WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 19/03/2015

Roman Reigns/ Mark Henry/ Seth Rollins

Reigns seemed to be out to address Heyman & Lesnar but got interrupted by Mark Henry, who wanted to officially declare his approval of Reigns. This “old guy comes to endorse young guy” scenario feels strange. Just doesn’t feel natural or needed for that matter. What good could the audience, knowing that the locker-room is behind Roman, do?

Seth with his entourage interrupted the awkward exchange between Henry & Reigns to announce that J&J Security made sure that Randy Orton wouldn’t be allowed in the building. From that moment on, we all knew that the Viper was going to show up, during the main event, which was supposed to be Reigns & Henry vs. Rollins & Kane.

Paige def. Brie

Nikki and AJ were on commentary. Nikki was rambling about integrity and being given a voice. She used big words but didn’t really say anything meaningful. Before AJ could try to voice her opinion, Paige rolled Brie and won.

The match was short, rushed and the commentary didn’t lead anywhere. This is the exact same dead-horse rivalry as Paige vs. the Bellas, going up to FastLane. Nothing has changed, apart from adding AJ’s presense to the mix.

Gauntlet Match

  1. Dean Ambrose def. Stardust

I noticed that the Disaster Kick is not a finisher any more. It’s being used during the match as a signature only.

The CODY chants were apparently easier to engage in than the AMBROSE chants. I’m not sure if this says something bad about Ambrose’s popularity or something good about Stardust’s engagement with the fans.

Ambrose won unexpectedly. He stole the pin with a rushed roll. Stardust was in his right to be upset. He attacked the Lunatic Fringe after the match and used the ring posts against him.

  1. Dean Ambrose def. R-Truth

Truth decided to take advantage of an already hurt Ambrose but didn’t calculate the situation well. He didn’t predict that the frustrated Stardust would go after him as well.

So with both Ambrose and Stardust to deal with, Truth quickly got pinned by the Lunatic Fringe, after getting hit with the Dirty Deeds.

  1. Luke Harper def. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose was already hurt. From the moment when Stardust snapped and attacked him, it was obvious that Dean wasn’t going to win the Gauntlet. Seeing the only real heel in the match enter, I knew that he was the one who’d take the blame for taking Ambrose out.

The match was almost entirely dominated by Luke Harper – both with raw power & with submissions. The Lunatic Fringe had a “lunatic” moment when he bit his way out of a submission. He also provided some fast and exciting counters but then got floored with a power bomb and lost.

Ambrose was the only superstar in the Gauntlet with more than one win. However, both his wins were quick and non-decisive. Dean can do better.

  1. Daniel Bryan def. Luke Harper

This is where it got exciting. The match was longer than the previous three and made the crowd chant THIS IS AWESOME.

The difference in styles was obvious. Just when Bryan got his momentum going and was on a roll, Harper simply picked him up and tossed him out of the ring. The size advantage was a definitive factor in the match.

DB won with a submission hold that he pulled out of nowhere.

  1. Dolph Ziggler def. Daniel Bryan

This pairing was to be expected, seeing the mini rivalry that’s developing between Bryan and Ziggler.

As clichéd as it sounds, these two stole the show. It was by far the best face-off in the Gauntlet. The audience was screaming throughout. Two fan favorites that give their all and deliver – it’s a pairing that will sell pay-per-views.

Dolph hit the Zig Zag, coming of a series of counters. It was beautifully done and it came unexpectedly. That’s how matches should end. Unpredictability is a good thing in a scripted sport, such as pro wrestling.

BNB showed up after the match. He left both Bryan & Ziggler lying. This was the type of a dominance I wanted to see from the champ.

Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Natalya def. Los Matadores

The fact that Jey is injured and the Usos & Naomi vs. Tyson, Cesaro & Natty can’t happen doesn’t mean that 6-man tag with a bull, being the counterpart of the woman, is a good idea.

Natalya wanted to fight but Tyson wouldn’t allow her to because he was jealous of El Torito, which forced Cesaro to rush in and save the match a few times. In the end Natalya power bombed Torito and won.

The tag team division is not going in a good direction. We have the perfect champs, why waste them on a comic feud with Los Matadores when the Ascension could be utilized.

Roman Reigns def. Seth Rollins & Kane

Zack Ryder and the Prime Time Players found Mark Henry unconscious backstage, so Reigns was left alone in a handicap match.

I spent the entire match waiting for Orton to appear. I was surprised when Roman actually won on his own. Reigns superman punched Rollins and then speared Kane for the win. Then hw walked out “like a boss”, pushing J&J’s security team aside.

Only after Reigns had established dominance on Rollins’ expense, did Orton show up. He single-handedly took out all the suits J&J had brought with them. Then Mercury and Noble sacrificed themselves to save Seth, who managed to run away.

The way things are, Rollins will enter WrestleMania, looking weaker than ever. He’s never been that much of a laughing stock and a coward as now. Something needs to change. Maybe winning the WWE WHC at Mania, will help Rollins bring back credibility to his character? Either that or it will make him even whinier, which would make up for a terrible title reigns. The WWE does not need this at all!

What did you think of last night’s SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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