WWE Smackdown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 14/05/2015

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt’s character’s evolved from offering absolution to taking all hope away. He has truly immersed in the New Face of Fear gimmick.

Dean Ambrose/ Roman Reigns

Ambrose refused to apologize and Reigns accepted it. Roman said that they’d be brothers but on Sunday it’s every man for himself. Before Ambrose could shake on that Kane showed up and started booking matches.


It’s interesting how the WWE is presenting Ambrose as the one who’s backing away from this friendship. Slowly but surely. I can see a heel turn coming soon.

Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus

That was a good match with a good dose of aggression in it. Ambrose works well with brawlers because despite his size, that’s what he is.

The Lunatic Fringe took a lot of punishment and every clothesline he hit looked absolutely desperate. He’s always been a good seller. Some people think he overdoes it and it’s sometimes true but I enjoy the dynamic he creates.

The crowd seemed to agree with me. The fan support for Ambrose was incredible. He could be a gold mine if used properly.

The ending of the match was interesting too. Ambrose pulled Sheamus’ leg off the ropes, Sheamus’ face hit the turnbuckle and then he was open for a roll up. It was good finish because no finisher was used. It rarely happens nowadays. Everyone needs to hit a signature + finisher to win. It’s too neat as a formula and gets boring. This is not the case with Ambrose.

Seth Rollins/Kane

Seth was being obnoxious again and so Kane send him to fight Ryback. I’ve had enough of Kane and Rollins going back and forth over the same thing.


Lana suffered some public shaming and had to read an apology for her actions. Then Rusev played a video edit of Cena saying I QUIT over and over again.

Rusev has become dead boring. The way he’s portrayed even Lana doesn’t like him and it makes him look like a scumbag. He’s always been a heel but this is a new low.

Seth Rollins def. Ryback

Bray Wyatt attacked Ryback on the way to the ring and he never recovered. On top of that, J&J were at Seth’s disposal the whole time.

Even though the Big Guy staged some sort of a comeback in the end, he had no chance. Rollins needed momentum and he got it with this hardly impressive victory.

The lack of finisher for Rollins is obvious but I’m not complaining about the way he ended the fight. He delivered a flying knee from the top rope and then twice his FCW finisher, which is a kick he used to call the Avada Kedavra.

I liked the Avada Kedavra. It won’t be too bad if it was the finisher to replace the Curb Stomp. I think Seth should keep his finisher as some sort of a kick. It’s his trademark.


Naomi’s interviews are repetitive but she’s not to blame. For some reason she gets asked the exact same question every time and obviously answers the same too.

Tyson Kidd def. Kofi Kingston

This match was short. Really, really short. Tyson quickly locked the Sharp Shooter and won.

The New Day won’t drop the titles on Sunday. Their characters have developed too much and are gaining heat. Then again, Harper and Rowan are a bit of an issue. I imagine they’d soon target the titles and the champs are heel too.

Neville def. Bo Dallas

Bo cut one of his inspirational promos on Daniel Bryan. It’s a topic his character would inevitably address but it was also a sore topic the fans wanted to avoid, so there seemed to be no BOlievers in the audience last night.

Neville plain and simple outwrestled Dallas. Bo tried to use a few dirty tricks to win but it didn’t work out. He only stopped Neville momentarily but when Neville got on a roll, the Red Arrow hit and it was the end of it.

Barrett cut a promo after the match. It was ironic how King Barrett criticized Neville for coming out in a ridiculous costume while wearing a crown and a cape over a pair of shorts.

Adam Rose

The hotdog wanted to get paid and got punched by Rose, which turned Rosa on and she opened a new make out session in the corner. All that, paired up with the line “the party’s over” might mean that Adam Rose will finally get rid of the useless Rosebuds.

Roman Reigns def. Kane

It was a no DQ match and for two men with no rivalry, on a Smackdown, they did well. Kane tried to kill Reigns on the steps and Roman returned the favour in the end of the match. Reigns got chockeslammed through a table and Kane got speared through one. The second proved to be more effective and Roman won.

No one takes Kane as a threat in his wrestling role anymore. In the official WWE power ranking, Kane’s just above R-Truth. Reigns, much like Ambrose and Rollins gained some momentum, heading to Payback. I think Ambrose’s opponent was the most credible out of the three but I think Roman has a much better chance to win on Sunday.

Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose/ Roman Reigns

Seth was boasting backstage when Dean showed up with some cookies. A fight broke out and as J&J and Rollins were starting to get too much for Ambrose, Reigns ran them over with a trolley.

Then with the title, lying between them Reigns offered Ambrose a handshake once again. Ambrose left him hanging and took the title. Then he gave it to Roman, saying that he’s taking it back on Sunday.

As I noted earlier, Ambrose is the X factor. He’s the one creating tension. Orton, by the way, is not in the picture at all. He’s simply unneeded there. The Shield dynamic needs no backup storylines to bring quality entertainment.

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