WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 22/06/2015

The Beast Apologizes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or if it’s the first you’re watching RAW, the moment Paul Heyman takes the microphone, you’re forever bound to the WWE. The advocate in all his brilliance sold the Beast and ripped Rollins apart. Being a heel against face Brock, Seth could not have been in a worse situation.

As for the apology, that was more of a threat than an apology but in a way, it’s always satisfactory to see Cole getting exposed for his cowardice.

Kane def. Dean Ambrose

The match itself wasn’t boring and if you really weren’t familiar with the WWE, you’d have enjoyed. However, I couldn’t help it but feel bitter. Dean Ambrose was once again used to fill in a gap in time and sell tickets and was then degraded to jobbing to Kane as a tool in Seth’s game. Objectively, the WWE World Heavyweight Title picture is top class at the moment. You can’t argue with that and yet, it’s frustrating that Ambrose never seems to make the cut.

The interference that caused Ambrose the match was the first of Seth’s many attempts throughout the night to make things right with his Authority backup team.

Prime Time Players def. The Ascension

The Ascension jobbed to PTP. That’s all.

The only flash of the Ascension’s greatness that we saw was the way Konnor took Titus’ shots. Most men would have ended up being tossed like a rag doll. Konnor roared back without budging. It will always drives me mad that the WWE completely dropped the ball with the Ascension.

Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns (No Contest)

Sheamus made the match so agonizing for Roman that it was strangely captivating to watch. It all started when The Celtic Warrior drove Roman into the timekeepers area and Roman’s lower back got hit. From that moment on, Sheamus was fixated on torturing Reigns’ back.

Roman sold it perfectly. Every time he’d come back with an offense, he’d be slower than the usual or he’d end up barely moving himself, giving the impression that he was struggling to move his back.

Once Roman finally managed to take Sheamus down on the outside, Bray Wyatt distracted him once again. Bray made Reigns believe that he had his daughter and Roman dropped everything and ran, or more likely limped to the back.

This is turning into a horror movie. Roman discovered Bray’s “anyone but you” obsession room. Reigns’ photos everywhere, eyes cut out, candles burning, children song in Bray’s creepy interpretation. Marvelous job on the part of the WWE, creating the right atmosphere for this feud. I’d also want to point out that the company’s taking all precautions with this storyline. All the photos used by Wyatt are official WWE photos, easily accessible to anyone. No personal information in the shape of photos or anything else has been released about Reigns’ family.

Neville def. Kofi Kingston

Neville is still stuck in this feud that doesn’t concern him the slightest. At least, if he’s going to wrestle the New Day, Kofi is the most suitable opponent.

None of this was about Neville though. PTP were out, arguing with Big E and Xavier Woods. The ref was busy with them.

True – Neville did the Red Arrow and won but none of this gives him any momentum. He’s just being used as a one-trick pony. There are ways to give a man a good rivalry to build his character, without having to involve a title in it.

King Barrett def. Zack Ryder

I wonder if Zack Ryder’s just a visitor on RAW or if he was just a visitor on NXT. I’d go with the first. Having said that, it didn’t take Barrett a long time to get rid of Ryder. Sadly for Zack, the crowd stopped reacting to him long time ago.

Barrett is so low on the card it’s unbelievable. However, every time I see him in the ring I expect him to be involved in something great. He’s just that sort of a guy.

John Cena/ Kevin Owens

The interaction between the two men was gold. Cena made a good point, saying that he has the right to refuse Owens’ challenge. Owens did refuse his, after all. By accepting, Cena made the difference between them clear.

Owens as usual didn’t care. It’s his thing and surprisingly it works. Not being affected by words is the strong suit of his character.

Cena and Owens had a little “everything you can do, I can do better” moment trying to outdo each other in French of all things. Having in mind that Owens is from Quebec, I’m surprised that his accent was that hard to understand. It’s true I’m used to the French French accent and not the Canadian French accent, but I usually have no trouble understanding the Canadians either. Regardless, Cena topped him with speaking Chinese, Owens’ face spelled out “Really, man?!”. Good job by the camera man, who caught it.

The Bella Twins def. Naomi & Tamina

The only thing this match showed was the using your backside as a weapon is exactly as stupid as it looks.

Naomi took out Tamina, simply because when your butt leads you have no idea what you’re hitting. Then it was only a matter of one Rack Attack and the Bellas won.

Ryback def. Mark Henry

Big Show was on commentary. He provided the main portion of the entertainment in the segment. At one point he switched into the role of a cheerleader for Henry. That’s not surprising, since all Show wants is Ryback to lose. However, after the fight was over, the interaction between him and Henry was weird. Cole, referring to it as a “bittersweet relationship”, gave the impression that the Henry/Show storyline might come into play somehow.

Backstage Ryback gave an interview, which was a bittersweet experience for me. Calling himself Flyback was hilarious but talking about his parents starting to talk to him again after years of silence because he won the title was awkward. It’s not even something to be happy about. Love doesn’t magically appear when you’ve got gold or if it does something’s fishy. The WWE and their ridiculous idea of making Ryback’s character a cheesy, hard-earned success story.

The fight that ensued was believable. It reminded me of a brawl after gym class in a school corridor. It’s funny, though, how Big Show and Ryback destroy each other, while Miz is promoting TV shows and movies but he’s actually very likely to steal the title.

Dolph Ziggler def. Adam Rose

This is the battle of the valets. Adam Rose spent more time being disturbingly affectionate with Rosa than in the match itself.

Ziggler won fast and had a steamy make-out session of his own. Rusev backstage flipped out and ended on the floor after throwing his crutches at the TV monitor. Summer Rae introduced herself to the situation by offering the crutch back to Rusev. The love drama continues.

Seth Rollins Apologizes

Seth made sure to butter up J&J and Kane in the most shameless of ways. When Brock appeared, it seemed like the trio wasn’t going to give in but in the end the charm offensive worked and Seth had his back-up.

Brock got taken out. With the image that had been created for the Beast, it seemed impossible but it happened. It took three men (Jamie was injured by Lesnar in the beginning) to do it, but they incapacitated Lesnar to a degree where Rollins could hit him with the Pedigree.

The authority is the equalizer. Without them, no one would have bought the idea of Seth beating Brock. But it’s also true that next time the Beast shows up, he’ll be blood-thirsty. I’m not sure how smart Seth’s move will play out to be in the long run.

What are you impressions form RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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