WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 23/04/2015

Seth Rollins/Kane

Rollins quickly addressed Orton’s Monday Night RKO Frenzy by reminding us that the RKO is banned on Sunday. Then he moved onto more interesting topics. Rollins once again claimed that he needs no help from any member of the Authority to win. He’s been saying this way too often these days. It will come into play, I’m sure of it. It’s not just to play up to the steel cage stipulation, there’s a deeper-seated issue brewing.

Rollins added an unhealthy doze of insults, directed at Kane, to his rant, which led to the Director of Operations’ entrance. Kane yelled Rollins into lying down for him in an impromptu match. The champ wasn’t impressed but was too scared to argue. Kane didn’t go through with it. He had embarrassed Rollins enough, so he just put him in a match against Ambrose instead.

Ambrose came out, only to be ganged up on by Rollins, J&J and Luke Harper but then he got saved by his only friend – Roman Reigns. What some people on the internet might call Ambreigns caused a lot of screaming in the room. I had to turn the volume down.

It’s not a coincidence that Reigns came out either and I’m not convinced he was there just to support Ambrose. Rollins’ next feud is Reigns. It was always meant to be that.

Dolph Ziggler & Neville def. Sheamus & BNB

Lately Sheamus has been talking a lot. While he was strolling down the ramp, he took the opportunity to explain how in real life size matters. I’m yet to decide whether Sheamus talk too much or just about enough to be hated.

There’s one thing that I really like in Sheamus’ new persona. He keeps yelling “Are you not entertained!?” I noticed it before but I hadn’t mentioned it in my reviews yet. As a line obviously stole from The Gladiator, it inevitably gives off a warrior vibe. I think it matches the Celtic Warrior. Next thing you know, he’ll be screaming SPARTAAA, while Brouge Kicking people.

Neville is amazing. I know I’ve said this before but I just can’t get enough of him. He’s just on a different level. He’s so much smaller that he actually needs to be amazing to hang in with the others. I cannot wait until he gets a championship opportunity. Neville was given the honours of getting the pin over Barrett last night.

Neither Ziggler, nor Sheamus were involved in the direct outcome of the match. It’s a clever move. The WWE is saving them. Although Ziggler was on the winning side, he wasn’t the one who won the match, so we can’t apply the winner loses at PPV logic to the regrettable Kiss Me Arse match that’s to come.

Bray Wyatt

I have no answers to Wyatt’s riddles but I can give you the clues that I gathered from this promo. The man will be “Exposed” and he has “one thing he can’t live without”, also Wyatt made an analogy to a butterfly without wings.

I think the information is misleading on purpose. Wyatt’s previous promo was targeting a weight lifter, this one suggest a high-flyer. The truth is I expect Bray to attack one of the winners at Extreme Rules the way he targeted Ambrose at Hell in a Cell.

Naomi def. Natalya

Watching this match made me realize that the issue with using your ass as a weapon is that at one point or another, you’ll end up falling on your ass and it will hurt, badly. At least, that’s what Naomi’s experience must have felt like.

As for Natalya, I was distracted by her ring gear. I was nervously expecting a wardrobe malfunction to happen. This onesie she’s wearing looks hot but doesn’t really cover her breasts and I wasn’t convinced her bra was going to survive the match. Honestly, AJ’s tshirt top is a much safer version. I’m pretty sure that if the divas didn’t have to worry about their breasts jumping out, they’d fight more freely and with better quality.

It wasn’t a surprise that Naomi won. She needs the momentum, going into Extreme Rules. However, I don’t see her winning it.


The Prime Time Players and their promos. Sigh. This time Titus and Darren Young targeted the tag team champs.

All I can say is, leave the fact dropping to Cesaro and Kidd. They’re just better. Then again, Titus and Darren Young are much better together than solo or in another combination.

Ryback def. Rusev (via DQ)

The way Rusev looked last night before the match, he was one shaved hair-style away from becoming the perfect image of the Easter European chav, as a friends of mine so eloquently described it. Jokes aside that chain around his neck makes him look extra scary.

Ryback and Rusev have faced each other before. However, this time around it was a much more even contest. Ryback overpowered Rusev on a few occasions. Even I was impressed and I’m not particularly keen on The Big Guy.

Rusev lost it, attacked Ryback with a chain and lost by DQ. Then he applied the ever so disturbing chained version of the Accolade.

Unfortunately, regadless of how strong he looks, Rusev will lose on Sunday. I think it will be the US championship open challenge that will eventually lead to a new champion.

Seth Rollins/ Luke Harper

JoeyMercury almost got erased of the face of Earth after he tried to get Luke Harper to talk to them. It was a nice backstage segment. J&J provided comic relief without overdoing it, Seth was just being Seth and Luke Harper introduced us to his concentration zone where he plans every detail of the pain he inflicts on his opponents.

Kofi Kingston def. Cesaro

The New Day opened the match with a long promo. They kept talking about smiling and positivity, plus an unreasonable amount of the use of the word “clapping”. Also, Kofi Kingston had ponytails. I still can’t get that image out of my head. The NEW DAY SUCKS chants fit right into place now.

It must have been the ponytails but Kofi was doing very well against Cesaro. Still, what won him the match wasn’t skill or speed – it was a distraction. Xavier Woods got involved, Tyson tried to stop him but got attacked by Big E. Cesaro wouldn’t just let his partner get beaten like that so he saved Kidd but ran into Trouble in Paradise and lost.

The New Day’s cheating ways, paired up with these annoyingly happy smiles makes them almost as easy to hate as the Miz. I’m not convinced they’ll win on Sunday, though. I’m thinking more in the lines of PTP vs. Cesaro and Kidd next but anything could happen.

Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns def. Seth Rollins & Luke Harper

That was a match that got itself some well-deserved THIS IS AWESOME chants. Reigns and Ambrose just gel together perfectly but when you put them in the same ring with Rollins, magic happens. That Shield chemistry is never going to dry out. Also, Ambrose and Harper have their long history, dating back from the indies. Their pairing is strong in the ring.

It was a great match, so it’s hard to pick out any highlights. There were just too many and they were all equally good. Whether Kane wanted to help Seth beat the 10 count or to throw him to the wolves, following the Director of Operations’ questionable involvement, Reigns pinned Rollins.

Seth has a lot of things to worry about. On Sunday he might not only have to put to practice his claims that he can do it without the Authority, but he might also have to fight against the Authority. I think, it would be wise of him to get used to this sensation because his enterprise with the Authority might not last long.

What did you think of last night’s SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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