WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 22/07/2015

Finn Balor

This was a very standard segment. Finn Balor reestablished his connection to the crowd via his life journey and then moved on to a “you did this but you couldn’t beat me” type of a promo.


There was nothing exceptional but it worked. Working with Balor’s popularity is the right way to go. He’s very natural so he appeals to the crowd without too much additional characteristics or drama.

Eva Marie def. Cassie

Eva has definitely improved. You can see the training physically in the way her body looks and also technically in the way she moves. She’s much more confident in the ring now and she seems to know how to work the crowd better.

The Sliced Break was a bit clumsy but at least she managed to do it, so it’s still too early to say Eva’s the next big thing but The Brian Kendrick’s done some good work with Eva.

I feel bad for Cassie. This girl has a harsh entry path in NXT. She’s on a solid losing streak but her leg movement is impressive. Her kicks set her apart from the rest of the divas.

Regal/Tyler Breeze

I don’t always review backstage segments but this one got me. Imagine what it feels like to walk into your office and find Tyler Breeze, half-naked, lying seductively on your chest of drawers, right next to the lamp. Just that thought alone made the segment worthwhile.

That aside, I’m curious to see what feud Tyler’s booked into next. He deserves something good.

Baron Corbin def. ???

10 sec match for Baron Corbin. These are not impressive any more. We know he can squash jobbers with one move but we need to see more. If Corbin keeps getting booked like that, he’ll miss his moment. People will be bored by him.

Samoa Joe def. Mike Rallis

A good summary of this match is that Rallis was trying to keep the fight going. However, it didn’t last long and he was finished off with the Muscle Buster.


There’s too much stuff going on NXT right now. That’s why Samoa Joe feels a bit lost. He’s booked to have a fight against Rhyno but this is no storyline. Joe came in at the wrong moment and he can’t get as much attention as he should have.

Bayley def. Emma

It was Bayley’s return match and she was made to look like a hero. Despite Emma cheating, getting assists from Dana Brooke and targeting Bayley’s injury, the Hugger won. The ref had caught up to the heel team cheating and sent Dana off. In general, it was a feel good moment for Bayley.

So Bayley wants Charlotte. It’s not the best way to go about it, in my opinion. We might get a good match out of it but we won’t get a good storyline. Bayley needs a heel to drive her.

Charlotte/Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke also wants Charlotte. Interestingly enough, everyone’s going after Charlotte and not Sasha, who’s the champion.

The Vaudevillains def. Dawkins & Fulton

The Vaudevillains are going through a few establishing matches. These are relatively lengthy and the competition is allowed to look strong. Gotch and English are not the type of a team to get a push via squash matches. They know how to tell a story in the ring and they need time to do so.


I surely hope the Vaudevillains will become champions in Brooklyn. They are unique and they will deliver good wrestling and good entertainment once they get the titles.

Blake/Murphy/Alexa Bliss

It’s interesting how the WWE is delegating the power in this team. Blake and Murphy are still funny and joyful, yes, slightly annoying, being heel, but they don’t give off a dangerous vibe. Alex, on the other hand, is dominant. She’s strong and she controls them. Once they lose the belts irreversibly, she could drop them in such a way that they’d turn face again, which, I believe, suits them much better.

Contract Signing

Kevin Owens cut another awesome promo. I like how he plays with ideas and logically decimates his opponents step by step. Finn Balor didn’t say much. He keeps being portrayed is Owens’ polar opposite. He’s a nice guy, who doesn’t speak a lot because his actions speak for themselves.

Expectedly, as soon as the contract was signed, Owens attacked Regal and Balor. However, Finn stood his ground till the very end.

Owens was right. Finn is still seen as the underdog. Standing tall at the end of this exchange was a needed boost for Balor.

What are your impressions from NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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