WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 20/08/2015

 Ryback vs. Big Show

 Without the Miz around things suddenly got serious. You could say that this match was like watching two buffalos clash. It was a brutal, head-on battle without any pretty moves or techniques.

It didn’t stop there. Show and Ryback took it out of the ring. I have to admit, that meathook through the barricade was impressive.

The match ended with a double countout and it was a smart move. We saw a preview of a serious fight that could happen. We’ll also have the Miz with his trickery. What if these two giants take each other just like that? Won’t Miz pick up the win then?

The New Day def. Los Matadores

 These two teams are both in the chase for the tag team championship but the only feud that was explored in the match was Xaver Woods vs. El Torito. This is just sad.

It was even sadder when Torito tried to take on Big E. I have nothing against the little bull, he’s a talented guy but the size difference is too big to take this seriously.

To be fair, I was strangely satisfied when Big E literally squashed El Torito and Xavier Woods pinned him. Justice has to come even if it’s on the side of a heel team.



Ziggler hasn’t lost his touch. He knows how to connect to the crowd. I don’t know if it’s his choice of words or if it’s just his presence but he quickly had the crowd on his side. Lana ripped the benefits of Ziggler’s cheer leading but on her own she sounds quite annoying because she’s trying too hard to be nice. It sounds fake. Being heel came naturally to her.

Rusev interrupted Lana and Dolph’s kiss with the popping of his giant flag. You have to admit, that was hilarious. Only Rusev could come up with that. The promo he cut was good. It was quite the sadistic promo, I have to say, but that’s exactly what made it so good.

At Summer Slam Dolph and Lana will probably win. Then there will be Summer vs. Lana and I hope that will be the end of it. Rusev needs to crawl out of this swamp he’s been drowning in recently. This storyline will ruin his reputation.


Neville def. Bo Dallas

 I had hope for Bo. I always have hope for Bo. However, in stead of being in the IC title picture, he was jobbing to Neville. Bo straight-up lied for the Red Arrow. It’s hard to watch.

The Dark Lords had a few words to say to Neville. They are making this a rivalry. One of their opponents is a movie star who’s not there and the other’s a guy who really struggles with talking. I hope Stardust and Barrett will get a title run as a team soon.


Brie Bella def. Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks

 This match was preceded by a long segment of promo work by the divas. Nikki tried to belittle Sasha Banks but Naomi had things to add. Becky Lynch didn’t stay quite for too long either. However, Becky quickly moved to action. Speaking is not her strong suit but she has energy for three.

The match was nice. Becky Lynch stood out the most. She was on fire last night. Then again, Brie won. Sasha was pushed away by accident and then Brie rolled Becky. It was quick, unconvincing and perfectly fitting for Team Bella.

I think the win on Sunday will go to PCB. They’ve been the most consistent so far. And yet, Nikki will still retain her title, thus becoming the longest raining divas champ of all time. I don’t see her losing the title before that.


Orton, Reigns, Ambrose & Cesaro def. Owens, Sheamus & Wyatt Family

 There was a lot of testosterone in this match. It had a school back yard brawl feel to it. There were a lot of hyped dudes, almost in a circle, watching two guys fight it out in the middle.

There also was a lot of chaos. It was the good type of chaos. I actually found myself being dragged into the action. It was terribly engaging.

There were some cool spots worth mentioning. For example, that surprise superman punch to Sheamus was quite the spectacle. Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose budded heads for a bit in the begging. The dynamic between the two made me think that a feud between them would be a good idea in the future.

The match started with Harper vs. Ambrose and made a full circle back to that. Ambrose was the hot tag and the crowd almost lsot their voices. The Lunatic Fringe was supercharged and there was no one that moved he didn’t hit. In the end, the Dirty Deeds finished Harper off.

Don’t expect Reigns and Ambrose to get a clear victory like that on Sunday. It will be much harder and I don’t see them winning clean. Maybe a DQ with the involvement of Erick Rowan? Regardless, it will be a good match and it will be the best storyline going into the PPV.

What are your impressions from Smack Down? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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