WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 15/07/2015

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan def. Elias Sampson & Steve Cutler

 The first match for the team that Chad Gable so greatly desired was a success. Gable has a very technical style, old-school, I would say. Collegian wrestling comes to mind.

There wasn’t a great amount of team work in the match but the finisher was spot on. The timing for Gable to come in and deliver the assist was perfect. This is a good indication that Jordan and Gable can do great things together.

The way Gable was introduced to the NXT Universe worked. He’s shown so much personality before even debuting that I can’t wait to get to the point where Gable & Jordan becomes Gable vs. Jordan. Gable’s charisma has the potential to make him a good singles competitor in the future. 


Samoa Joe def. Axel

 Samoa Joe vs. someone we see for the first time? We all knew how this was going to end. Joe dominated throughout and won. He did the Muscle Buster and then turned into a submission. Joe wanted to send a message and it was heard loud and clear.


The thing I found strange was Axel Tischer’s name. The announce team kept calling him Axel and it baffled me. Is Curtis Axel getting repackaged? I hope so.


Baron Corbin

 Finally some character development for Baron Corbin! We saw him getting a tattoo, which says “ I am the agent that decides your fate” . First of all, amazing tattoo idea. It asserts a presence.

Second, Corbin stood against the indie superstars. He believes he’s better than them because he was a success in NFL. This opens up opportunities for storylines. His point of view is that he’s conquered one business, he wants to conquer another, which makes him a successful person in general. However, the indie guys have gone through all he described out of passion for wrestling. It’s one of the easiest scenarios to book a feud on.


Eva Marie 

Oh, Eva. The WWE’s desperately trying to give personality to her looks but she still can’t do it. The crowd’s not buying her promos at all and she sounds fake and forced.



I surely hope for Eva’s own good that The Brian Kednrick has been able to do a miracle with her in the ring, otherwise, she’ll flop.


Blake & Murphy def. Fulton & Dawkins

 Blake and Murphy, relieved from Enzo and Cass, are finally not a joke anymore. No ponytails, no running. They simply destroyed Fulton and Dawkins with authority… and with Alexa’s help, of course.


The post match attack gives meaning to Alexa’s presence. She’s truly embraced this new heel role. In her relationship with the champs Bliss is what Lana was to Rusev in the beginning. She controls them.

I can’t wait for the clash between Blake & Murphy and the Vaudevillains. English and Gotch are gentlemen, while the champs have no respect for anybody. Their promo rivalry could be interesting.


Sami Zayn

Bad news. It seems like Sami Zayn won’t be back by the end of the year. It’s ridiculous that such an amazing competitor got taken out by his own entrance.

On the bright side, Sami cut a fiery revenge promo on Kevin Owens. I can see Zayn going straight to the main roster to attack Owens once his injury’s healed.


Sasha Banks def. Charlotte

 Sasha Banks and Charlotte are probably the two best divas in the entire WWE. Their matches are amazing both on a technical level and on a personal level. This one didn’t make an exception. I dream for the day when an amazing divas match of this quality will close RAW.

In the end both women cried and shared an emotional hug. Something tells me that these tears were a goodbye to the NXT stage.

Sasha is going to the main roster permanently so she’ll probably need to drop the title soon. I don’t see who’d pick it up though. The best of the best women of NXT are all being called up at the same time.


What are your impressions of NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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