WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 22/04/2015

Finn Balor def. Tye Dillinger

This match was all Finn. Tye Dillinger had his new fancy haircut and an Alberto Del Rio style scarf on his way to the ring but in the ring he brought nothing new. I kept waiting for that one Tye moment that would get the NXT crowd to chant for him but it never came.

Tyler Breeze showed up on the screen at the end. He challenged Finn Balor. If it’s not for Prince Pretty to pick up rivalries for no real reason, we’d be seriously bored.

Talking about rivalries, what happened to Jason Jordan? We haven’t heard anything from him since the breakup of his partnership with Dillinger. Why would you break a team and then not use that as a feud material later? Strange.

Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke sounds like a heel to me. The character that the WWE’s going with for her is overly cocky. She talked about her debut being the rebirth of the NXT Women’s division and about NXT being her playground.

For me the most important part of her promo was that she’s aiming for being “the strongest”. Amongst all the boasting, this could actually be valuable information because it defines what sort of in-ring style we should expect from Dana Brooke.

Kevin Owens

In a backstage interview Kevin Owens actually gave credit to Alex Riley. I didn’t expect that. Nothing in Kevin Owens’ style up until now has shown a tendency for him to be respectful towards his opponents. Quite the opposite actually.

I liked that promo. It adds more colour to Owens’ character but he still remains stronger than everybody.

Becky Lynch def. Charlotte & Bayley

I don’t remember ever watching a boring divas triple threat match on NXT and this one didn’t make an exception. In the beginning, Charlotte and Bayley wanted to get rid of Becky Lynch and fight each other. From that moment on, my bet was on Becky.

Later on, it was Bayley vs. Becky but the match never boiled down to Charlotte vs. Becky. Ironically, it was Charlotte’s work that won Becky the #1 contender’s spot. Charlotte had locked her arched version of the Figure 4 lock on Bayley when Becky Lynch crawled on top of Bayley and got a three count.

It makes sense to have Becky win this one. She and Sasha have a history together. Same could be said for Charlotte but then we’d end up with a replay of an admittedly great rivalry and yet a rivalry that we watched barely a couple of months ago.

Hideo Itami def. CJ Parker

Watching CJ Parker is like watching someone wrestle form beyond the grave. Knowing that he’s no longer with the company makes it odd for me to watch his pre-recorded matches. Especially when he had just started to do so well in the ring after dropping the Earth act.


Unlike Tye Dillinger, CJ Parker earned himself some cheers from the audience. The NXT crowd is not difficult, they just need to see a little bit of good offence and they’ll support anyone. Too bad that some people can’t produce even that.

Hideo Itami predictably won. I noticed that the commentators called his finisher The Shotgun Kick. I don’t think I’ve heard the name before but I might have missed it. Regardless, this is one badass name.

Becky Lynch/Sasha Banks

The girls met in the locker room and they got catty really quickly. Sasha claimed that she made Becky and Becky laughed in her face. This is why I said that booking these two in a rivalry is a great idea.

Rhyno def. ???

It was one of these matches where I have to go on WWE’s official website to check the name of the lesser known opponent and I couldn’t find it even there. The match was so short that the commentators didn’t have time to mention it and there wasn’t enough screen time to see this guy’s entrance.


After seeing the speed at which Rhyno hit the Gore and finished the match, I’m starting to thinking that he should have a beat the clock competition with Baron Corbin. Who knows, it might end up with a feud between the two.


We saw the tag team champs courting Carmella once again and the Certified Gs getting upset about it. The only issue is that we had already seen this segment last week. It was uploaded on WWE’s official YouTube channel, I even added it to my review last week. That’s a sloppy mistake.

Kevin Owens def. Alex Riley

I was pleasantly surprised. Alex Riley was doing much better than I would have ever imagined. He was so fired up that Kevin Owens had to retreat and take a breather outside the ring. Although it ended with Owens tricking Riley into following him and then slammed him into the ramp, I still think that Riley was impressive.

Even back in the ring, when it was mostly Owens, Riley had his bursts of offence and desperate counter-attacks. This frustrated and desperate style of Riley grabs my attention. Still, Kevin Owens dominated the pace and won with the Pop-up Power Bomb.

Owens wasn’t done yet. After the match he continued to dismantle Alex Riley until Sami Zayn rushed out to the rescue. Seeing Sami back I couldn’t have been happier. The atmosphere suddenly changed. Referees and wrestlers were out to keep Zayn off of Owens. It felt as if the entire power balance of NXT shifted. Not because Kevin Owens retreated, that could happen. It’s because it finally feels as if there’s someone who can stand up to Owens. I cannot wait for this rivalry.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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