WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 05/05/2015

Orton/Reigns/New Day

Randy and Roman threw a list of achievements in each other’s face but they did it with passion. At that point, Reigns vs. Orton is gaining so much heat that Rollins and the title look like an afterthought. That’s the issue with having a whiny, weak heel. I’ve never understood this choice of booking. Strong heel Rollins would have been more efficient as a character. Right now he’s being outshined by the two badass faces he has to deal with.

Then the New Day came. I like them, although I think they’ve just stolen Bo Dallas’ gimmick – dressing up insults as positive speeches. Also, the crowd, responding with SUCKS to every random NEW DAY reference in their promos gets me every time.

Thanks to the New Day I discovered the Free Bird rule. Apparently all three members are champions at the same time and any two can defend the titles at any given time.

New Day def. Orton & Reigns

If a year ago someone had told me that Xavier Woods would be wrestling Randy Orton to open RAW, I’d tell them to keep dreaming, but here we are. Then again, this part of the match involved a lot of crawling, running and screaming from Woods.

I don’t know why there were CM Punk chants at one point in the match. I thought it was quite entertaining. The way Kofi Kingston leaped off the ropes and landed into a scoop slam was simply beautiful. Orton’s speed and timing were impeccable.

The commentary was entertaining as all. However, I disagree with Booker T. He said that Big E’s the power, Kofi’s the speed and Xavier Woods is pretty much useless. That’s not true at all. If it wasn’t for Woods the New Day would have never been champions. Also, he volunteered to be RKOed to save Kofi and get the win for his team. That’s devotion.

It was Roman’s Spear that hit Randy by accident that caused the upset victory for the tag team champions and Kane raised the tension by making the main event of RAW Orton vs. Reigns.

The whole routine of putting two feuding stars in a team to get them to hate each other more is a bit overused. It was already done with Bryan and Reigns just over a month ago.

Ryback/Bray Wyatt

Ryback cut a boring promo and got told so by the crowd. Props to him, he acknowledged the chants and turned them around in his favour. However, he ruined all that by following it up with a sob story about overcoming adversity in life. Listening to Ryback talk about eating negativity and turning into positivity, I thought he was auditioning to join the New Day.

Then Bray Wyatt told him he was a scared little boy, who doesn’t want to be exposed. I think this time Bray is just throwing it out there. There’s no bigger goal to this feud. Just filling in some time.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro def. The Ascension

I cannot believe the Ascension are still going with the “Best team in history” gimmick. IT’s a DEAD END!

Cesaro and Kidd were brilliant as usual and won. The highlight of the match was Cesaro manhandling Viktor all around the ring.

Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins

Now just before this match, Rollins decided to say on camera that Kane is a “moron”. The result of that was an added stipulation – if Ambrose won he’d be added to the title match at Payback. Needless to say, that made the fans really, really happy.

The Lunatic Fringe got close to losing so many times and still survived. The match started slow because the baby face vs the whiney heel rivalry was keeping them down but then we completely forgot about it. The match was that good. The THIS IS AWESOME chants were deserved. Rollins just broke Ambrose in two on the barricade, or at least it seemed so.

In the end J&J security barged into the ring, trying to save Seth. I don’t understand why he didn’t get DQed immediately. Did adding the new stipulation cancel the original one for J&J being banned from ringside? If so why did they wait so long to show up? Anyway, in the chaos that ensued, Ambrose rolled up Rollins and won. Both seemed equally shocked by the outcome.

Adding Ambrose to the match makes it interesting on a whole new level but it also makes Orton unnecessary. Ambrsoe vs. Rollins vs. Reigns needs to happen in that format.

Rusev def. Lana

Fandango preached fan love to Lana before the match and so during the match she decided to go Fandangoing with him. Rusev was furious and sent her off but the distraction almost cost him the match. Almost. He won by the Accolade.

I don’t understand why the US title feud for an I QUIT match is highlighted by relationship drama.

Stardust def. R-Truth

Stardust brought a bag of plastic spiders and Truth’s irresistible need to search through other people’s things caused him a panic attack and then a loss.

Yes, this is how low the Stardust character has fallen. Such a shame!

Cena/ Bret Hart/ Heath Slater

The Montreal crowd gave Cena the strongest face reception he’s seen in a long time. He was struggling to get them to boo him when his promo routine asked for it. Heath Slater’s quest to joining the US open challenge is still failing since he got KOed out of nowhere by Bret Hart.

I think Slater is funny. He deserves more screen time. Just imagine if he did actually win the US open challenge, that would be hilarious!

John Cena def. Sami Zayn

The match was brilliant, considering the situation. I thought the shoulder injury was an angle to excuse Cena defeating Zayn in his home town. Unfortunately, it seems it was real. Given that, Sami kept going, delivering the full arsenal with diving through the ropes around the post into a tornado DDT on the outside and a Blue Thunder Bomb. It was simply incredible.

I just hope this doesn’t cost Sami long term issues.

Bellas/ Naomi/ Tamina

Nikki Bella was supposed to have a match with Naomi.  However, the Bella Twins got ambushed by Naomi and Tamina on the way to the ring. Naomi screamed that “that’s what family’s all about”. The WWE’s going with Tamina being Naomi’s husband’s cousin as bonding material for the two. I’m not sure how good that reasoning is.

Tamina returned but her gimmick hasn’t changed the slightest. She was aiding AJ before and now she’s doing the same for Naomi. I wonder if Tamina will get a chance herself one day. I doubt it.

Barrett & Sheamus def. Ziggler & Neville

King Barrett sounds so much better than Bad News Barrett. I am now convinced that the entire King of the Ring Tournament was organized solely to provide Barrett with this gimmick upgrade.

Shamus’ eye looked bad with a yellow-green coloring all around. Then again, this is what a realistic rivalry looks like.

The match itself wasn’t the best these four have seen. It was good but not exceptional. They didn’t have too much time to work with. That’s why. But I loved the animosity between Ziggler and Sheamus. It felt as if they couldn’t stay away from each other, in the most hateful way possible.

Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

There was a whole bunch of “guest” people around the ring. Guest ring announcer – Jamie Noble. Guest Timekeeper – Joey Mercury. Guest Ring Enforcer (such thing exists?!) – Kane and Guest Commentator – Seth Rollins. Nothing in this match was ever going to go clean with that ringside setting.

Randy and Roman opted out for a very interesting type of showing. They weren’t outdoing each other as much as they were trying to counter each other’s best. They showed skill in Mayweather  style. If you can counter his best, he can’t beat you. Reigns actually blocked an RKO more than once.

There was no winner in this match. Kane attacked Roman. Seth and J&J went after Randy. As the Authority was trying to get rid of both Reigns and Orton, Ambrose rushed out and saved the day. In the end, there only the PayBack four left. Rollins got taken out with a Spear. Roman – by an RKO and then Randy got hit with the Dirty Deeds.

In reality, it will most probably be Seth Rollins standing tall at the end of PayBack.

What did you think of this week’s RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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