WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 16/07/2015

Roman Reigns/ Bray Wyatt

This feud keeps evolving constantly. Bray Wyatt has a counter for everything Reigns has to offer. Roman switched gears and dropped the confused victim role, going for a fierce attacker mode. However, neither the truths Roman had to say, nor the passion and bravery he showed had any effect on the New Face of Fear. In Bray’s own words” this is what true power looks like”.

I’m still waiting for the moment when Wyatt will attack Ambrose backstage to get to Reigns. The “you can’t protect them all” line in the narration needs to lead somewhere and in the modern era of wrestling, it won’t be to Roman’s real life house and family.

New Day def. Lucha Dragons

After the heavy, dramatic segment that preceded this match, the New Day’s positive energy was a welcomed switch of atmosphere.

The match was fast-paced and enjoyable. When faced with the quick, fluid and hard-to-predict style of Sin Cara and Kalisto, their opponents needed to bring in some extra team work to get the win. It’s the New Day’s chemistry that helped them prevail. That’s exactly what I want to see at Battleground.

After the fight was over, PTP who had been doing commentary chased the New Day off. There’s nothing much to say about that. It was done only because the New Day were seeing too much action and getting too strong of a momentum while Young and O’Neil hadn’t done anything memorable.

Dean Ambrose/ Roman Reigns

Both Ambrose and Reigns agreed on the fact that they were fed up with Bray Wyatt and that he had to be taken care of.

Segments like this, paired up with the fact that Ambrose has no feud/match going into Battleground, makes me think that the Lunatic Fringe will get dragged into the rivalry. He’ll either become a victim of Bray or he’ll take on the feud, replacing Roman.

King Barrett def. Jack Swagger

Barrett quickly defeated Jack Swagger. It was just another momentum builder for the King of the Ring.

Truth showed up after the match to makes jokes but Barrett wouldn’t have any of it. He desperately tried to pick up the little scraps left of the prestige of the King of the Ring Tournament. However, it might be a bit too late for that. This storyline has done too much damage.

Cesaro def. Rusev

That was another amazing match by Cesaro and Rusev. Following their incredible performance on RAW, these two delivered once again.

Rusev pulled out all the stops. He used everything in his arsenal from the spinning heel kick to the top rope dive and still lost. And it was a clean victory for Cesaro. The Swiss Superman became the only man, apart form John Cena at Wrestle Mania to defeat Rusev. He deserved that celebration with the crowd.

We might even get a rivalry between Cesaro and Rusev, stemming out of this. The Bulgarian Brute will want to probe himself and they might even go for the US title after that. The fact is that this loss just made Rusev more interesting. Not being unbeatable is key to creating tension. As for Cesaro, he got another achievement under his belt.

Neville def. Stardust

I like the cartoon villain vs. hero idea. If expanded well, it could work but it will take some attention to detail because looking at this match I wasn’t particularly convinced how well this animated face-off went with the wrestling environment.

The backstage segment, however, won me over. Stardust attacked Neville from behind and urged him to become “his hero”. I like Stardust’s conviction to being a villain. I want to see where this goes.

The one mistake the WWE could make is to have Neville approach Stardust as a madman. They did the same when they had Ambrose refuse to take Wyatt’s promos seriously in their feud. It kills the atmosphere. Let them both sell us the hero vs villain reality.

Naomi/Tamina/ Sasha Banks

The Divas Revolution has begun and the bad girls of WWE showed their personality.

Tamina doesn’t evne need to say a word to make an impression. She’s what Roman Reigns was in the Shield. Sasha Banks is simply the Boss and with that huge personality of hers she takes up the central point. Naomi is playing it gangsta and it keeps her different than the others.

Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns def. Sheamus & Big Show (via DQ)

Ambrose and Reigns seemed to be in an amazing mood. In the beginning of the match, they kept tagging in and out with utmost confidence. They experienced a small drop of momentum by the middle when Ambrose took a beating by his two larger opponents and then the end of the match finished in chaos.

Ambrose turned a chokeslam into a DDT on the announce table and KOed both Big Show and himself. That was probably the best excuse they could have found for Dean to be unable to help Reigns with the far from surprising attack from Bray Wyatt. Still, Reigns managed to handle both Bray and Sheamus.

This story won’t end well for Reigns at Battleground. Almost certainly Ambrose will be involved in the outcome of the match on Sunday. Summerslam needs to get even more personal.

What are your impressions of Smackdown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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