WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 27/04/2015

Seth Rollins/Kane

We are witnessing the slow, gradual but entirely unavoidable self-destruction of Seth Rollins. Seth believes he controls everything and maybe once no one could outsmart Seth Rollins but the moment he started parading his smarts, he lost all intellectual & strategic advantages he had. Publicly offending Kane is not smart. Announcing that it’s “The Rollins Regime” when The Autority’s listening is not smart. Nothing Rollins said in this segment was smart. Seth has lost it and he’ll keep degrading until he loses the belt and everything he has along with it, to undergo a drastic character transformation and rise to power again.

Orton and Reigns came out, both looking for a shot at the title. It was obvious that they’d both get one. It’s a natural transition. Reigns vs. Rollins needs to happen but Orton can’t just be disregarded, hence this triple threat storyline forming.

BNB def. Dolph Ziggler

Quite honestly, Barrett’s character is better suited for the king’s throne. Generally, it’s more of a heel title to win.

Even if it hadn’t been for Sheamus, who showed up to embarrass and distract Ziggler, the Show Off might not have won. Barrett was doing better than he recently has. Also, he needed a win to balance out his loss to Neville at Extreme Rules.

The storyline with Ziggler and Sheamus fighting over an ass-kissing controversy is one of the dumbest ideas of the last few weeks. I think there were plenty of better reasons for a rivalry between the two. The Kiss Me Arse match was not needed.

Big E def. Tyson Kidd

Oh, the New Day and their desperate attempts to counter the NEW DAY SUCKS chants… It’s almost endearing. It’s nice of them that they’re sharing the titles though. Xavier Woods isn’t officially a champ but he was carrying Kofi’s belt as if it was his.

Tyson overall outsmarted Big E in the ring. As big as Big E is, his strength wasn’t nearly enough to counter Kidd’s speed and ring awareness. However, there’s always Xavier Woods to win the matches he’s not in. He held Tyson’s leg for the three count, so no kick out was possible.

I kinda like the New Day as champs. Not enough to chant NEW DAY ROCKS, I’m not there yet, but I’d gladly chant NEW DAY SUCKS, while clapping. The guys deserve some noise. Best heel work three face characters can master.

Ryback def. Bo Dallas

The ever so exciting feud between Bo Dallas and Ryback seems to have just started, stemming off of the next beat-down-for-talking Bo received at Extreme Rules.

For a moment on RAW, I thought Bo could actually win. He was violent, he was aggressive and he owned Ryback in the early going of the match. Still, it wasn’t meant to be. Ryback quickly turned things around and manhandled Bo to a quick win.

Then Bray Wyatt appeared, hit the Sister Abigail on Ryback and after a spiderwalk show left the Big Guy laying.

Everyone seems to believe that Bray is targeting Ryback and it’s most probably true. But what if Bray attacked Ryback because Ryback was Bo’s opponent? What if Bray is actually looking to recruit his brother, Bo Dallas to his cause? It would make a nice twist wouldn’t it?

John Cena

Cena cut a long patriotic promo. The I QUIT match between Cena and Rusev was to be expected from the very beginning. However, it’s a concept that I find painful to think of because the outcome is set. No one believes that Cena will quit, EVER.  When there’s no suspense, the match loses value.

Heath Slater wanted to get his shot at the US title open challenge but it didn’t happen this week either. Last time it was Randy, now – Rusev. Poor Slater might never get his chance to get squashed by Cena in an under 4 min long match.

Rusev cut a promo on Cena but it wasn’t of such importance. Chasing Lana away was. The WWE seems to be going for a split in the Russian duo. I don’t see what the future hold for Lana if she turns face and starts catering to the WWE Universe. She’s not a wrestler. I don’t know what she’ll do with that popularity.

R-Truth def. Stardust

I cannot believe that R-Truth actually defeated Stardust and qualified for the semifinals of the King of the Ring tournament. It makes me think that the will power of all those who hate spiders magically transformed Truth into a mighty winner.

