WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 01/07/2015

The Vaudevillains def. Dawson & Dash

The Vaudevillans are back and they’re as popular as ever. The NXT crowd still showers them with THIS IS MANLY chants.

Dawson & Dash, despite losing, did a valid effort. The NXT tag team division ahd been reduced to two teams – Enzo/Big Cass and Blake/Murphy. Now it’s coming back to life. We have the Vuadevillains, Dawson & Dash and soon – Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. I’m excited about Gable’s in-ring debut.

Every time the Vaudevilans win a match I’m overcome by hope that they’lll finally be given a run with the titles. Little did I know that later on in the show, that opportunity would become very real.

Becky Lynch

We got an update on Becky Lynch. The Irish Rock Chic is injured, so she’ll be out of action for a while.

Baron Corbin def. Tucker Knight

Needless to say, this was another squash match by Baron Corbin. As much as I like the guy, his potential needs to be capitalized on. The crowd will (if they haven’t done it already) get bored with him.


Baron Corbin is impressive. He has a strong aura but his character hasn’t seen any development since his debut.

Regal/Tag Team Quarrel

The Vaudevillans and Enzo/Big Cass were arguing in Regal’s office over the right to be #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles. Regal had had enough and booked a match between them for next week to decide, who’ll face Blake and Murphy.

To be fair, I’m getting bored with Big Cass & Enzo vs. Blake & Murphy. The champs even equipped themselves with a female counterpart for Carmella but this rivalry is turning Blake and Murphy into very forgettable heels. I’m rooting for the Vaudevillains here.

Finn Balor

We saw another part of WWE’s special on Finn Balor. The more I watch these, the more attached I feel to Finn. The sentimental feel of the clips can’t be ignored.

This hype over Finn Balor must lead somewhere. The question is “Is it to the main roster or to an NXT championship reign”.

Emma def. Carmella

All matches Carmella takes part in exhibit the same characteristics. She uses a lot of street cat fighting and then shows off in all sorts of ways. Then her opponent wrestles her portion of the match and in the case of Emma – wins. Beautiful submission by the Australian!


Regal/Bull Dempsey

This ridiculous storyline about Bull being fat and out of shape keeps going. Bull wanted to destroy a vending machine that didn’t want to give him a treat. Regal stopped him, sat him down for a talk headmaster style and elegantly threatened to fire him if Bull didn’t get in shape.

I don’t find this idea funny at all. It’s derogatory. Samoa Joe isn’t smaller than Bull Dempsey but no one even thinks of turning him into a joke because of his size. Why should Bull be any different?

Tyler Breeze vs. Tye Dillinger

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tye Dillinger look that good in a match. He was impressive last night and the crowd appreciated it. However, the Gorgeous One pulled off the win in the end.


Despite one being a top midcarder and the other- a jobber, on NXT , both men are equally lost in terms of future prospects. Tyler Breeze is amazing but with that gimmick he’ll be a low bottom card jobber on the main roster. As for Tye Dillinger, we barely know anything about him. At this stage he isn’t going to the main roster at all.

Sasha Banks/ Emma & Dana Brooke

Emma and Dana Brooke were lurking around the Divas Championship, so the Boss challenged them to a match.

The intrigue is who’ll team up with Sasha next week. I’d imagine Charlotte. There’s no one else left to help and Charlotte has issues with Dana Brooke.

Finn Balor & Samoa Joe def. Kevin Owens & Rhyno

In the beginning of this match Finn Balor looked as if he had entered the wrong movie. Everyone around him was at least twice his size. He carried the bulk of the match, taking punishment for mall sides and by doing that Finn demonstrated his resiliency against stronger opponents.

The ending surprised me. Rhyno accidentally speared Kevin Owens and it lead to a pin for Balor over Owens. I expected Rhyno to be pinned, since all the other three men are overall protected by their top player status. If we follow the logic of last man standing never wins at the special, Finn will lose in Japan. I thought he’d win and then Kevin Owens would beat Cena for the US title and leave NXT. Now, things might be planned differently.

What are your impressions form NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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