WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Reactions From 25/05/2015


When the Authority decided to make it obligatory for Ambrose to sign a championship opportunity contract before the end of Raw, we all knew he was going to make it eventually. What should draw more interest is Roman Reigns’ involvement.

Reigns was there to support Ambrose during this segment as well. When his music hit it didn’t come off as Roman’s music. It was the Shield’s music because Reigns and Ambrose represent the Shield. However, I wonder when Reigns will start asking himself where Ambrose was when the Authority was doing everything in their power to take his title opportunity.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns def. Kane and Seth Rollins

The outcome of this match wasn’t surprising either. Nothing else would have made sense. Ambrose and Reigns haven’t lost it when it comes to working as a team and Seth was practically handicapped with Kane as a partner.

The decision to have Ambrose win in a sneaky way was a good call. The backslide is not an impressive move but it could come out of nowhere at any point. That’s what Rollins has to fear on Sunday – Ambrose’s unpredictability.

Rusev def. R-Truth

Rusev did a quick job out of Truth and finished him off with the Accolade.

This match was done to present Rusev’s change of gimmick No more Russia. It’s Bulgaria now. Finally the entire farce of pretending that we don’t know that Rusev’s Bulgarian is over.

Rusev/ Lana

I was very impressed with this segment. The way Rusev affectionately begged Lana to give them a second chance almost got me. I even felt bad for Rusev, even though he did turn on Lana in the end. He wanted her to take responsibility for his failures and she wasn’t going to have any of it. So she went back and made out with Ziggler again.

I don’t think Rusev’s entirely wrong. I think that Lana is playing the Ziggerl charade for attention and to cause jealousy. And again, Rusev’s acting is good. He’s believable. He has such a rich palette of emotions to demonstrate. That’s an important skill.

Dean Ambrose

Ambrose was set up. J&J Security got him to attack them and then someone (Rollins?) shoved a cameraman in Ambrose’s way so the Lunatic Fringe took the cameraman out.

That later on got him arrested for assault on a coworker.

Neville def. Stardust

Neville won with the Red Arrow under the watchful eye of Bo Dallas. Bo came in the ring after the match was over and attacked Neville after an “inspirational” speech.

I love the fact that the WWE is finally tapping into Bo’s real potential. He’s no joke anymore. He’s scary. His character is evil but carries himself as a face. He’s a distorted image of a face and now he’s finally dangerous.

Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus had Ziggler’s number. The Celtic Warrior has been a dominant force ever since his return. It seems like Sheamsu enjoys hurting people and Ziggler in particular.

Lana came out and it had a very positive effect on Dolph. I think that with Lana to impress, Ziggler was extra motivated to show off. However, where’s Lana, there’s Rusev. A distraction by Rusev cost Ziggler the match.

After Sheamus was done with Dolph, it was Rusev’s turn. He locked Ziggler in the Accolade right in front of Lana and started yelling “So you kiss him, huh?! Kiss him now!” This love triangle will cost both men the title.

John Cena def. Zack Ryder

Cena cut an amazing promo on Owens. He did really build up Owens beautifully. But as soon as that was over, Cena had a segment with the RAW guest stars. This is exactly why people don’t like Cena.

Zack Ryder obviously stood no chance. The Entourage stars tried to help him, which for some reason wasn’t a reason for DQ. Still, an AA put an end to Ryder’s misery.

Then again, Zack had a title match against Cena on RAW. This is something he would be happy to put on his resume.

Tamina def. Paige

Tamina won with a little help form Naomi and a very distracted referee. The match itself was nice. Paige adapted to Tamina’s style and played it physical. This is not Paige’s usual manner of carrying a match but she did an amazing job. This is why she’s one of the best divas on the roster.

10 on 3 Handicap Match

The New Day were complaining about Elimination Chamber, so Kane put them in a handicap match against all the other teams they’ll be facing n Sunday. The New Day came on top because everyone else got DQed.

I don’t understand the logic of Kane booking the New Day like this. The Authority is supposed to support heels. The one time I’ve seem a similar match in the recent time was when the Shield were turning face and the Authority set the locker room on them. Obviously, the Shield fought until they couldn’t move anymore. The New Day simply annoyed the others into getting themselves DQed.

Contract Signing

The Authority wanted to deprive Ambrose form his opportunity at Elimination Chamber, so Roman Reigns ran out and attacked them all. He took a beating but bought Ambrose enough time to show up in a police van. Something tells me that Ambrose in a police uniform satisfied a few dirty fantasies out there.  Then the Shield brothers came on top and Roman handed Dean the contract.

It’s all good. Way too good. Roman is too altruistic here. When he was fighting the Authority for an opportunity and even the crowd was against him, Ambrose was nowhere to be found. Something will go terribly wrong in their relationship very soon. I’m seeing a Shield triple threat at Summer Slam.

What are you impressions from last night’s RAW?S Share you thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


2 thoughts on “WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Reactions From 25/05/2015

  1. I think that the authority was wrong in setting up d ean ambrose. why doesn’t the authority leave the good guys alone. all they are trying to do is their job. I think that rusev is wrong in the way he treats lana. I am glad to see that she does not back down from him. someday he is going to go too far. maryrose052751@gmail.com


    • The Authority is a heel organisation. Their job is to be mistreat the good guys. And Ambrose did well anyway. As you know, there’s no hero without a villain. As for Rusev, I’m amazed. I expected him to fall into obscurity after losing to Cena but he only dropped the Russian gimmick and was suddenly reborn. Despite the accent, Rusev is great on the mic. He’s emotional when he talks and he’s believable. I hope he’ll see great things in the future


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