WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Reactions From 28/05/2015

Dean Ambrose

I watched RAW but I still thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ambrose tell me the details of the story. When he said he was considering setting the jail on fire, I thought it would make an interesting Joker analogy. And when Ambrose said his one phone call was Roman Reigns, all the girls in the audience were already screaming their lungs out.

The issue is that the relationship between Reigns and Ambrose is taking a suspiciously central role. Ambrose said one too many times that Reigns is the only man he trusts in this world.  He also uttered the dangerous words “The Authority always has a plan B”. That was the line that signified Rollins’ betrayal. Is a Roman Reigns betrayal on the way?

Lucha Dragons def. Cesaro & Kidd /Lumberjack match/

The entire tag team division was out for this match but only the two best teams fought in the ring. When it comes to wrestling no other two teams would do better.

The lumberjacks were pretty much useless, apart from the New Day. The New Day caused enough distraction to get the match result they were after. This brings the feud back to its origins. The focus is on Cesaro & Kidd vs. the New Day. Everything else is just filling,

R Truth def. King Barrett

Barrett is officially a jobber. He lost clean to R-Truth. And it was a definitive win on top of that. It wasn’t a surprise attack,a cheat or a quick roll. No, Truth won with a proper finisher and a three count.

In the end it didn’t matter since Sheamus came out and Brogued both of them. Although it would defy the “winner of the last Smackdown losing the PPV” principle, I’m hoping for a Celtic Warriro victory on Sunday.


Lana was spreading messages of feminism and independency when Rusev came to tell her that he wasn’t bother by Ziggler and that she was going to rot in the grave she dug. I love the dynamic between the two. Their relationship is making this storyline exciting. Ziggler is just a pawn.

Ryback def. Rusev /via DQ/

It was a clash of titans. Ryback was showing off with superior strength. However, Rusev was faster and technically better.

The Bulgarian Brute might have lost and gotten himself DQ-ed but he also got hurt. His ankle was “damaged” and it will play a role on Sunday. It will be his excuse for losing the match.

Paige def. Naomi

That wasn’t a particularly impressive fight. Paige owned Naomi throughout. The Brit also managed to take out both Tamina and Naomi with no help and win clean. Though I think Paige will be cheated out of the title at Elimination Chamber.

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens cut a good promo on Cena but it was nowhere near the amazing promo he delivered on NXT the night before. Still, the crowd will without a doubt route for the heel in this match.

Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns def. Kane & Seth Rollins /via DQ/

During the match the Authority were cheating and double teaming behind the referee’s back, while Ambrose and Reigns were just relying blindly on each other. No surprised there. In the end too much J&J in the match caused a DQ.

Afterwards, the Shield brothers were holding their own against the entire Authority. Kane’s back up plan was the New Day, which I found hilarious. Regardless, the numbers game gave Rollins the advantage and Seth managed to hit the Pedigree on Ambrose.

The Reigns factor will decide the outcome of Elimination Chamber. Whatever turn happens there will set up the scene for the entire summer.

What were your impressions form last night’s Smackdown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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