WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Reactions From 08/06/2015

John Cena/Kevin Owens

This interaction between Cena and Owens didn’t bring anything new to the table but it highlighted what was already there. If anyone had doubted Cena at any point, the US Champ laid it out for them – he still is the standard bearer of the WWE and the face of the company. That couldn’t be truer in and out of the ring.

Kevin Owens decided to interrupt Cena’s US Open Challenge to introduce the NXT Open Challenge. This achieved a few things. Frist, Owens turning down Cena’s suggestion for a title matches upped Owens’ heel status. However, it also inserted an NXT title match on RAW. The brands are slowly merging by the looks of it. And to top that off, Neville, as expected, chose to wrestle for the NXT title over the US title. This is a serious boost for the prestige of NXT.

Kevin Owens def. Neville

The match was nothing like Neville vs. Owens for the NXT title at TakeOver. Neville was much more contained. The job he was tasked with was to play a resilient face with no chance of winning. The action was mostly Owens and the champ unsurprisingly retained.

As a side note, Neville’s promo didn’t get the crowd going. It could be his accent. I worry that if the WWE doesn’t give Neville some sort of a character boost soon, he’ll turn into a jobber and that promising start he had on the main roster won’t matter.

Seth Rollins/ Authority

Seth’s words came back and slapped him in the face. After his bold claims regarding his independent abilities, Triple H and Stephanie made it clear that they weren’t going to have his back.

Nikki Bella def. Summer Rae

Nikki quickly responded to Paige by saying that the Bellas do give opportunities and gave Summer a title shot. The match was so one-sided that Nikki had time to do push-ups by Summer’s side. I think the WWE Universe wanted to join Summer when she screamed “Oh, COME ON!”

It’s time for Nikki to drop the title. She’s been a good champ but it’s been too long. The Divas Division needs a change of scenery.

MITB Build Up

This was comic relief segment. Roman Reigns and Kane started by trying to look manlier than each other than Kane got completely ruined by a series of comic interruptions. First, it was Ziggler with a some stand-up comedy at Kane’s expense. Then, it was R-Truth, who cut a promo, although he wasn’t even in the match, which was the most hilarious part of the night. The New Day simply were the New Day with their ridiculous clapping. And in the end Sheamus interrupted everyone just to tell them how much better he was.

In the end of the day, Kane just put everyone in matches and got it done with. What’s interesting is that Kane gladly introduced Randy Orton. Is the Viper on the good side of the Authority now?

Sheamus def. Randy Orton (via DQ)

This was a replay of Sheamus vs. Orton from last week, just with the roles reversed. Nothing exceptional happened. Just the momentum balance was equalized for Orton and Sheamus.

The only thing I want to know is whether Randy and Kane are in some way working together on Sunday. If Seth is to be dropped by the Authority, someone needs to take his place. If it’s not Brock, it could be Orton.

Seth Rollins/ J&J Security

I loved that segment. J&J were ready to forgive and forget the way Seth disrespected them publically. However, he kept badmouthing them until they stood up to him. Jamie was very passionate about it but sh*t got real when Joey spoke. This ended up being a match of J&J vs. Seth Rollins. We all knew how we wanted this to end.

Kane def. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph was doing well enough until Rusev distracted him and he lost. To be fair, it seemed like a misunderstanding. Rusev was yelling at Lana to go back with him. She refused and while they were arguing, she fell off the ramp and tweaked her ankle. Rusev kept apologizing and saying he didn’t mean for that to happen. However, Ziggler’s loss put a smile on his face.

Lana is a menace to Ziggler but this is keeping Rusev in the spotlight, although he’s injured, so I’m ready to roll with it. By the way, Lana used to dress much better when she was with Rusev.

Miz TV

Poor Miz was trying to get Ryback and Big Show to get to fight each other but got put down by both. To be fair, they didn’t need the Miz to start a fight. His involvement just made it bad for him only.

In the end, Ryback stood tall. However, if there is a triple threat between these three, I’m voting for the Mzi to win. It just makes sense for the other two to underestimate him and take each other out, giving him the victory on a silver paltter.

Harper & Rowan def. Los Matadores

You can imagine, knowing the participants in the match, how this went. Rowan and Harper broke Los Matadores during and after the match. To be fair, there were some bizarre things. Fernando couldn’t tag Diego because Diego was too busy tending to El Torrito. Priorities, people!

The introduction of Harper and Rowan will shake up the tag team division. The problem is that there are no face tag teams apart from the Prime Time Players. The Usos and Cesaro & Kidd are out with injuries. This will be difficult to book without faces.

Roman Reigns def. Kofi Kingston

I was tempted to write Reigns def. New Day because that’s exactly how the match went. Big E and Xavier Woods were everywhere. I think they had more involvement in the match than Kofi himself. Still, Roman Reigns overcame the odds and won…with the Superman Punch, not even a finisher was needed.

The New Day are growing on me more and more. They by far the funniest heel group I’ve seen. Not winning the MITB won’t hurt them since it’s ludicrous to think they have a chance in the first place but they’ll be fun to watch.

Big E def. Titus O’Neil

I was excited about this match. It’s a clash of titans and it didn’t disappoint. The collisions between these two giant men were impressive.

The win came off of a distraction from the New Day, which was to be expected. Still, Big E vs. Titus got me fired up for PTP vs. New Day.

J&J Security def. Seth Rollins

I enjoyed this match. J&J were doing quite well. These two can wrestle and it leaves a nice feeling to see him given the opportunity to shine and get ovations. Kane was there to wheel them on. Ambrose also played a part in it. He tossed the championship in the ring, distracted Seth and inevitably caused Rollins’ loss. To add insult to injury, after making Rollins lose to J&J, Ambrose hit him with the Dirty Deeds and stole the title again.

It was a good decision to keep Ambrose off RAW. He barely had nay screen time. However, it allowed some plot development for Rollins. We didn’t get too much Ambrose but all in the right time.

What were your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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