WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 12/08/2015

Tye Dillinger def. Solomon Crowe

Tye Dillinger debuted a new gimmick – The Perfect 10. The crowd seemed to embrace the idea. There were loads of TEN/ TYE IS PERFECT chants and a bunch of 10 signs in audience.

It was about time Dillinger got some character. He was absolutely faceless until now. This new gimmick is the push he needs.


As for Solomon Crowe, he doesn’t seem to be that fortunate. He’s a guy with a cool character, unique look and an unorthodox style. However, he never got “his moment”. Even upon his debut, he only got a win over a leaving CJ Parker. Since then, he’s been used as a jobber. Crowe deserves better.


Baron Corbin def. ???

 Baron Corbin took his time in defeating a guy, whose name we don’t really need to know, finishing the bout in about 30 sec.

The important part of this segment was the post-match events. Corbin took the mic to finally build himself as a heel. He was boasting that no one could get up of The End of Days. The crowd was incredibly loud. The BOOS were deafening but I’m not sure that it was good in any way. I could barely hear Corbin talk.

Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin is a good idea. Corbin needs a real challenge to move to the next level. My problem with it is that Corbin had barely started talking and he had already moved to the “I’ll fight you but not now” strategy. This is a worn-out, overused technique and it definitely does not fit the gimmick Baron’s supposed to have. The Lone Wolf is a guy who believes he’s indestructible. He should have taken the fight.

Baron Corbin was laid out for the first time. It’s a shock that he needed to switch gears. What I don’t want is to hear him complain and moan about it. It would destroy his badass image.


Finn Balor def. Marcus Louis

 This week’s challenge on Tough Enough was storytelling –themed.  If the competitors still have trouble filling in the gaps, they should watch Marcus Louis. He’s so good at portraying his insane character in every move and every facial expression that it’s almost scary.

Logically the champ won the match. This led to an altercation with Kevin Owens. Finn Balor seemed to have outsmarted him but ended up getting hit with the pop-up power bomb.

This was necessary. Kevin Owens needs to regain credibility before he goes into this title match. He’s been portrayed as a walker rather than a fighter on  RAW/Smackdown recently and he needs all the momentum he can get.


The Vaudevillains/ Alexa Bliss

 The Vaudevillains are not feuding with Blake and Murphy. They are feuding with Alexa Bliss. She came out and slapped them again.

What caught my attention was that the Vaudevillaisn said they had a plan on how to take care of Alexa. Could they perhaps be brining in a female to join them and balance things out? If yes, who would that be?


Bayley def. Becky Lynch

 This  #1 contender’s match got some well-deserved THIS IS WRESTLING chants. Becky’s strategy was to go after Bayley’s arm. Becky’s style is much rougher. There’s something raw in it and I love it.

However, it was expected that Bayley would win. The whole point of this title match is for Sasha Banks to drop the belt. Both Sasha and Becky are already up on the main roster, neither of them will hold the NXT Women’s championship.

What are your impressions from NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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