WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 11/06/2015

Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins

The Lunatic Fringe started off by providing a recap of his antics with the title and then he switched emotions in the blink of an eye. One moment he was laughing, the next – he was talking about Seth’s world crumbling around him.

Once Rollins was out, Ambrose went back to making jokes and tricked Seth with a fake title as he had supposedly lost the real one. Dean talking about feeling lost and that it still feels like Tuesday to him was a good joke. It was a clever one.

Kane also showed up, only to rub it in Seth’s face and remind the champ that the Authority has abandoned him.

Rollins needs this to grow. He’s almost hit rock bottom. He’s very, very close to the extreme failure. Once goes through that, he’ll build himself back up and might even have a good face run.

Ryback def. The Miz

That was another boring match. The Miz was crafty and resourceful in his dirty ways. Ryback just wanted to show off strength and toyed with the A-lister for a bit before pinning him.

The fun part came from Big Show’s promo after the match. This is the best gimmick he’s ever had. He’s heel but he’s fun, always unimpressed with the crowd. If his in-ring style could somehow become more entertaining too, I could actually start liking him.

King Barrett def. Jack Swagger

First of all, Swagger’s alive! I was asking around about him a few days ago. We hadn’t seen Swagger for so long that I started worrying he’d get released.

Well, Swagger didn’t have a glorious come back. Even with an intervention from R-Truth, Jack still lost.

This Barrett/ Truth feud came out of nowhere. It’s just that both men haven nothing to do at MITB. Also, R-Truth is stealing from Barrett again. It was the IC Title first. Now his clothes. At least, Truth si fun to watch.


Cole had an exclusive interview with Lana. The Russian seems to be stupidly in love with Dolph Ziggler. She’s so oblivious to Ziggler’s true colors. Face or not, the guy’s gimmick is a womanizer who likes to show off. That’s not what a woman, who just got out of a supposedly abusive relationship needs.

Rusev showed up with the meek, slightly dumb smile he puts on when he wants to win Lana over and started courting her and begging. She broke up with him and Rusev almost killed Cole for it. The interview involved Cole getting chased off by Rusev and I found it funny. Also, the Russian/Bulgarian duo is so emotional that I’m totally shipping Rusev/Lana. I feel like I’m watching a soap opera though.

Rollins def. Ziggler

The crowd opened the match with LET’S GO ZIGGLER/ LET’S GO ROLLINS chants. It seems like everyone agrees – Rollins without the Authority is expected to do great things.

And truly, once the warm-up part of the match passed, we were treated to a good show. There was everything from fast counters, through outside brawls. It was like watching things in speed-motion. A feud between these two one day would be appreciated.

Rollins won. There was no finisher, no display of power. It was just a simple roll through, supposedly, using the tights too. The fact is Rollins won. He didn’t truly shine as bright as he could but he’s keeping it low for now.

Paige def. Alicia Fox

In the beginning I thought Foxy wouldn’t be given a chance.  However, the match was given enough time. The girls had the opportunity to work it up. In the end it was a decent fight. Paige and Foxy showed the crowd that they can both wrestle.


Oh, PTP…These two were dancing and singing about being ready for Sunday. They even slid in a gay joke. The problem is, PTP are the only faces left  who can talk but they would not be particularly believable as champions.

Reigns, Orton & Neville def. Sheamus, Kofi & Kane (via DQ)

This match was a bit pointless. Neville took the largest portion of the punishment. He was in the unfortunate situation where he’s in a team with two much higher-ranking superstars who can’t afford to look weak. So Neville spent most of them match getting beaten in the heel corner.

The reason why I’m saying the match was pointless is that it ended with a DQ. No one was allowed to gain momentum.

Neville got his retribution after the match. He flew and amazed the audience. Then he climbed the ladder and took the briefcase. As tempting as that sounds, I don’t see Neville winning on Sunday.

What are your impressions from SamckDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!



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