WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 24/08/2015

Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman

We expected Paul Heyman to be frustrated. We expected him to complain over the unfair ending of Summer Slam. We expected the Beast to want retribution for what happened on Sunday. What we didn’t expect was Bo Dallas. Heyman’s speech was good but there was nothing more entertaining than seeing Bo come out to tell Brock to BOlieve.

I cannot believe Bo is THAT delusional. He’s an endless source of fun. Bo’s insane enough to feel no fear in front of the Beast.How many people would do that?  He absolutely deserves a chance.

New Day def. Lucha Dragons

Oh, the New Day are simply amazing. Xavier Woods playing the trombone over Kofi and Big E’s singing made my night. The tag team division is so much more alive with these three around!

The match was good but it wasn’t exceptional. It was clear that the New Day were going to win. After all they just became champions.

The surprise to this segment was the return of the Dudley Boyz. I have to admit, I didn’t see it coming. Then again, I’m not sure I’m that happy about it. They will steal the spotlight form the New Day.

However, I liked the fact that the Duddleys got in PTP’s faces. An alliance and a handshake between the two face teams would have been way too cheesy. This way it shows competitiveness.

 Ambrose & Reigns def. The Wyatt Family /via DQ/

The match was on par with the one at Summer Slam. It followed the same pattern, as well. Ambrose took most of the punishment but he did most of the work too. Bray was fixated on Reigns throughout. Roman was the hot tag.

The difference this time was that when Reigns was prepping for the Spear, a third Wyatt Family member appeared. I expected a white sheep but it was a black one and it turned out to be a beast.

The WWE played it well. Both Ambrose and Reigns together couldn’t make this guy budge. It created the feeling of great adversity. What I don’t know is how Roman and Dean will overcome this or even battle against it.

The only chance they have would be to find a partner that completes them. There is only one man who could do that. We all know who that is and we know that he won’t be joining them, so the Wyatts have a huge advantage.

Miz TV

Miz TV was all about the Divas Revolution. Team PCB were about to kick Miz out of the building when Team Bella saved him.

The impression I got from this segment was that PCB are fighting for equality, to prove that women should not be overlooked while Team Bella are stretching out empty polemics on emancipation.

Team Bella def. PCB

Team Bella needed a win. If Nikki is to beat AJ’s record, she can’t be at the bottom of the division. It might have taken a few distractions and interferences but PCB were defeated.

Most of the work on the side of Team Bella was done by Nikki. She fought in and out of the ring and she provided the interference that cost PCB the match.


All I have to say about this segment is – SUCH. A. WASTE. The Lords of Darkness would have been a great team. They just clicked and their promos were awesome. It would have been a boost for both characters. Destroying them was a mistake.

A sure hope that after ruining what could have been a great team to bank on Stardust vs. Neville, Neville will really build himself a character.

Jon Stewart/ John Cena

Jon Stewart’s motivation for screwing Cena was that he didn’t want to see Ric Flair’s record tied. Cena AAed him for that and Ric Flair didn’t mind at all.

I think Jon Stewart did a great job. He acts well and he knows where to crack a joke without ruining the atmosphere.

Cena attacking Stewart was meant to show how angry he was but it was a bit out of character. After all, Stewart’s not even a wrestler.

Ryback, Ziggler,Orton & Cesaro def. Owens, Sheamus, Rusev & Big Show

The match was pretty generic and probably the biggest pop went to Lana and Summer clashing for a few seconds. However, the ending of the segment was fun.

Big Show somehow missed Orton and KOed Sheamus leading to a loss for his team. Rusev and Owens double teamed on Show and then all the faces did their finishers on him. As ridiculous as that was, the thing that really cracked me up was when Owens got out of the ring on his way to the back, saw Sheamus on the floor, thought about giving him a hand and then just waved it off. Owens is awesome!

Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family introduced their new member. He’ll be a big thing for some time but it will soon fade like Luke Galloway in the Straight Edge Society.

It would be interesting to see Erick Rowan’s reaction to this. Will he welcome the newcomer or will he want to feud with him over the spot in the Family.

Seth Rollins’Celebration

Ok, it was obvious that Rollins’s celebration would go wrong. I almost felt bad for Rollins. He was so excited about it. Every time you’d think his speech was over, he’d pick up another topic. It was endless!

I expected to see Cena hidden at the place of the stature. Seeing Sting was a surprise. However, I don’t know if it was a good surprise. I’m fed up with part timers with no real storyline jumping into the main event.

Legend or not, I’m not feeling it. It lacks purpose.  It made no sense for Trips to run away from Sting after beating him at Mania. HHH and Seth could have taken him out easily but they ran. And why is Sting against the Authority again after he gave that obedient post WM speech?

And another thing: Did you notice that the WHC was the center of attention while the US championship wasn’t even in the final shot? It was a bad idea to put them both on one man. Cena had done a great job at building up the US title’s prestige. Now this is going to ruin all his efforts.

What were your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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