’s a problem on NXT, a fight is to come. If one of the people involved happens to be a champion, it becomes a championship match. Simple.

Kevin Owens def. Alex Riley

It must have been hard to be Riley in this match. He had all the passion but was constantly dominated, while the crowd was chanting for Owens, who was meanwhile talking trash.

It’s no surprise that Riley lost. He had a few flashes of offence, which helped him save some face but overall it was a very one-sided match.

Owens wanted to continue punishing Riley after the match but Finn Balor literally flew out and took  KO out. It’s the first time we see Owens retreat.  This vulnerability makes Owens human and I like it. It was about time someone would stand up to the guy, who thinks he’s unstoppable.

I can see Sami Zayn helping Balor win the title next week, leading to a triple threat on the next NXT TakeOver.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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