WWE SmackDown –Review, Highlights & Analysis From 23/07/2015

Sheamus def. Dean Ambrose

When it comes to wrestling, Sheamus and Ambrose are evenly matched. I’ve said it before – the two of them work well in the ring together. They were locked in a brawl before the bell had sounded off. I like the physicality in their styles. Sheamus was trying to keep the match completely grounded by attacking Ambrose’s leg and inflicting punishment. The Lunatic Fringe was in charge of the relatively flash spots off the ropes but the real appeal of the match was in the rough fighting.

Storyline-wise this match was entirely about Ambrose, Reigns and the Wyatts. Between Wyatt and Harper, Ambrose decided to go into an attack on Harper but got surprised by Sheamus and a Brogue. At that point, I had just started wondering where Sehamus had disappeared.

I guess Roman Reigns took the night off. He was nowhere to be found even for a backstage segment. I guess, we’ll see the Ambrose/Reigns discussion on RAW. It’s not that bad of a thing though. Ambrose had faded to the background and he needed to get targeted more aggressively by the Wyatts, in order to be pulled back to the front.


I just now realized that Neville actually even wears a cape. This superhero gimmick was probably in the back of someone’s head for a while.

Stardust popping on the screen with a technical disruption and creepy laughter was surreal. He makes the feud interesting. Stardust can sell the comic book story with ease.

Neville def. Adam Rose

Where did Adam Rose lose Rosa? Are they over? As disturbing as their relationship was, it would be unfair to Rose if his valet disappeared without a trace, just like his Bunny. Rose constantly gets put into bad storylines and then gets abruptly extracted from them when they crash but doesn’t get anything to replace them with.

Neville did some flying and won. It was only to give him a win and momentum. The match wasn’t phenomenal but it opened up the stage for Stardust to cut a promo.

Stardust’s weirdness and his cosmic promos make this feud believable, despite its comic book character. The catchphrases come from him, the drama comes from him, the aggression and the entire twisted perspective of the rivalry come from him. Stardust makes this feud happen.

King Barrett

After his appearance at the Promo Challenge on Tough Enough, Barrett just came out to deliver a speech. This was an establishing promo for his character. He’s trying to rebuild the prestige of his crown.

Also, this sounded like some sort of an open-challenge. Whoever thinks he could beat the king should come and try. I was ready to see a challenger show up. It’s not too late.

Rusev def. Kevin Owens /via Countout/

This was a heel vs. heel match and as such, it was confusing for the crowd. They didn’t know who they wanted to chant for. I, however, like heel vs. heel matches because I’m not obliged to like or dislike a superstar. They can just wrestle the way they feel like.

Rusev, despite being much more hated than Owens, acted closer to a face. He barely waited for the bell to ring to start punching Owens. The Bulgarian Brute was relentless in his bravery. He never backed down. Owens, on the other hand, decided to get himself counted out when the situation got tough.

This was a boost for Rusev. He stood his ground against Owens and Owens is the guy who recently defeated Cena. That’s good for a comeback from injury.

I’m not convinced Owens’ booking is that smart. Preaching to live to fight another day makes him look weak. The family line of thought sounds more and more like an excuse. Owens might lose momentum if he keeps running away from fights.

Cesaro/ Kevin Owens

This stated like a relatively boring promo about Cesaro’s difficult life journey and his WWE dream but soon turned into an epic showdown between the Swiss Superman and Kevin Owens.

Owens was angry and wanted to pick on Cesaro but Cesato had a quick, witty response for every offensive line Owens came up with. Quite frankly, Cesaro owned Kevin Owens. But the moment Owens said “good luck” it was certain he was going to make sure Cesaro didn’t feel lucky in his match.

The Bella Twins def. Naomi & Sasha Banks

Brie had lost twice to Team Bad. It was logical that the Bellas would win. Obviously, the pin wouldn’t be at Sasha’s expense, knowing that she’s the hottest new thing. Therfore, Naomi was bound to lose the match for her team.

The Bellas showed better team work but Sasha and Naomi were stronger as individual wrestler. None of this was a surprise but the wrestling was good.

Seth Rollins def. Cesaro

That was an enjoyable match. For the first time in a while Rollins faced an opponent that’s his size and has the same level of wrestling skills. This allowed Seth to look strong for a change. Cesaro is so good that Rollins didn’t have to hold back.

Seth tried to follow in Kevin Owens’ steps but Cesaro caught up to him and wouldn’t let him run away from the figh. Rollins cheated to get an opening for the Pedigree and won.

Kevin Owens came out after the match and delivered a pop up power bomb to Cesaro, setting up the basis of their match at Summerslam. This match will be a spectacle and it doesn’t need a championship to be worth watching.

What were your impressions of Smackdown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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