WWE RAW- Review, Highlights & Analysis From 15/06/2015

Seth Rollins/ Dean Ambrose

Rollins was cocky beyond belief last night. He was so full of himself, boasting and rubbing it in other people’s faces that the power of his narcissism turned the Authority tweener. Seth was so heel that it made the Authority look face.

The moment Ambrose came out, the fight was on. No talking, no explanations, just a straight- up brawl. Obviously Seth ran, so Dean initiated a sit in with the idea of waiting for Rollins to return, which must have taken quite a while, considering that the segment was about 30 min long.

It’s a damn shame that Rollins vs Ambrose is only used as a filler. I can see why the WWE did it but it’s annoying for the Ambrose fans. I still hope that one day I will see Ambrose champion.

Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus

Sheamus, endorsed by the Authority, decided to take care of Ambrose’s protest. I was expecting the match to take less time. I expected Sheamus to exploit Ambrose’s injury and end it fast. However, the Lunatic Fringe did much better than what I expected. On RAW we watched the Dean Ambrose we want to see. Dean wasn’t holding back and it made for a good brawl with the Celtic Warrior.

In the end, Sheamus was trying to follow in Seth’s steps and run away but Randy Orton intervened and Ambrose managed to get the pin. Afterwards Orton and Sheamus brawled with The Viper, coming on top.

Ambrose looked strong. Sheamus can excuse the loss with Orton’s involvement and the Viper showed dominance. The WWE planned this match as a consolation prize for Ambrose and an ad for the other two.

R-Truth def. King Barrett

Truth, dressed in a bed sheet, defeated Barrett. AGAIN. In about 2 minutes or so.

Barrett was absolutely right to attack Truth after the match and say that it’s not right to make a mockery put of the King of The Ring title, which is meant to be prestigious. What the WWE is doing with Barrett and King of the Ring is just wrong, regardless of how fun Truth is.

Kevin Owens

I like Owens’ perspective on things. He viewed John Cena’s handshake after the match as a show of disrespect, as a way for Cena to play the hero. I don’t believe in perfect, good people either.

So Kevin Owens went to the logical next step of the feud. He wants the US title. It was only natural. That’s why he had to lose last Sunday, to set up for the third and most important match.

Kevin Owens def. Dolph Ziggler

Owens set up an open challenge and Ziggler accepted but then Owens refused to put the title on the line. I would have found it exciting to know that the main roster higher ranking stars are competing for the NXT title. That would mean NXT is transcending to the main product list.

In less than 10s from the sound of the bell, Ziggler was already out, rolling on the floor in pain. The match kept going in the same fashion with Owens dismantling Ziggler every step of the way. However, Dolph not only sells well, he makes matches. Although Ziggler was always on the losing side, he found the perfect opportunities to throw in an impressive, fast and unexpected counter. Hell, he was even close to winning a few times, or at least, it felt so. The impeccable fluidity of Ziggler’s game is what makes him so good.

I saw Kevin Owens German supplex Dolph Ziggler and now I can’t stop seeing Brock vs. Owens in my head. This match needs to happen down the line!

Paige Meeting

Paige gathered all the divas and tried to rally them against the Bellas. However, no one trusts Paige and so she was left on her own.

This is setting up for a partner to show up. I have a certain someone in my head. If none of the divas on the main roster want to help Paige, then maybe Charlotte can show them what wrestling is about.

Kane def. Randy Orton

Surprisingly, Kane didn’t job here. He did well throughout them match. The Viper seemed to be struggling. But once Orton mastered a comeback, Sheamus came out, Kane changed the match to no hold barred and the Celtic warrior won the match for Kane.

Orton vs. Sheamus is well-tested. We know it works in the ring and since both of them have nothing better to do right now, it’s only logical for the WWE to pair them up. However, I’m no convinced that there will be a strong storyline to udneline the feud.

Miz def. Big Show (via. Count Out)

That was to be expected. Big Show and Ryback were too busy arguing to notice the 10 count and Miz won in the most pathetic way he could have come up with. Then again, it was fun to watch. In a way, I want Miz to win the title in the same manner. This is what his character does and it always works. At least, Miz gets a good crowd reaction.

Miz and the Big Show make up one opponent for Ryback. Ryback is strong and gets a pop. Big Show is strong and Miz gets the heel heat. Practically, Miz is the entertainment factor of the feud.

Roman Reigns/ Bray Wyatt

Another amazing promo by Bray Wyatt!

I was happy with the idea to change a bit Bray’s reasoning. He didn’t go for the “false heroes” ide, but rather for revenge over the MITB qualifying match. Then Bray won me over completely with that elaborate Jesus vs Lucifer analogy he pulled off. But the final, the final of the promo was chilling to the bone. Involving Roman Reigns’ daughter wa sickening in a marvelous way. Did you see Roman’s facial expression change? That was the innate, consuming fear of a parent, who sense he might not be able to protect his child. This targeting the daughter idea might remain only in this one promo but it still holds an immense power.

The Bellas def. Paige

I expected someone to come and help Paige but it didn’t happen. The Bellas used the 2 on 1 advantage and won.

My guess is that Charlotte is coming up because she’s very much an anti-diva herself and she can outwrestle both Bellas at the same time.

Machine Gun Kelly

This was by far the best RAW gues star appearance I’ve watched. I’ve had enough of superstar sucking up to people, who shouldn’t even be on the show. Kevin Owens just came out and power bombed this guy off the stage. Thank you, Owens!

PTP & Neville def. New Day

The sad thing about this match is that Neville was the one person, who provided spectacular wrestling. He also won the match and he’s not even in the tag team division.

I’m totally siding with the New Day on this one. They are far more entertaining than PTP. New Day should not have lost the titles so quickly.

Dean Ambrose/ Kane

I liked the interaction between Kane and Ambrose. On one hand, Ambrose vouched to never stop until he gets the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which gives me hope, since I believe he deserves it. Then, it’s interesting to see a second person in a row (Seth did it earlier on) challenge Kane’s character. It’s been happening quite a lot lately. There might be some hope for Kane. Maybe he’ll get a character change again, although it will never be the Kane of old.

#1 Contender Choice

This segment was beautiful. Triple H’s tough love towards Seth Rollins turned brutal. When the Game said that the pressure was on, Rollins wasn’t ready for what was to come. Brock Lesnar arrived and Rollins couldn’t even look at him straight in the eye but you know what, I strongly desire to see Rollins enter Suplex City and conquer it. It’s highly unlikely but it would be amazing.

What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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