WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 16/04/2015

John Cena Open Challenge

John Cena kept his US Title Open challenge going but this time there was no match for the title. The Tag Team Champs came out and quite frankly did deliver some truths. In my opinion both “most people here wish they couldn’t see you” and “The PLEASE RETIRE chants were aimed at the wrong person” were really good remarks. Then Daniel Bryan came out and the main event shaped up.

I wonder where Cena’s open challenge is going. Is it just a filler or is it going to bring us a swerve? We don’t expect anyone to win this against Cena but what if someone did? If one day someone does win that title from Cena, using the open challenge, it will be a diamond crown victory. It’s a shame Dean Ambrose already missed his chance.

Bray Wyatt def. R-Truth

Bray Wyatt vs R-Truth? Guess who won. Yeah, exactly and the match probably didn’t take much longer than the time it took to guess the winner.

This was only a way to insert Bray on TV without really doing anything with him. But I guess a win is a win.

Bad News Barrett def. The Miz

That match actually took less than the previous one and the winner was as easy to predict. Miz didn’t have the time to wrestle since Barrett barely waited for him to remove his sunglasses to blast him off with the Bullhammer.

I was intrigued by BNB’s promo on the way to the ring. I even started questioning whether he isn’t actually turning face but then he dissed the YES movement and I quickly dropped that idea. However, it won’t be too difficult. I think the Bad News gimmick can work easily as a face gimmick. People like honesty. Same goes for the Fact Dropping side of Kidd & Cesaro.


Miz found Summer Rae and Mizdow backstage to complain about Raw having been a fluke. Summer offered a match for the Miz brand between the two and Miz accepted.

I’m not sure about this. It was only logical but the Miz is the Miz after all. He can’t lose the brand. Then again, the logic of the story dictates that Mizdow will win. We might have the Miz dress up as different people like Mizdow did before he became a stunt double. I’m not convinced it’s a brilliant idea but it seems logical.

Neville def. Sheamus

The. Match. Of. The. Night. That pretty much sums it up. Neville is brilliant. I lost count of the times he flew and twisted his body in the air. Neville doesn’t just do a dive over the ropes, no, he needs to flip a few times in the air while he does it. It’s simply a pleasure to watch Neville wrestle.

Sheamus didn’t fall behind. He used brute force and he looked strong doing it.  He tossed the much smaller Neville with such an ease, it was scary to watch. When Sheamus saw he was getting overwhealmed by Neville’s speed, he slammed him into the announce table, causing  a DQ.

After the match, Sheamus just carried Neviile to the ring, over his shoulder and kept beating him up until Ziggler came to the rescue. Then Sheamus came up with the worst possible stipulation for their Extreme Rules match – Kiss Me Arse. Who on earth wants to see ass kissing on stage?! I thought we were past this….

Also, for some reason, I’d prefer to watch Neville vs. Sheamus, rather than Ziggler vs. Sheamus. The English vs. Irish thing adds to the charm of the feud and as we saw, the combo in the ring is amazing too.

The New Day def. Los Matadores

Are the New Day slowly turning heel? This whole match was the New Day addressing the NEW DAY SUCKS chants and then beating Los Matadores off of the distraction caused by Xavier Woods, fighting El Torrito outside the ring.

Turning the New Day heel night might not be such a bad idea after all. The fans boo them anyway, might as well just capitalize on it.

Big Show

I find this version of heel Big Show really entertaining. He’s so unapologetic about being servile, it’s funny and yet, he still dismantled Roman Reigns on Raw. I like that.

A Last Man Standing is a good choice. It will be brutal and that’s what fits Reigns the most. We know who’ll win but the beating taken on both sides promises to be quite memorable.

Cameron def. Alicia Fox & Natalya

If you ask how the hell the one woman who can’t wrestle won the match, I have one answer only: WWE booking.

The WWE had Foxy and Natty take each other out and then Cameron stole it. That’s the only way she’ll ever win anything. This girl is really bad at what she does. Probably the only one worse than her is Eva Marie.

Fandango def. Adam Rose

Another weird Fandango love triangle on the horizon. He dumped Rosa, who still wants him, but Adam Rose is trying to get her. As a result, she accidentally distracted both of them but Fandnago took advantage and won.

How does Fandnago always get the hottest girls out there, dumps them and then they still chase him afterwards? Rosa should side with Adam Rose. After all, she won’t get anything on her own. If Fandango’s shedding off all valets, then Rosa should stick with Rose.

Also, I really like face Fandango. He’s entertaining. I hope he does well.

Bray Wyatt

Bray cut a promo on an unknown opponent. We don’t have enough to go on to guess who that is. I hope the WWE at least knows.With the Creative you never know whether they’ve planned something amazing or they have no idea what they’re doing next.

Daniel Brian & John Cena def. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

At first, I was thinking that it was an interesting change of scenery – the tag team champs, challenging top faces. Then I realized that these top faces were actually midcard champs. The idea of bringing prestige to the midcard is actually working.

Cena carried the bulk of the match. Daniel Bryan came in by the very end. Even Natalya got to get involved. She wanted to help Tyson but he ended up running into her and Daniel Bryan capitalized on the distraction.

I found it hilarious that at first Cesaro saved Natalya and the moment he saw Tyson in danger he dropped her like a useless bag of junk. This trio is seriously entertaining.

What did you think of this week’s SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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