WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 11/05/2015

Authority Issues

Triple H returned and he wasn’t happy at all. The whole scandal between Kane and Seth Rollins is everything but good news for the Authority.

The crowd was chanting for Ambrose the entire time. It was so distracting that I could barely follow Rollins who got constantly interrupted.

Interestingly enough, The Game took Rollins’ side. He threatened to fire Kane if he doesn’t make sure Seth wins at Payback.

This will have to be the deciding factor of all predictions for this match. Rollins has been feuding more with Kane than with his actual opponents.  Kane’s involvement will give Rollins options to win as a chicken heel or lose as one and still have bragging rights.

By the way, probably the best part of the segment was Jamie Noble getting in Triple H’s face. Who would think that he’d have more balls (or less brain?) than anyone else in the ring at that moment!

Dean Ambrose def. J&J Security

We are in Cincinnati and all Dean Ambrose gets is J&J Security. Really?!

Dean faced two punch bags, who were begging for mercy. They did try to trick Ambrose a few times but really, it was all Ambrose. The match wasn’t particularly exciting.

Yeah, the Lunatic Fringe got a victory over Seth’s tiny security guards in his hometown, so cool right? Right?! …

King Barrett def. Dolph Ziggler

Barrett cut a promo on Neville on his way to the ring and once he was in, he decided to reference Sheamus and the asskissing incident. This resulted in Ziggler hitting him with a Super Kick off the bell.

The match was short and nothing particularly memorable happened. Sheamus distracted Ziggler and Barrett hit the Bull Hammer for the win.

After the match Sheamus slapped Dolph around and then hit him with the Brogue.

I like both feuds – Barrett/Neville and Sheamus/Dolph both bring what feels like real animosity and great wrestling. If all rivalries were like that, the WWE wouldn’t need to resort to nostalgic references to the Attitude Era all the time.

Talking about the Attitude Era, Ziggler looked as if he had just jumped out of a time machine. I don’t think that black eyeliner is his look. ANd talking about style, Sheamus looked smooth with his vest and his sleek hairstyle. No one was chanting YOU LOOK STUPID last night.

Erick Rowan def. Fandango

Oh, poor Fandango!  He’s one of those jobbers than that the audience likes but will probably always remain jobbers.

Harper and Rowan came out together on Harper’s music. The commentators were placing bets on how fast Fandango was going to lose.  The correct answer apparently was 37sec.

Putting Harper and Rowan together is the best the WWE could have done with them at the moment. Maybe in the end of this partnership, they’ll finally have the feud that never happened.

Neville def. John Cena (via DQ)

Neville HAD IT! He HAD IT! Sorry, I got overexcited.

The match was great. The crowd was bored in the beginning for some reason and seemed to be rooting for Cena. The start might have been slow but it was important. It showed that Neville is not only a high-flyer but an incredible technician as well.

That match kept me on the edge of my seat. I started watching it, thinking that Neville had no chance. By the end, the game had gotten so intense that I had forgotten all about it. The moment the Red Arrow hit, for a brief second, I held my breath hoping for a shocker.

But then logic prevailed. Rusev rushed in, saved Cena’s title and then put Cena in the Accolade.

The outcome was surprising but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is that Neville deserves a championship. Now. He’s amazing.

Roman Reigns vs. Kane

That never turned into a match. Kane was waiting for Roman and attacked him during his entrance. After that it was just a brawl from the barricade to the ring apron and back. Reigns managed to come on top, throwing Kane over the announce table.

It’s no surprise that Reigns got the upper hand. There’s no way Kane would take away his momentum so close to Payback.

Tamina def. Brie Bella

I would have never thought I’d say this but Brie was the better technician in the ring last night. Tamina was just too slow. I know she’s a powerhouse but so are Natalya and Charlotte and they aren’t nearly as slow.

The way things are going, Naomi will win on Sunday.

Macho Mandow vs. Axel

This made me start pulling my own hair out. Why would you revert Sandow back to this lame impersonator gimmick. He is MUCH BETTER than that.

The Ascension interrupted the match and Viktor was asking if we really find this entertaining. To answer that question – No. No, we don’t. Please, stop wasting Sandow.

Then Sandow took out both Viktor and Konnor and offered them to Axel as a truce. This is how we ended with Sandow and Axel vs. the Ascension at the Payback Kickoff.

In one segment both the Ascension, Sandow and Axel got buried. Well, done WWE.

Daniel Bryan

We all know wrestling is scripted and we shouldn’t take it too seriously. Until something like this happens. A year after an injury deprived Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, now an injury’s tearing the IC Title away from him.

It’s sad when a man, who could be a great fighting champion is being taken out by nature. If it’s the Authority holding him back, the fans could revolt but once his own body has given up, there’s nothing we can do. This truly is saddening.

Cesaro def. Big E

Watching this match I was thinking that we’re so used to what the WWE talent can do that we don’t fully appreciate it any more. If I was watching Cesaro for the first time last night I would have been absolutely astonished by the way his strength measures up to that of a guy as built as Big E.

Cole killed me last night. How could you possibly mistake Kofi Kingston for Xavier Woods and the other way round when they are standing two steps away from you? Seriously?! And no one corrected him either. Usually JBL picks on things like that and turns them into a joke.

This time the New Day’s tricky tactics didn’t work and the distraction played against them. This is why the match is 2 out of 3 falls at Payback. The third fall will decide it as usual.

Prime Time Players

This time the PTP were imitating the New Age Outlaws. Next thing you know, they’ll be added to the Mandow/Axel vs Ascension match. Why is the WWE so obsessed with copying the Attitude Era?

Bray Wyatt/ Ryback

Bray Wyatt did what the Big Guy couldn’t do on his own. He sold Ryback in a marvelous way. When Ryback came out to confront him, I sure was glad he wasn’t holding a microphone. That could have ruined all the good work Bray had done.

Bray said something interesting. He said Ryback was targeted because he was in his way. In his  wat to what? I’m curious.

Randy Orton def. Seth Rollins (via DQ)

This actually was a good, clean match…in the beginning. Then everything went wrong. J&J tried to save Seth from an RKO and caused a DQ. Then the actually important action began.

J&J and Seth were beating Randy when Ambrose and Reigns came to the rescue. Then all three contenders hit their finishers on Rollins while Kane was just watching with a chair in hand. When it was all done, Reigns speared Orton and Ambrose hit the Dirty Deeds on Reigns. Kane still didn’t get involved.

Giving the upper hand to Ambrose to close off the show in his hometown was a good move from the WWE. Yet, it doesn’t make up for the fact that the only action Ambrose saw was against J&J.

Also, the match at Payback lost all its importance when Elimination Chamber was booked for only  2 weeks after. All that will happen at Payback will be Kane-related interferences.

What did you think of this week’s RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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