WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 06/08/2015

Roman Reigns/ Rusev

Reigns is finally back on TV after his absence last week and he delivered the branding of an exciting feud. He called it a Family War and the WWE Universe loved it.  What the Shield vs. the Wyatt Family was will probably never be. Nothing that’s been broken is ever the same again. However, the hope of seeing a fight reminiscent of the old faction days is getting the crowd excited. I only hope it manages to deliver the atmosphere the fans expect.


As for Rusev – this is just sad. He’s been used as a complete joke recently. And this didn’t help Reigns in the segment either. Roman is really bad at being the funny, cocky type of a face. He needs to be calm and collected. Everything else comes off as forced and fake.

The Prime Time Players & Mark Henry def. The New Day

PTP are finally in the ring. It feels unnatural in a way. I had gotten used to the idea that the tag team champs just sit around in their expensive suits and talk a lot.The match was entertaining but I’m not convinced this was the best possible ending.

Mark Henry pinned Kofi clean. I see why the WWE wouldn’t want to give either team a clean win over the other. Where would the suspense be if they did? However, making the New Day lose to a guy who’s not even in the tag team division didn’t really balance the momentum that well.

The New Day are simply amazing. After this strange booking they came back up extremely hyper backstage with a new catchy chant. AYAH WE WANT SOME NEW DAY! How can you not get in rhythm with these three?

Charlotte def. Naomi /via DQ/

It didn’t take too long before Charlotte locked the Figure 8 and Sasha Banks got involved, causing a DQ. This led to an impromptu tag team match.

Naomi & Sasha Banks def. Charlotte and Becky Lynch

Team B.A.D. had the numbers advantage, since Paige wasn’t there, and they used it. Tamina had numerous interferences throughout the fight and she changed the course of events multiple times. I just don’t know why she never gets to wrestle. It’s obvious that she and Alicia Fox are barely-used sidekicks, although Foxy, at least, gets some in-ring time.

Naomi, on the other hand, had the opportunity to shine. I’ve heard some people say that the inclusion of all these NXT divas was detrimental for Naomi but I disagree. She wasn’t getting much attention before that. Now, she’s in the spotlight, she gets longer matches and she can show what she can do in the ring with the best.

Naomi won after a questionable tag, followed by a questionable roll up. This wasn’t very convincing. The WWE is protecting Charlotte and the Submission Sorority.

Stardust def. Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder had a second match in one week. This is rare. He obviously lost, even though he managed to hit the Broski Boot.

This version of Stardust that is obsessed with comic books is growing on me. He cut a promo on Archer, who’s coming to RAW next week. It’s interesting how Stardust has turned into a villain on a search for a nemesis. That’s a really good role if there’s someone to play up to it.

Big Show

Big Show cut a promo on Ryback and the Miz. He played around with a Rocky analogy for the Big Guy. I found it entertaining. I firmly believe that the Big Show is strongly underappreciated as a mic worker.

Roman Reigns def. Rusev

Roman Reigns cannot work with weak heel characters. He desperately needs to be the underdog to get the crowd to support him. Any time he’s put in the dominant position, he overacts with his unrealistic facial expressions and terribly fake ironic laugh.

Rusev is too much of a jobber right now to be able to make Roman look under threat. This is why it took a long time until the match got interesting. It got better thanks to Rusev. He’s so good in the ring that he managed to compensate for his terrible, terrible character position and stand out as a dangerous opponent. Then Roman had the chance to get sympathy and shine. It’s a shame that Rusev is being misused so grossly in this ridiculous sexist gimmick.

The ending of the match had all the interfaces possible. Summer was about to do…something? It was really unclear what she could have possible done with both men down and the ref right in front of her but Lana took it upon herself to restore order and get into a catfight. Rusev got frustrated and then got speared. Roman won and Bray called in to say the Summer Slam challenge was accepted.

What were your impressions of SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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