WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 10/08/2015

Seth Rollins

Rollins still keeps going on and on about breaking Cena’s nose. I think the only direction the WWE Creative has given Rollins is:  “Be as annoying as you possibly can and you’ll be fine!”. To be fair, it’s working.

Rollins had a conversation with a creepy, megatron-sized photo of Cena with a cut-out moving mouth on it and as ridiculous as that was, I have to admit that it takes great mic kills to pull that sort of a monologue for about 12 minutes.

Cesaro, Owens and Orton placed their bids on the #1 contender’s position for the WHC and Triple H agreed to give them the chance.

Although it’s obvious that Rollins won’t lose the title just before Summer Slam, making him defend it against quality opponents is a good move. With all that talking people might forget how good of a wrestler Rollins actually is.

Team Bella def. Team B.A.D. 

The Submission Sorority on commentary was slightly distracting but the match was worth watching. Brie hasn’t looked that good in the ring in a while. Well, her move set is a copy-paste version of DB’s signature moves. Granted, that’s possibly the biggest reason for the pop Brie got, still, she did well.

Tamina finally showcased her power as an enforcer. It was about time she got in the ring. I didn’t see the tag but this might have been the cameraman’s fault.

After the match, the three teams came face to face but it all came down to Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks at one point. If this is foreshadowing, I can’t wait to see the future.

New Day def. Los Matadores

The New Day owned the ring and the crowd. Without a doubt they earned their victory. Yes, it obviously was preceded by a lot of chaos involving Xavier Woods and El Torrito but the New Day worked for their victory.

PTP were watching backstage(for a change), still looking as douchy as possible. They are cut out to be heel. They look like heels, dress like heels and act like heels. The fact that PTP are trying to be face is baffling.

A Fatal-4 way is set for Summer Slam. I strongly believe New Day should win but a surprise victory for the Lucha Dragons isn’t improbable.

Randy Orton def. Kevin Owens & Cesaro

This was the best match on the show. Owens and Cesaro had their rivalry going but Randy Orton wasn’t going to allow himself to be left out of the fun. He’d get involved every opportunity he saw.

There were no preferences. There was no one better than the others. The fight was brilliant and evenly matched. It was the tension between Owens and Cesaro that cost them both the opportunity to face Rollins. They earned their THIS IS AWESOME chants but it gave the Viper enough time to recover and he hit a surprise RKO on Cesaro for the win.

The quality of the wrestling has improved greatly these days. Finally, the right people are getting some air time.

Luke Harper def. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose and Reigns made a valid point before the match. The connection between the two of them has been tried and tested both ways in their Shield days. However, things are different with the Wyatt Family.  Harper would do anything for Wyatt but would Bray do the same?

Ambrose dominated the match. He was full of energy and he dictated the pace. He even had the time to take Bray Wyatt out over the announce table and still kept being on top. However, once Bray got involved, things got out of hand. Thanks to his interference, Ambrose lost.

We saw just a glimpse of the fight that’s to come and it was awesome. This match, if it’s given enough time, will steal the show at Summer Slam.

Miz TV

Daniel Bryan was the guest on Miz TV and the crowd couldn’t have been happier. There’s no other man that gets the reaction DB does. It’s overwhelming.

In all fairness, the conversation between DB and the Miz was a not-so-subtle promotion of Bryan’s book, Miz’s new Christmas movie and their common project – Tough Enough.

Then Big Show, followed by Ryback, came out. Miz was pushed into the mix by DB, otherwise, he’d have been happy sitting this one out. Ryback delivered the most hyped Meathook I’ve seen. All thanks to Bryan.

Big Show’s funny, Miz is ridiculous in an amazing way and Ryback is overly-hyped for nor reason. All three together couldn’t get half of the reaction that DB gets. The IC title picture hasn’t gotten that interesting since DB got injured.

Rusev vs. Mark Henry /No contest/

There was no real match. The fight had barely begun when Summer provided a distraction, Lana got involved and the twp started fighting. The ref called the match off.

Summer finally got her retribution for the fish incident. She put Lana in the Accolade and it was awesome. Summer needed the momentum. She’s been presented as a weak female with no self-respect until now.

Rusev, on the other hand, is spiraling out of control. This time he had printed his own portrait all over the gigantic Bulgarian flag that hung above the ring. That image made me burst out laughing. As hilarious as that is, it’s only making the whole to bury Rusev in bigger.

Neville def. King Barrett

Neville quickly defeated Barrett. The Red Arrow was landed and the three count was guaranteed.

As expected, Stardust showed up and attacked Neville. Then he got in Stephen Amell’s face and punched him. That strike unleashed the Green Arrow and Amell was in the ring, all over Stardust faster than you’d imagine.

Backstage, Amell got himself and Neville a match against Stardust and Barrett at Summer Slam. I’m usually against guest stars having matches. However, seeing the way Amell got in the ring tells me that he might do better than many we’ve seen before. I’m actually curious about this match.

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton /DQ/

It was a good match. It felt like a real title defence. Rollins almost lost on numerous occasions. The champ did great nonetheless. He reminded the crowd of his ability and put a lot of character in the match. It’s very typical for Rollins’ egotistic nature to hit Randy with his own move and then mock him about it.

In the end, Orton landed a top rope RKO and was about to win when Sheamus got involved and caused a DQ. The Celtic Warrior wanted to cash-in but Orton wouldn’t let him steal the work he’s done. A championship opportunity for a championship opportunity.

From a stroyltelling point of view, this match was a smart move. It gave Rollins the chance to regain credibility with his wrestling skills. It gave some life to the half-dead feud between Orton and Sheamus. And it also reminded us that Sheamus is Mr. MITB. He’s keeping such a low profile that I almost forgot.

What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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