WWE Smack Down – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 25/06/2015

Authority/ Ryback

There was a lot of sucking up going on. Seth made sure to butter up his reconciled Authority family. Then they collectively decided to pick on Ryback for launching an “unprovoked attack” on their “extended family member” the Big Show. That description of Show was possibly the best highlight of the segment.


Ryback came out to defend himself and for once I enjoyed his mic work. He was fired up. I think aggression is much more suitable for the Big Guy than self- help positive talk. He brought Ambrose up, trying to get to Rollins and as a result Ambrose vs. Rollins and Kane vs. Ryback were booked.


The Authority had nothing to do on SmackDown so they picked Ryback to target. Simply, Brock is too highly paid to attend Smack Down but once he’s back he’ll go after each member of the Authority. When Seth called Joey the “mastermind behind the attack on the Beast” he might have signed Joey’s death penalty.

Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler

I was impressed by how quickly the match got intense then I relaised it was because they were planning to have an oddly placed Rusev interference in the beginning. The Bulgarian Brute’s yelling at Lana didn’t change the course of the match. Ziggler lost clean.

The fight was good and it gave another momentum boost to Mr. MITB. Ziggler’s just being used as a vessel to keep the injured Rusev afloat and if he can put another guy over as he goes – even better.

Summer offered herself up to Rusev once again. I don’t see where this is going long term. Neither Lana/Ziggler, nor Rusev/Summer will last.

Alicia Fox def. Naomi

Weren’t Naomi and Tamina supposed to be heel? Are they about to turn face again or are they just jobbing for no reason?

Naomi and Tamina actually did quite well in an outside fight but in the ring Alicia took advantage and won.

Paige was too busy with Tough Enough to be there. The idea might be to have Naomi & Tamina join Paige against the Bellas and Foxy. The booking of the divas division doesn’t make sense at all. There’s absolutely no long-term planning going on here.

New Day/ PTP/ Bo Dallas

PTP are trying to break up the New Day. Talking about the “Weak link” is leading to Xavier Woods being picked out as the weakest one. I don’t know why the WWE would do that. The New Day as a strong heel unit are so much fun. Why ruin them so early?

Bo joing the New Day even for a night was gold. Being told that they’ve inspired the Inspirational One must be the biggest compliment the New Day have heard.

Ryback def. Kane (via DQ)

This was a parody of a match. Big Show spent about 7 min kicking Ryback from the top of the ramp to the ring before the match. Yet, the Big Guy was strong enough to almost defeat Kane. It was so bad that Show actually found a DQ attack to be the best course of action.

It was a boring segment between three large, slow and boring guys. Where is the Miz when you need him? Even his lousy tricks would have been preferable.

Lucha Dragons & PTP def. New Day & BO Dallas

To be fair, the match wasn’t particularly impressive wrestling-wise. However, when it comes to chemistry, Bo and the New Day jelled great. Their hype would have made Mojo Rawley look lethargic.

On the face side, Kalisto provided most of the entertainment. He’s a great wrestler. Imagine Kalisto vs. Neville, one on one. Just a thought!

Kalisto pinned Xavier Woods. This goes in the same line of thought as what I said earlier – Woods will be picked out as the weak link. It’s a bad move. The New Day are a good, entertaining unit.

Roman Reigns/ Dean Ambrose

Dean wanted to find and destroy Wyatt. Reigns refused and promised to have Dean’s back against the Authority. However, Roman got angry over one of Bray’s photo tricks and ended up getting ejected from the building by Kane.

Reigns’ character is blossoming in this feud. Finally, Roman’s aggression feels genuine and has direction.

I hope this segment was there only to show that Wyatt is in Reigns’ head. I don’t want a refit between Ambrose and Reigns now. It’s not the right time. It needs to be over something much bigger if it’s to happen.

Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose

There’s no need to say that the match was great. No matter how many times Ambrose and Rollins will face each other, they’ll always make awesome fights. Their chemistry is undeniable.

However, the match was more Mercury, Kane and Rollins vs. Ambrose, rather than Rollins vs. Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe managed to outwrestle all three, put together, for quite a while but in the end Rollins used a distraction to win. Reigns was nowhere to be found.

My question is where is the referee in all this? With so many blatant interferences, this match should have ended long time ago. Some decency, people!

What are your impressions from Smack Dwon? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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