Adam Rose def. Fandango

Fandango somehow successfully turned face without changing anything substantial in his character. Maybe he was a face all along.

Back to the match, Fandango was well in control of Rose until Rosa showed up, dressed as a Rosebud and distracted him. Adam Rose took advantage, hit the Party Foul and won. It’s been so long since the last time Rose won something that I had completely forgotten what his finisher looks like.

The makeout session between Rosa and Rose afterwards was, how can I put it, disturbing. Even Adam Rsoe himself seemed to be disturbed in that segment. It was not-very-PG segment with sexual assault inklings.

Brie Bella

Brie’s sobby promo about Daniel Bryan was so bad that it made a via-satellite, pre-recorded interview a far better alternative.  I was relieved when Naomi attacked her and put an end to it.

Naomi def. Brie

Naomi’s keeping these neon, glowing shoes, isn’t she? Sigh. Can someone tell her she looks like a misplaced Christmas decoration?

The match was pretty much even. Naomi started off well, Brie overtook the initiative at one point but ultimately Naomi’s heel violent outbursts got her the victory.

I like how the Bellas switch between face and heel, depending on who their opponents are, without changing their characters. It’s odder than the Fandango situation, since the Bellas are in the spotlight all the time. Then again, it’s realistic. In real life, there’s more likely to be right or wrong than good or bad.

Sheamus def. Dean Ambrose

When this match started Sheamus didn’t have the time to take a mic and talk the night away. Ambrose didn’t give him the space to.  This triggered something in the Celtic Warrior and a full-out brawl began.

Sheamus and Ambrose kept pushing each other further and further. It was interesting to watch. Still, the first ever PPV win for Ambrose on Sunday wasn’t enough momentum to dethrone The Celtic Warrior form his wave of success. Well, the WWE tried to save it by having Ziggler interfere and cause a DQ but Ambrose had just received a Brogue Kick at the 5/6 point of a 10 count. I don’t think he was going to make it anyway.

I can’t wait for MITB this year because I’m convinced Ambrose will be lost until then.

Damien Sandow

It’s the first time we see Sandow as Sandow, since the Mizdow persona came to be. He was very plain, wearing a simple black t-shirt and jeans. It’s as if he had no gimmick. He was one with the audience. He was a part of the WWE Universe.

He mocked and mimicked Axel until it got the Axman frustrated enough to lose focus and then attacked him. And then Sandow was thanked by thousands for being himself.

We heard only about 20 sec of it but Sandow’s new theme sounds epic. I’m quite intrigued by him. I want to see where this character goes. I hope he’s destined for greatness.

Bray Wyatt

Although he had already attacked Ryback, Bray still kept calling his mystery target “friend”but I guess with the WWE naming this video as “Bray sends a message to Ryback”, I should accept that the Bray wants to recruit Bo storyline isn’t happening.

Neville def. Luke Harper

There’s no such thing as a pause with Neville. There’s no skipping the match either. He’s pure gold. I honestly believe that the WWE have found a goldmine with this Englishman. His skills are unbelievable.

Harper stood his ground with straightforward powerhouse offence and yet he was nowhere near Neville’s speed.

However, despite Neville being amazing, I don’t think he’ll become King of the Ring. It would mean going through Sheamus first and I’m not sure the WWE’s prepared to have their newest and brightest heel lose.

Orton and Reigns def. Kane and Rollins

I really don’t like tag matches between singles competitors. I don’t understand why every show needs to finish with some sort of a thrown together tag main event.

Then again, half way through, this one got interesting.  The best way to describe it would be – a series of unfortunate mishaps led to Rollins sending Kane in beast mode and then got Seth RKOed and defeated. To top that off, the triple threat match for Payback was confirmed and Reigns speared Seth to close off the show.

As I said, nothing will go Rollins’ way, until he drops the title. This will be one painful reign.

What do you think of this week’s RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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