WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 25/03/2015

Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss

The Boss was overly confident and cocky, which almost cost her the title, more than once. Although Sasha was trying to constantly show off, the crowd was impressed by Alexa Bliss. It was noted by the commentary team and I want to second that – usually, the NXT fans show equal support to both divas in the match and Banks is well liked, however, this wasn’t the case last night.

I think the LET’S GO BLISS phenomenon is based on Alexa’s unique style of offense. As a character, she’s just another cute, likeable, girly girl and it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, Bayley was popular before her. However, Alexa Bliss the only WWE diva whose in-ring style is so strongly influenced by lucha libre.  This girl could climb to the top in the WWE because she has something that sets her apart.

However, last Wednesday wasn’t Alexa’s moment. The Boss has been scratching and clawing to get the NXT Women’s Championship and it wouldn’t make sense to make her drop it on a casual NXT taping so soon after she won it.

The match was a pleasure to watch. It brought Alexa Bliss center stage and helped Sasha Banks establish herself as a fighting champion as well.

Emma/ Bayley

Emma continues to try to corrupt Bayley. The clumsy Australian was once again explain to the Hugger that being too nice doesn’t help and that the fans never do anything good for you. Bayley disagreed and got slapped for it.

I’m interested to see how heel Emma works out. Her entire gimmick was based on being clumsy and being liked for that. She needs to get a complete character makeover to be a heel. Her in-ring style needs to adapt too. Her trait dancing and the cheeky names of her signatures won’t work well with a heel persona.

Tyler Breeze/ Hideo Itami

Tyler Breeze was boasting backstage about his victory over Hideo Itami, when the Hideo interrupted him and challenged him to a 2 out of 3 falls match next week. Breeze accepted.

As a match, this will be great to watch. Predicting the outcome is tricky. It’s hard to say who needs this win more. Tyler Breeze is just getting back on track after a long losing streak. However, Hideo’s character relies solely on winning to keep his popularity because he can’t count on mic skills with his limited English.

Buddy Murphy Wesley Blake Flirt With Carmella

The champs foudn Carmella backstage with Enzo & Big Cass. Blake and Murphy wanted to apologize by givng Carmella a present. Enzo and Cass weren’t impressed but she was. Could Carmella cost Enzo and Cass their championship opportunity? Most likely, yes.

Also did Wesley Blake dye his hair blond just to help the audience tell him and Murphy apart?

Kevin Owens def. Finn Balor

Owens is a unique character. When we use the term “monster heel” we’re looking for someone like Owens. He has no remorse, no hatred, no passion, just animalistic, focused drive to hurt others. As someone, who has bad knees, I can tell you that the way Owens targeted Finn’s leg looked like torture to me. Owens acts and moves as someone, who knows he’s better and what really crushes people’s dreams is that he actually defeats brutally all of those who come to face him with good intentions.

Although, Finn Balor lost, I believe, he cracked the armor of the NXT Champion. We had never before seen Kevin Owens that close to losing. He didn’t have the power to inflict more damage after the match because he was on the verge of losing. Finn Balor brought real competition to the table. The match wasn’t nearly as one-sided as Owens vs. Zayn or Owens vs. Riley. Adrian Neville was close to doing what Balor did but didn’t quite get there.

Finn Balor humanized Kevin Owens but the horror-inducing streak of the champion continues. It led to a powerful post-match promo by Kevin Owens.

Having a weakness creates determinations. The harder it gets on the champion, the more exciting his reign will be. This sets a very interesting stage for Sami Zayn’s return.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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