WWE RAW- Review, Highlights & Analysis From 29/06/2015


This was the ultimate suck up segment. Seth was on a roll with compliments and expensive presents for Kane and J&J. Apple watches, cars, vacations, you name it –Rollins had bought it. All of that, played out on cheesy 90s game show music.

I couldn’t stop thinking of how low Kane has fallen. Segments like this are an offense to the name of Kane. Unfortunately, the Devil’s Favorite Demon is far beyond saving.

Big Show def. Mark Henry

This match lasted less than 2 minutes, ending with an expected victory for Big Show. The only reason it happened was to allow Ryback to take out Show and then get hit with a cheap shot from the Miz.

The Miz is funny. You’ve got to give it to him, he has perfect timing. It’s a skill to be able to pick the right moment to strike.

Ryback def. The Miz (via count out)

The problem with this feud is that the matches will never be on the same level as the segments. Ryback vs. Miz fell once again into its stereotypical routine. Miz was made to look completely incompetent. Ryback was mighty and powerful and so Miz ran away to the back, instead of fighting.

I wonder if Miz, Ryback and Show will be able to produce a decent match. The numbers might not be enough to mix up some chemistry.

Paige def. Alicia Fox

The match was slow. Foxy was taking too much time between attacks, so there was no sense of fluidity in the action. Paige tried to compensate with a few surges of energetic offense but that wasn’t the focus of the match. Foxy used the Bellas as distraction but Paige managed to overcome all of it and won.

If Paige can outsmart all three women put together, why does she need support? This storyline seems to be going nowhere.

John Cena vs. Cesaro

What a match! This was PPV worthy. Simply incredible! Cena’s US Title Open Challenge once again gave a talented man the opportunity to deliver. I think the WWE Universe hasn’t seen that much of Cesaro’s amazing skills in a singles match ever.Cesaro’s tributes to Tyson Kidd with perfectly executed Sharpshooters didn’t go unnoticed.

What was really impressive is that Cesaro seemed to be about to win. If it wasn’t for Kevin Owens, who left commentary to pop up power bomb both Cesaro and Cena, the Swiss Superman might have defeated SuperCena. Could it be that the WWE finally sees something in Cesaro?

Bray Wyatt

Another chilling promo from Bray. I’m amazed by his on-going Lucifer analogy. It’s so beautifully sewn into his narration. Top work!

Prime Time Players & Lucha Dragons def. New Day & Bo Dallas

Interestingly enough, this match was predominantly centered on Bo Dallas. He carried the first half on his own and then actively took part in the second half. Bo’s been given a straw and he’s clutching it.

The Lucha Dragons had taken it down a notch. The focus was on Titus and Darren Young. Titus pinned Kofi. Now that’s interesting. I thought Xavier Woods’ loss last week meant he was going to be picked out as the weak link, especially knowing that he’s the one guy, who showed frustration cracking the positivity. However, this week, Kofi lost. Maybe the weak link idea isn’t going to be given much significance.

Dolph & Lana Go Public

Dolph and Lana have zero chemistry. It’s so bad that the crowd doesn’t chant LANA anymore. They were chanting WHAT at her instead.

Rusev came out with Summer but was obviously still into Lana. It was exciting to see Rusev on one leg, actually looking intimidating against Ziggler.

Summer and Lana had an explosive catfight in the middle of the ring. If all the divas matches had that much animosity, we’d be watching a much better WWE Divas Division.

Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns

Dean and Roman had a little moment backstage, preparing for their match against the Authority. Dean was slightly patronizing but in a good way.

Sheamus def. Neville

That was the second best match of the night. It came really close to Cena vs. Cesaro. Sheamus and Neville simply have chemistry. They have polar opposite wrestling styles but they fit together. I think they deserve a title feud one day.

It was expected for Sheamus to win. After all, he’s Mr. MITB. However, nothing should be taken away from Neville. His performance was outstanding.

King Barrett def. Jack Swagger

It was a short and unimpressive match. Swagger at least got to do the Ankle Lock before losing.

Barrett is completely lost. He’s in the bottom of the card for some reason and his feud with Truth seems to be still ongoing. The situation looks desperate.

Kane & Seth Rollins def. Den Ambrose & Roman Reigns

It was a great match, reminiscent of the Shield days, mainly because there was chaos. The no DQ stipulation made the fight exciting. Dean and Roman singlehandedly took on the entire Authority at different points in the match. Only Bray Wyatt’s involvement cost Reigns and Ambrose the win.

In the post-match attack, Reigns came in to save Ambrose but took all the punishment instead. And Bray came out to top it off with a Sister Abigail.

I understand that this segment was there to make Reigns look like a martyr. However, it was missing something. If it had been a Shield match, Ambrose would have kept coming, trying to help Reigns. He might have been unsuccessful and Reigns might have still taken a lot of beating but the feeling of brotherhood would have been stronger.

What were your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section or on Twitter!


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