WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 13/08/2015

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has become barely bearable. This “never shuts up” gimmick is extremely successful at being annoying. The problem is that there is a difference between being a hated heel people want to see being beaten and an annoying heel fans don’t want to watch at all. The only reason why there still are some viewers when Rollins is on TV is because, despite everything, he’s a tremendous wrestler. But he needs a change of character soon.

Cesaro and Neville came to taunt Rollins with the “on & on & on” chants but got ambushed by Kevin Owens and the tag match was set for the main event.

Charlotte def. Naomi

This was a second chance for the Naomi vs Charlotte bout which didn’t go down that well last time. The action was much more fluid this time around. Naomi filled in the gaps with a lot of showing off. In the end of the day, Charlotte still managed to lock in the Figure 8 and won.

I’m a bit worried that the Submission Sorority will become predictable. Since that stable name was given, they’ve only won by their signature submission moves. A match gets boring if you know exactly how it’s going to end and you see the end coming.



Ryback delivered his comeback promo. He was hyped and “hungrier than ever”.

In my opinion the speech was predictable and tiresome but the crowd seemed to buy it. I guess I just don’t get Ryback.


Roman Reigns def. Luke Harper /via DQ/

That was the one match on the show that had a real story behind it. It was all about interferences from the right people at the right time and this is how it’s going to be at Summer Slam. The timing and the assists between the two teams are making the crowd go mental.

The Wyatt Family lost. It was to be expected. That was the retribution for RAW. The WWE will keep the feud absolutely even until Summer Slam. They are betting on evenly strong opponents to make the match unpredictable.



Sheamus was upset over Orton ruining his cash-in attempt. He complained and inconspicuously slid in a Terminator promo at the same time. Good job!


The Prime Time Players def. The New Day

PTP look good as two individuals in a team. I’m more and more impressed with DYoung every time he gets in the ring. He’s improved tremendously.

However, the New Day are the better team. They are always in the right place at the right time to help each other. It’s a pleasure to watch their team work.

New Day lost and were shown to look weak against an all-face opposition for Summer Slam but mark my words, the one heel team in the match will take the gold home.


Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens def. Cesaro & Neville

There might not have been a strong storyline in this match but the wrestling was insanely good. The crowd was more than satisfied.

I’m always fascinated by these men’s ability to tell a story. Owens and Rollins are not a team but they felt like one. The heel tactics and the team work were outstanding. However, the moment the question was whether they sacrifice themselves for their partner, both were fast gone. That’s impressive wrestling with great storytelling.

Rollins got the cheap win and a wave of roaring boos. Kevin Owens paid the price and got hit by Cesaro and then the Red Arrow. No one really lost anything in this match but the crowd gained an amazing show to be a part of.

What were your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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