Brock Lesnar’s Role In the WWE Needs To Change After WrestleMania

The entire wrestling community has been buzzing the last couple of days over Brock Lesnar’s decision to stay in the WWE. Most people believed that Brock would leave after WrestleMania but the truth is that going to UFC would have been a bad personal and business decision. The WWE offers Lesner much more money for a far less dangerous job that he only needs to do part time. As Dana White said Vince “threw the vault” to resign Lesnar. The personal satisfaction of thriving in the dangerous MMA grounds is something that’s more likely to sway a younger and idealistic person. For someone with Brock’s age and experience, financial stability and good health are far more tempting.

However Brock’s position in the WWE must change after WrestleMania. He’s been a champion for far too long. It’s been said many times during his title reign – the WWE World Heavyweight Championship needs to be present on WWE TV. It’s ludicrous that we even need to discuss this. WrestleMania is the turning point in the WWE year. It’s the best possible moment to end the reign of the Beast.  But what will the Conqueror do once he himself has been conquered?  Not being unstoppable will take away the center of Lesnar’s gimmick.

I think the transformation Lesnar will undergo will be completely reliant on Paul Heyman’s work, much like the whole reign of the Beast. A couple of months back, the Advocate painted an interesting scenario that never got explored.  On that RAW when Seth Rollins came face to face with Paul Heyman in a mic battle and did the impossible by still coming out looking as dominant as he did upon entering the stage, Mr. MITB was made an unofficial offer. Heyman had scouted Rollins as a potential recruit and presented him with the image of Rollins himself as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion with Brock Lesnar as a guardian. Seth has been hiding behind the Authority but the Authority has lost its power to protect him. Having Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar at his side will make him unbeatable.

This scenario would allow Brock to lay low but remain the Beast. Withdrawing from the title picture under Paul Heyman’s orders would give Brock a way out without losing the championship in a definitive way. This would not only protect Lesnar’s credibility as a monster, but it would also allow him to turn face whenever the company needs him to. The fans would respond positively to that as well. The LET’S GO LESNAR chants directed at Roman Reigns created a stir but they are nothing new. The crowd was supportive of Brock during his match against Cena and Rollins at the Royal Rumble too. Thinking about that triple threat match, Rollins probably got cheered the most although he was the best defined heel. A relationship between Lesnar, Heyman and Rollins could also end the complete opposite way – Rollins getting too opinioned and losing the title to Lesnar after getting betrayed by Paul Heyman. Either way, Brock would benefit from Rollins’ inclusion in the storyline.

There is another solution that involves a new Paul Heyman guy but it’s far more insane. What if Seth Rollins cashes in on Roman Reigns and the crowd cheers wildly, leading to Reigns losing control and turning on the WWE Universe, making him a raging heel? What if then Paul Heyman decides to recruit the mean blue-blood Samoan, who he has hyped probably as much as his own client on the road to Wrestle Mania? The Advocate could betray Lesnar in favor of Reigns in a Triple-Threat match for the title between Lesnar, Reigns and Rollins. After all, Roman would have proven that he’s stronger than Brock. That would result in a face turn for Rollins and freedom for Lesnar. Brock could go off TV programming for a while and return to seek revenge from Paul Heyman and his recruit a couple of months later when he’s least expected. This would replay the Brock vs Roman feud with reversed roles, a setting that would fit better the preferences of the WWE Universe.

If Paul Heyman doesn’t turn on Brock in any way, it will hurt the Beast. That would mean that he’d lose clean to Reigns or Rollins, or both at WrestleMania and at least one more occasion after that. Knowing that Lesnar’s gimmick is based on him being perceived as unstoppable in an inhuman way, this would make him look weak. He’ll turn in to the joke of a character he was when he was failing miserably at protecting Paul Heyman from CM Punk. This is why I think a decisive move from the Advocate will be the best course of action.

What do you think is the best way to handle Brock after WrestleMania? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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