WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 06/05/2014

Charlotte def. Emma

I have to say I’m impressed by Emma. We’ve seen what she can do in the ring, that’s not the surprising part. Pulling off a heel persona that well is. I doubted Emma’s ability to drop her trademark face act but she’s doing quite well.

As a heel Emma’s using more submission maneuvers than before. She nearly broke Charlotte in two. The most memorable one was when Emma twisted Charlotte’s legs while stepping on her spine and pulling her hair at the same time. That’s the type of aggression that I’d like to see in the ring.


Surprisingly Emma lost. The match was entirely hers but in the end Charlotte pulled off a surprise Natural Selection and won. I was convinced that the WWE was going for a push for Emma but I guess Charlotte was too big of a fish to sacrifice. Regardless of the result, Emma’s performance is what will be remembered from last night.

After the match Bayley came out. She hugged Emma and hit her with the Belly to Bayley. It seemed like Bayley has snapped and was ready to give Emma a good beating but Charlotte stopped her.

I don’t think Bayley will drop the good girl act any time soon. There isn’t enough face power in the female division of NXT. Also, turning Bayley would upstage Emma’s turn.

Kevin Owens Interview

Kevin Owens once again refused to give any reasoning for his actions other than his family. However he said that what bothers him is that his title run is overshadowed by Sami Zayn. And it is true – people don’t talk about Owens being champion without asking about Sami.

Rhyno def. Bull Dempsey

This match was a minute long. Rhyno defeated Baron Corbin’s biggest challenge up-to-date in 60 sec. This should come as a warning to The Lone Wolf.


My issue is that both Rhyno and Baron Corbin are doing only squash matches. None of this tells me that they’ll have a promising, long match. I’m not as excited about their face-off as I should be.

Sami Zayn Interview

Sami’s finally taking action. He confirmed once again that Kevin’s actions bother him, so he called Owens out next week – not to fight but to talk. Usually, in wrestling, that’s a bad thing. However, this case is an exception. We all want to find out the truth behind Owens’ actions. It’s too much, out of the blue, for anyone to be satisfied by Kevin’s lack of explanations.

Women’s Championship Contract Signing

Becky Lynch cut a promo on her past. It was a tad too long and I got bored by the middle of it. Sasha skipped the talking, stamped her name on the papers and attacked Becky. However, the #1 contender finished on top, locking the Boss in a submission hold.

I’m all up for giving chances and I do appreciate Becky’s skills in the ring. However her promos remind me of Ryback’s and that is not good!

Alex Riley

Alex Riley was at home, getting ready for surgery and he said he isn’t coming back any time soon, because the WWE Universe wanted so. It was a saddening promo. Riley had reached the point of desperation where taking risks for what he loves isn’t not worth it. It doesn’t matter how he talks or who he challenges. His guts never got the fans on his side and he never became a main eventer in the eyes of management.

My prediction is that when Riley comes back, he will be heel. He has enough passion for the business to actually get himself an opportunity.

Tag Team Issues

Enzo and Big Cass were supposed to have a match but got attacked by the Tag Team Champs backstage.

No one’s been taking Blake & Murphy seriously. This segment might change that. I thought they should have never turned heel. I still do. But at least now, they are acting as heels.

Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke challenged Charlotte. After all, to be recognized as the best you have to beat the best. Although Dana’s reasoning was based on jealousy over the spotlight in a commercial.

She keeps referring to herself as “the Total Diva”. Do we really need one more of these? I’ve had enough of this gimmick in the last few years from different people.

Hideo Itami def. Tyler Breeze

The action in the ring was focused on including Finn Balor as well. Tyler Breeze kept taunting him, while hurting Hideo Itami. Then the brawl spilled to the outside and eventually Finn got hit. Prince Pretty moved out of Hideo’s way and Itami kicked Balor with all his might. Back in the ring, The Gorgeous One missed with the Beauty Shot and lost.

Hideo seemed to have the advantage until Tyler Breeze attacked him in the back. Finn got involved and saved his friend, turning the tables. Balor, encouraged by the fans, chose to help Hideo up, rather than attack him. That gave Prince Pretty the opportunity to attack and steal back the attention he deserves.

In the end Tyler Breeze stood tall over his fallen opponents. However, the dynamic of the segment was a marvellous representation of what the match at TakeOver will be. It can be either man’s game. We don’t know who will and how things will unfold. All we know is that it will be awesome.

What did you think of this week’s NXT episode? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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