WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 20/07/2015

The Undertaker

When was the last time you saw the Undertaker going into a feud in an active pursuit? In the last few years it’s been just other superstars chasing the Undertaker, calling him out, almost courting him to get his attention. The Deadman rarely talks, let alone start off the promo war.

This time it’s different. The Undertaker always has his ongoing theme about resurrection but this time it feels real. This feud will be epic. Better than Wrestlemania.

Charlotte def. Brie

This was a rematch from Battleground. Even with Nikki getting involved by the end, Charltte still locked in the Figure 8 and made Brie tap.

It was a great match. I’m not used to seeing divas actually wrestle on RAW but I can totally get used to this change. The WWE is on the right track with the Divas Division.

Los Matadores def. The Prime Time Players

I had forgotten that Los Matadores were still on the roster. PTP kept up the good work from Battleground. I’m particularly impressed with Darren Young. He’s never looked that good in the ring.

When PTP were just about to win, the New Day showed up in new track suits and distracted them with some positivity, leading to a win for Los Matadores.

The New Day have something special going on. Their clap rhythm’s being used in all sorts of chants throughout the shows. They deserve to be on top of the division, so keeping this feud alive is a good call.

 Big Show def. The Miz

The Miz & Big Show are keeping the IC Title picture alive. It was some mad luck that there was triple threat situation going on when Ryback got injured. This way, the championship storyline found an easy fix.

The match itself was just Show squashing Miz every time he managed to catch him and expectedly ended with a win for the Giant.

People complain about the Big Show but I think he’s doing quite well. He cut a promo on the Miz, on Ryback for the title and did an ad on Tough Enough all in the same go. He doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves.

Taker vs. Lesnar

Paul Heyman talked and he said some very exciting things but with what happened afterwards, Heyman’s promo was lost in total oblivion. The clash between Lesnar and Taker was amazing.

It’s not the first time the locker room’s been sent out to separate two men but this time it wasn’t only the jobbers section. Rusev, Sheamus, Cesaro, Kevin Owes were all there. Also we got to see some faces we might have missed, like Sandow, Axel and even Brad Maddox. When did you last see Maddox on RAW?

The brawl continued backstage as well and it was unstoppable. With that kickoff of the feud I’m not sure how the WWE can build it up. It’s already off the roof.

Roman Reigns def. Luke Harper /via. DQ/

Following the Lesnar vs. Taker segment, the adrenaline was high and the crowd responded to the match as if it was a PPV. The atmosphere was reminiscent of the night after WM.

The match was exciting. Reigns was hurt. His left arm was targeted. Harper was psychotic and merciless as he should have been all along. Joining forces with Bray one more time was the best decision for Harper.

Wyatt and Reigns clashed, causing a DQ. Ambrose was there for Reigns and their brotherhood saved Roman. In the end Ambrose and Reigns stood tall to the sound of the Shield theme. The only thing left for them to do was to join fists in the Symbol of Excellence.

I don’t care how this is booked and what names are announced. What we’re seeing is The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family and there’s no mistaking it. The tension’s the same, the hype’s there, the bonds have not been broken. I can’t get enough of this rivalry

Seth Rollins/ John Cena

Rollins was out bragging and annoying the crowd when Cena came out. Rollins was right to be surprised by Cena’s interruption. It was a good surprise though.

I was disappointed when Owens lost at Battleground. I felt let down. I thought Cena had done all he could for the championship and it was time for someone new to step up. Then again, John Cena might have something more to achieve as a US Champ.

This champion vs. champion feud will be interesting. Rollins might even get a character improvement out of it. Yes, he’s still running but he has a better chance looking strong against Cena than against Owens.

Sasha Banks & Naomi def. Paige & Becky Lynch

A second divas match in one RAW? The Diva Revolution is not just a combination of words. It’s a bright, glaring reality and I love it!

Paige lost because Naomi and Tamina got involved. Yet, no one lost any momentum. The balance in the faction war is spot on. Brie might have lost a couple of times but Nikki still has the championship and that compensates for the losses.

Lana/Summer Rae

Lana was giving a positive update on Dolph when Summer interrupted her. Lana was left speechless, seeing a mirror image of herself staring her right in the eye. Dressed as Lana, Summer made out with Rusev and then slapped Lana. The Bulgarian Brute was kissing one woman but kept his eyes fixed on the other.

This is a strangely alluring love triangle. I think what made the storyline weak before was Dolph. He doesn’t fit in. He doesn’t have any chemistry with Lana. This here, if not watered down too much, can be a decent story.

Cearo, John Cena & Randy Orton def. Rusev, Sheamus & Kevin Owens

This was one of the weirdest 6 Man Tag matches I’ve seen. The face team didn’t have to do anything. The heels took each other out. Sheamus got pissed off at Owens because Owens had accidentally shoved him, so he floored Owens, packed his briefcase and left. Owens, already fuming over Sheamus’ actions got even more frustrated when Rusev wasn’t yet available for a tag when he was looking for him. So Owens took Rusev out.

Rusev was still in it, sort of, when Lana showed up and jumped on Summer. That distraction allowed all three faces to do their finishers on the Bulgarian Brute and Randy picked up the victory.

As I said, this was one strange match. There was so much going on in it. The mix of storylines worked out well and I loved watching the fallout. It was fun, it was entertaining, it was the best RAW in a long time.

What were your impressions of RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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