WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 18/06/2015

Sheamus/ Dena Ambrose

I give it to Sheamus, he’s an incredible heel. He’s badass, he’s brutal and unapologetic but he’s also funny. Sheamus saying “How stupid do I look?” with the MITB briefcase in hand and a glowing smile on his face, topped up with “I promise you will be entertained” were Sheamus’ best remarks of the night.

Dena Ambrose came out with a bizarre idea. He seemed to want to steal the MITB briefcase to give it to Roman Reigns, since he was screwed out of winning it. Normally people don’t steal for others but Ambrose seems to be the good kind of a thief.

Kane made it a 2 on 1 handicap match, adding himself against Ambrose.

I think the one person, who should have been interested in this situation is Seth Rollins. If the Authority supports Sheamus and his MITB quest, then how safe is his title? Isn’t the Celtic Warrior the new investment?

Sheamus & Kane def. Dean Ambrose/via DQ/

The match didn’t last long. Ambrose was doing exceptionally well in the beginning but once the numbers game caught up to him, Roman Reigns came to the rescue, causing a DQ.

It was to be expected that Reigns was going to help Ambrose, having in mind that Amborse was out defending Roman’s interests. However, it was only a matter of time until Bray Wyatt got involved too.

Dean Ambrose/ Roman Reigns

Renee wanted to talk to them about the match but the only words Reigns had to say were directed to Bray Wyatt. Ambrose just followed him, seemingly with the intention to calm him down.

Brie def. Paige

The match was good. I enjoyed it. My only issue is the stale storyline. The WWE had Alicia Fox cost Paige the match. I wonder if this is in any way connected the upcoming return of Total Divas.

The divas are not only refusing to help Paige but they’re turning on her. This could be a very elaborate plan to have an inter divas division war with a few additions form NXT, joining in. Then again this is the WWE’s Divas Division. I doubt it will happen.

Kevin Owens/ Cesaro

Owens’ logic is flawed. He claism to have attacked Machine Gun Kelyl because Kelly pushed him first but what was Owens doing out there anyway? Then he says it’s Cena’s fault because Cena wasn’t there to save him. If this is intended to mock Cena’s superhero image and his inability to meet the expectations, I accept it. If it’s a serious thought though, it makes no sense.

Cesaro’s back and he’s as funny as always. He tapped Owens on the chest with an “I put my hands on you first” joke. How can you not love the Swiss Superman?

Dolph Ziggler def. Bo Dallas

And once again I agree with Bo. Lana really is on a bad rebound if she jumped straight into Ziggler’s arms. He’s a self-proclaimed womanizer!

The match was what, under 5 minutes? Ziggler easily won and made out with Lana. Rusev completely lost it backstage.

The only good thing about this storyline is that it’s keeping Rusev in the spotlight. I hope he comes on top of the feud when he’s back.

Neville def. Xavier Woods

The moment it was mentioned on commentary that the New Day won’t freak out, Xavier woods freaked out and started stomping on Neville uncontrollably.

Kofi and Big E wanted to get involved but PTP intervened. Even with interferences New Day seemed to do better at the numbers game. Still, Neville picked up the win.

It pains me to see Neville being used as a one trick pony. He has to offer much more than the Red Arrow as a filler in a tag team championship feud he’s not part of.

Seth Rollins

I love Seth’s mic work. He builds believable stories. He talked himself up. Then he said he was shocked when Brock appeared. What followed next, however, made me laugh. Rollins came up with the idea that Lesnar was afraid of him. In a way, I admire Seth’s ability to believe the things he says, regardless of how ridiculous they are.

Calling himself Triple H’s diamond sounded a bit off. I wouldn’t be surprised if the crowd starts chanting Rihanna instead of Justin Bieber next time.


Roman was still lost in his thoughts. Dena was focused on their match but Roman kept thinking about going back to his family. The only thing that bothered me was that Ambrose didn’t seem to understand Reigns’ worry. That could get in between them.

Kevin Owens def. Cesaro

That was the best match on the show. Counter after counter, Cesaro and Owens delivered a proper wrestling match. The Swiss Superman dominated the pace throughout. He pulled out some impressive moves. This is why the fans love him. I hope he won’t sink into obscurity with his partner gone.

Cesaro ended up getting hit by the ropes between the legs, which opened him for the pop up power bomb. Kevin Owens will not lose any time soon on a normal show.

The matches Owens makes are NXT quality matches against quality opponents. I wouldn’t complain if there were more matches like these on the main roster.

The Miz

Oh the Miz! He’s such a funny guy. He cut a promo on Big Show, while advertising WWE’s newest movie and making fun of himself. This is why the A-lister will always remain a part of the company.

Sheamus & Kane def. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

The ending of this match was expected. I watched every move, waiting for Bray Wyatt to pop on the screen. Was it going to be when the broken down Dean Ambrose reached for a tag? Was it going to be during or just after the match? The tag happened, Reigns was in, on a roll. Actually, I’ve never seen Reigns so fired up. He’s really into this feud.

Then Bray popped up on the screen, singing the teapot song, Roman got distracted and lost. The really creepy part came afterwards. Once the promo was over, the lights went back on and on the floor, next to Roman was lying the burnt photo of him and his daughter.

I’m absolutely immerged into this storyline. The one thing that will make a strong man like Reigns vulnerable and scared is targeting his child. I really hope the WWE doesn’t screw this up.

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2 thoughts on “WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 18/06/2015

  1. I did not like that way bray wyatt distracted roman last night. I know that roman was worried about his family, brat seemed to be playing on that . roman should never have let bray distract him. bray should be banned from distracting wrestlers , causing them to lose their matches. maryrose052751@gmail.com


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