WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 17/08/2015

The Authority

The Authority kicked off RAW with the mandatory hype promo for Summer Slam. The card is quite interesting actually and I think that the 4h will do it justice. Also, John Stewart, being the host might be a good thing. Last time he was in a WWE ring, he handled it very well.

Cesaro & Randy Orton def. Sheamus & Kevin Owens

This time Orton and Cesaro pulled off a win because they managed to work as a team. Kevin Owens and Sheamus are too protective of themselves to care about a partner.

The problem here isn’t the wrestling it’s the storytelling. Cesaro vs. Owens had a good build-up until the WWE decided to use them to boost the half-dead feud between Orton and Sheamus. Now Sheamus vs. Orton gained some momentum but Cesaro vs. Owens lost some steam in the process.



The Undertaker’s promo was like a living flashback. It gave me goose bumps.

We should enjoy these because there won’t be many of those to come.


Roman Reigns def. Luke Harper

I think this was the best match of the night. I was surprised how good it was.

Luke Harper nearly destroyed Roman Reigns with a boot to the face and I’d swear I heard JBL make a Brodie Lee reference there.

Dean Ambrose was gold on commentary as usual. He had barely arrived when he got me laughing by giving Bray Wyatt Baron’s chair. Ambrose is a gifted entertainer.

This is one more win for the faces. I’d expect a loss at least on SmackDown. But Bray was way too calm. He’s got something hidden up his sleeve. Watch out for Erick Rowan at Summer Slam, boys!


Becky Lynch def. Tamina

 FINALLY! Tamina finally wrestled. Her wrestling style is a throwback to a different age. With all these fast, agile divas around her, Tamina is the last standing female powerhouse. She slowed down the pace and controlled the match.

In the end, Becky won but it wasn’t that much of a shocker. I still think that making Becky, Charlotte and Paige only about submissions is wrong. It makes them predictable. They should have normal finishers too.


Rusev def. Mark Henry

Rusev defeated Mark Henry. There was the Accolade and the whole usual charade but that  was just the prelude.

The real action was after the match. Lana came in the ring and took Summer out with a KO slap. Then she challenged Rusev who seemed to be on his way to actually beat her up. Dolph Ziggler rushed out and then the heel duo got super kicked in stereo.

I’m so over this love rectangle but the dynamic of the segment was good. It showed Lana as a strategist because she had planned it all. Rusev cemented himself as the biggest scumbag of a heel the WWE has. He was not only willing to get physical with Lana (and not in the good way), but he also hid behind Summer. And as for Dolph, this was one fiery comeback.

Ryback def. The Miz

 Ryback squashed the Miz. No surprises here, either.

The Big Guy wanted more but the Big Show refused to wrestle and left. This is exactly why I said that Bo Dallas should have been added to this rivalry.


Contract Signing

This was the most peaceful and civilized contract signing I’ve seen. Rollins and Cena exchanged some promos. Cena stumbled here and there and then they both left peacefully.

The lack of fighting during the contract signing makes me think that Cena might still need some time to recover fully. Protecting him until Summer Slam is the only explanation I see for this unexciting segment.


PTP & Lucha Dragons def. New Day & Los Matadores

 New Day and Los Matadores defeated the New Day and Los Matadores, if you ask me. Kalisto won over a distraction caused by El Torito, trying to rip Xavier Woods’ head off.

Although this was a bizarre match, it hinted towards chaos on Sunday and chaos is good. I just hope that the New Day will make the best of it and leave champions.


Stardust & King Barrett

On RAW we witnessed the rise of the Cosmic King and the Lords of Darkness. This team is so amazing that I wonder how it didn’t come about any time sooner, especially knowing that Barrett and Cody are friends in real life.

I know that the guest star should win at Summer Slam, that’s just how it works but the Lords of Darkness is by far the most unique team in the WWE. They should stay together and they should be champions.

Sasha Banks def. Nikki Bella

Admittedly, this match was more exciting than Tamina vs. Becky Lynch. Team B.A.D. got their retribution with some help from Naomi at ringside. It was interesting to see the Bellas lose their own game.

Brock Lesnar/Undertaker

We were treated to some Paul Heyman magic. The Advocate made it very clear the Undertaker had never beaten Brock. I guess if he does now it would be some sort of a retribution for the Streak.

The Undertaker came out and hit Lesnar with a low blow then finished him off and left. I could hear some boos and then I realized that the Deadman is supposed to be a heel. Is that even possible?

The booking at Summer Slam will be difficult. There is a lot at stake in this match. For balance purposes it should be the Undertaker on top but in the long run Brock will need the victory to have the opportunity to chase the title again.

What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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