WWE Smackdown – Review, Results & Highlights From 21/05/2015

Roman Reigns/ Dean Ambrose/ Kane

The relationship between Dean and Roman is hanging on a thread. It looks perfectly intact but it’s too often in the spotlight for this to end well. Ambrose is fighting for the title. Reigns wants in on the MITB match. I would have thought this would have worked the other way round. Ambrose is more of a MITB kind of a guy but who knows the WWE might surprise us here.

Kane doesn’t want to put Reigns in the MITB match but he didn’t want to give Ambrose the title match either. The saying goes that the Authority always wins. Last year the Shield defeated Evolution, so the Authority won by breaking up the Shield. What if this year Triple H is planning to do the same? The one united force against the Authority is the Shield brotherhood of Ambrose and Reigns. Could the Authority be planning to buy another hound this year?

Lucha Dragons def. Los Matadores, The Ascention and Kidd & Cesaro

This match was a bit chaotic and not in a good way. The ring was overcrowded. There were 6 teams out, including the two on commentary. I hope Elimination Chamber will be better. The match there will take place in an enclosed space, so the action will be more contained.

Los Matadores formed some sort of an issue with the Ascension. These are the last two teams I would have imagined targeting each other.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that Kalisto is something different. I’ve never seen anyone move like he does.

Rusev/Dolph Ziggler

We saw a couple of backstage segments, looking at the Rusev/Ziggler problem. Rusev is fuming with jealousy. Ziggler believes that that’s all Lana wants. Still, it doesn’t really bother him. The Show off enjoys being a boy-toy apparently.

Dolph Ziggler def. King Barrett

Barrett almost lost the match because he was too busy distracting himself with picking on Jerry. The attention Barrett gives King during every match he has is a screaming manifestation of insecurity. Barrett could be a dominant, violent heel just like Sheamus is.  I don’t understand why he’s not given that opportunity, ever.

Dolph won with the Zig Zag and Lana was there to offer him a flirty smile. I have the feeling I’m missing something here. Ziggler won’t keep Lana long-term, that’s for sure. What does the WWE win by pairing her up with him? Is it just for a short feud with Rusev? What will she do after? Betray Dolph and go back to Rusev?

Paige/Naomi & Tamina/ Nikki

It was one of those rare occasions when the divas are given the chance to talk and it worked out well. The animosity between Naomi and Paige was electrifying. I can’t say I don’t agree with Naomi. Paige received a title opportunity on her first day there. How many people get that privilege?

Then Nikki came out and decimated all three women. That was impressive. She caught the retreating duo of Tamina and Naomi, brought them back in and took them both down. Then she hit the Rack Attack on Paige. That’s what a dominant champion does.

R-Truth def. Stardust

Truth defeated Stardust. Again. And Truth is going to participate in the Elimination Chamber. Either R-Truth is getting a push like never before or Stardust is being buried deep. Or maybe both.

Cody has so much potential. The Stardust character too. The WWE is simply wasting him.

Mega Powers def. Heath Slater & Adam Rose

The Mega Powers are a thing. They really are. This copycat act is disgraceful to their talent and it angers me to watch them. Damien Sandow is so much better than this. His potential and his bond with the audience are being systematically buried.

I’m curious to find out what it is that the WWE has against Sandow. He must have done something wrong backstage to deserve this sort of royal burial.

BO Dallas

Bo was backstage with Renee, cutting a promo on Neville. The inspirational one is back, full of inspirational stories of BOlieving and he’s finally gotten rid of the ridiculous goatee.

I’m excited to see Bo in a meaningful rivalry. I know what he and Neville are capable of when put together.

Dean Ambrose def. Bray Wyatt

When the Shield and the Wyatt Family still existed, I was one of those who rooted for Ambrose vs. Wyatt face-off. However, once they did get a rivalry, I realized, to my great surprise, that they don’t match at all. They lack chemistry together. Maybe it’s because they are restricted by the WWE reality, or maybe they are not meant to face each other.

The match was good but not an instant classic. Obviously, J&J Security, along with Seth Rollins couldn’t stay out of it. However, this time around Dean had Roman to help him. Team work between Reigns and Ambrose secured Ambrose the win.

This friendship is too good to be true. Something bad will happen to the Regins/Ambrose relationship. By the end of June they’ll already be feuding. It makes me sad in a way.

What were your impressions of SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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