WWE Payback – Results & Reactions

R-Truth def. Stardust

I don’t understand why Stardust has been reduced to the level of an entertainment-only freak-show piece but he has. The match was mostly based on showing off who was weirder. Stardust won that one by whipping R-Truth with a glove. R-Truth, however, won the match.

The Ascension def. Macho Mandow & Axelmania

This lasted less than the Stardust/ R-Truth match, which wasn’t even mentioned on the card. This is how low Sandow is in the WWE’s list.

The Ascension won the match but I realized that whoever the victor was, he would have been the long-term loser. This victory means that the Ascension will keep going forward with their terrible anti-legends gimmick, especially not that it works. I only hope that Sandow will drop the cheap impersonator gimmick after that loss.

Sheamus def. Dolph Zigller

One of the best matches of the night, hands down. It must be a privilege to wrestle Dolph Ziggler. Whoever’s in the ring with him just looks amazing. Dolph’s selling makes entertainment.

Ziggler’s premature vengeance of sticking his ass in Sheamus’ face midmatch, was a huge give away that the Show Off wouldn’t have that opportunity at the end.


Sheamus’ win was impressive. After Dolph busted his face delivering a headbutt, the Brogue Kick was bloody. There was blood splatter all around the two competitors.

The New Day def. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro delivered outstanding performances. They both had to wrestle on their own, Kidd for quite a while, since Cesaro was taken out, and the quality of the wrestling was impeccable.

The only reason The New Day won is that the ref couldn’t tell Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston apart. First Cole, now the referee….and they don’t even look alike! I’m almost sure there is something racist in this situation.

Bray Wyatt def. Ryback

The match was better than expected. It was nowhere near the top matches of the night but it had its highlights. Ryback flying off the top rope is not a sight you see every day.Also, Bray Wyatt doing a senton from the apron to the outside was breathtaking, quite literally.


I’m surprised Ryback could breathe after that one. It won’t be a shock if the rumors of a broken rib get confirmed.

John Cena def. Rusev

We all knew how this was going to end but the match itself exceeded all expectations. The brawl was brutal and it went to every part of the building. It was also quite creative. Rusev exploded with the pyro at one point. Cena selling surprise made it more funny than anything else, though.

Rusev defeated himself in a way. He had Cena. The entire first part of the match was Rusev only. Yet, the Buglarian Brute was too busy dealing with Lana and her growing popularity to care about Cena and the title.

The ending was iffy. First of all, Cena had passed out so the ref should have stopped the match and given the win to Rusev. Second, Rusev made it even dodgier by screaming I QUIT in Bulgarian, so that Lana had to take initiative, translate and end the match, leaving the door open for Rusev to complain.

The reality is that Rusev did say I QUIT in Bulgarian. A few times actually but while he was screaming I QUIT he added that he was going to crush Cena next time for sure. Aaaand there was a good old-fashioned Bulgarian curse in there for flavor.

Naomi & Tamina def. The Bella Twins

It was a boring match. The commentators were busy discussing Daniel Brian. Expectedly, Tamina and Naomi won. There was a distraction to make the loss more acceptable for the Bellas.  Nothing exciting overall.

Neville def. Barrett

Having Barrett intentionally lose was a strange decision. It not only makes him look weaker but a coward as well. If the idea was to save him from taking a pinfall and balance it out with his post match attack, it failed just like the said post match attack.

I’m glad Neville was given his moment and the upper hand in the end. It would have been upsetting if we hadn’t been allowed to see the Red Arrow. This move is a piece of beauty.

Seth Rollins def. Reigns, Ambrose & Orton

Shield, Shield and Shield again. The entire match was made up of this. The Shield reunited for about a minute only to deliver a Triple Power Bomb and that was the single moment that made the entire PPV worth paying for.



Ambrose and Reigns never stopped helping each other and even when they were the last two men standing, they fought each other with respect, like brothers. I applaud the WWE for making this decision.

Orton took the fall but it didn’t hurt him in any way. Seth Rollins had his full entourage. J&J and Kane were helping him throughout. It’s interesting that Rollins won with the Pedigree. Is it possible that he’s taking the Game’s finisher as his permanently? We’ll have to wait and see.

Generally speaking, there were no surprises when it comes to the results of Payback. However, the quality of the matches made up for the predictability of the outcome and so the show was entertaining throughout.

What are you impressions from WWE Payback? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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