WWE NXT – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 08/07/2015

Sasha Banks & Charlotte def. Dana Brooke & Emma

The Boss was ready to take on Dana and Emma on her own but Charlotte volunteered to join her side. However, The Queen of NXT didn’t do it for free. She wanted a title shot and she got it.

It was no surprise that Charlotte and Sasha dictated the pace of the match. Dana Brooke is far, far away from their level. Emma fell to the background a bit. The double submission ending of the match was an example of sheer dominance.

I expected Charlotte to help the Boss, since she has a bone to pick with Dana Brooke but the title match came out of nowhere. Then again, I’m quite glad, actually. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks is always a classic.

Finn Balor def. Kevin Owens

We saw a replay of the title match in Japan. It was a glorious fight. Everything from Finn’s entrance, through Owens’ disrespect for the Japanese customs to the match itself was executed to perfection.

The only thing I could pick on is the filming of the event. I think the camera work wasn’t great. It didn’t do justice to Balor’s amazing entrance.

Kevin Owens lost in the best possible way. The two competitors were evenly matched and both pulled out tricks we hadn’t seen from them before. Balor is now carrying the torch of NXT while Kevin Owens should soon become the US champion.

Jason Jordan/ Chad Gable

I love Chad Gable, although I always feel the urge to call him Cable. We are yet to see his wrestling skills but his personality is on point. It’s been a while since a barely known guy has shown up with that much charisma. We’ll see Jordan/Gable in action next week. I can’t wait.

Solomon Crowe def. Marcus Louis

In a way, this was my favourite segment of the night. It was different. Both Marcus Louis and Solomon Crowe brought character to the table.

Marcus seems to have really gotten into his gimmick. His facial expressions and the noises he makes throughout the match are freaky, to say the least. He’s using in-ring psychology to tell a story and it’s coming off quite nicely. Even his wrestling style has adapted to the persona. That’s devotion and Marcus deserves a push for that.

Solomon Crowe in his wrestling last night reminded me of Ambrose and that’s a good thing. Crowe is a memorable character with a taste for crazy in him. I found it strange that the commentators kept making cutsey references to Solomon Crowe – “NXT’s resident little monster”, “fire cracker”- I never thought Solomon Crowe would turn into a “homely little creature that aids the main protagonist” type of a character. It’s somehow endearing.

The Vaudevillains def. Enzo Amore & Big Cass

My dream outcome actually came true. The Vaudevillains outsmarted Enzo & Big Cass and won.

Big Cass and Enzo’s finisher cost them the match once again. If Big Cass had finished off Aiden English, instead of tagging Enzo and prolonging the end, Simon Gotch wouldn’t have been able to provide such an elaborate distraction and really, Enzo wouldn’t have been the legal man, hence, the roll up wouldn’t have been possible.

The WWE missed the moment to pull the trigger on Enzo & Cass as champs. They had the perfect opportunity with the Blake and Murphy feud. They even had matching valets but the storyline took too long. We lost the tension. It got stale. This is why the Vaudevillains can only bring positives to the picture.

What are your impressions from NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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