WWE Smackdown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 02/07/2015

Seth Rollins/ J&J

Seth Rollins opened Smackdown once again. I sometimes wonder if this show can start at least once without Rollins’ long-winded speeches. Once. For a change.

So the champ took the time to boast about his generous presents to his Authority family members. This apple product placement is getting ridiculous. It’s literally in every segment Rollins is in and that’s quite a lot.

Rollins gave himself a match against Roman Reigns, hoping that Roman wouldn’t show up and then threw Dean Ambrose to Bray Wyatt. Ambrose rushed out with a kendo stick and cleared the ring.

Poor Ambrose. He’s so close but always at the periphery, never in the main event. The support of the crowd will get him only so far.

Bray Wyatt def. Dean Ambrose

My first thought about this match was that Ambrose was going to lose and I was right. It was blatantly predictable.

The match was good. Ambrose and Wyatt know each other, being old rivals. You could see it in the details. A signature move would be met with an instant counter. That’s a sign of knowledge of the opponent and that you gain only in multiple matches.

Bray Wyatt won clean. Bray needs this momentum. He’s facing Roman Reigns after all and it will help his narration. However, it is frustrating. Everyone has to lose from time to time but Ambrose is booked to lose every time, except when it really doesn’t matter.

R-Truth def. Adam Rose

R-Truth is still running with the King of What’s UP gimmick. Even though Truth is funny, this particular gimmick is completely sucking the life out of Barrett. King of What’s Up lives directly off of King Barrett’s misery. He’s like a leech.

Adam Rose and Rosa were inappropriate before and during the match. That’s another dead-end gimmick. It still baffles me that when presented with the opportunity to have character change, someone actually thought that Adam Rose was the best option to go with.

Truth won but it means nothing. It was only a filler match.

Ryback def. Mark Henry

Mark Henry is such a weird guy. Show and Ryback are feuding and for some reason Henry’s fighting both of them. Obviously, he’s losing to both as well.

Sicne Big Show already defeated Henry, there was no way Ryback was going to lose. The match was boring. The action was slow. Nothing spectacular.

The highlight of the match was a Shellshock to Mark Henry. That came to tell us that Ryback can lift guys heavier than him, probably including Big Show.

Brie def. Naomi

Nikki was in Japan but Brie had Alicia Fox on her side, so the routine remained the same – the numbers game for the win. Naomi was pinned after and interference by Foxy.

Is Naomi still heel? She’s been feuding with heels for the last couple of weeks and losing dirty. That doesn’t sound heel to me.  She’s been booked terribly. This heel turn could have meant something.

Bray Wyatt

It was only a matter of time until Bray Wyatt used Dean Ambrose in his game against Reigns. This is why he needed the win in the begging. He made Roman feel guilty for failing to help his one friend in the world.

Prime Time Players def. The Ascension

The tag team matches these days are boring. PTP do hyped promos but in the ring the follow an overused pattern. First Viktor got manhandled by PTP and then Darren Young spent a lot of time in the heel corner until Titus finally tagged in and cleared the ring.

PTP go by the route of smaller guy takes punishment for 2/3 match and then big guy gets hot tag and picks up victory. The New Day at least are funny and try to tell a story in the ring as well.

Rusev/Summer Rae

This one hurts. Rusev is so obviously still into Lana that he accidentally called Summer “Lana”. He’s trying to get Lana to feel jealousy and Summer’s desperately trying to offer herself up to him, losing all dignity. This duo looks so pathetic together that it’s difficult to watch and listen. Props to Rusev for the awesome acting though.

What I liked was the promo that Rusev cut to Ziggler in the end of the segment. The Bulgarian Brute was brutal. He dissected Ziggler step by step with real hatred in his voice. The crowd loved it as well.

Roman Reigns def. Seth Rollins (via DQ)

Seth was hoping that Roman wouldn’t show up but Reigns unsurprisingly was there.

The entire match was branded by J&J interferences. In the brief moments of clean fighting, though, the action was good. Rollins looked strong, despite being heel. Reigns has finally learned how to look vulnerable to get sympathy from the fans.

The back injury of Reigns that’s being explored recently will most probably play a part in his match at Battleground. Bray Wyatt will target Roman’s lower back, that’s guaranteed.

In the end, J&J’s involvement got so out of hand that it led to a DQ. Rollins joined his security in another beat down of Roman Reigns, until Dean Ambrose came swinging with a kendo stick.

Ambrose and Reigns cleared the ring and since Seth ran away, they caught Joey Mercury and decimated him to show dominance.

The Ambrose/Reigns friendship is a gold mine. The WWE’s using it every opportunity they have and it works. The storylines don’t matter, as long as Roman and Dean are helping each other, the crowd will love it. That’s what has remained from the magic of the Shield.

What are your impressions of Smackdown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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