WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 27/08/2015

Wyatt Family

Bray Wyatt introduced his reformed family and each member’s function. He, the leader, is The New Face of Fear. Luke Harper – The New Face of Desolation and the newest member Braun Strawman – The New Face of Destruction.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose came out through the crowd to the sound of Roman’s entrance theme, which we all know is the Shield’s theme. They were ready to fight no matter what but Bray Wyatt decided to play mind games and leave.

I’m not buying this Black Sheep character. I get a generic big guy vibe from him. He’ll be a big thing for a few months maximum and then he’ll become a slow, useless jobber, Khali style.

The only way I see this story developing is with the return of Erick Rowan. You can’t just replace the White Sheep with the Black Sheep as if Rowan never existed. Bray Waytt has no right to talk about family if he turns his back on his own like that.

Duddley Boyz def. The Ascension

This was probably the best match the Ascension has had on the main roster. Yes, they lost but they proved to be much more of a challenge for the Duddleys that you’d expect. I hope the WWE keeps going in this direction. The Ascension are a good team and they deserve a chance to show it.

The Duddley Boyz brought some old school wrestling to the table. They also brought a table. The Ascension paid the price, while the New Day paraded with some hilarious banners on the ramp.

I’m siding with the New Day on this one.  They are original. Their gimmick is fresh and always comes up with new ways to entertain us. However, brining in the Duddleys who are a real tag team with a massive legacy and a strong gimmick is good for the division. A little bit of competition is always welcome.

Kevin Owens def. Neville

Needless to say, this was a good match. The wrestling was impeccable. Neville lost to the pop-up power bomb.

There are two things to notice storyline-wise here. First of all, Kevin Owens is finally back. He’s rebuilding the momentum he lost in the last month. He was skyrocketed to the top from the get go and then crashed down just as fast. Now, he hopefully is on his way to getting a solid position on the roster.

Neville, on the other hand, is still lost. Bo Dallas tried to become his nemesis but Neville just passed him by. Stardust wanted to make him his hero but Neville disregarded him for being crazy. Now Neville is floating without purpose again. For the nth time, Neville needs a real character if he’s to be taken seriously.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch def. The Bella Twins

Before the match the Bellas tried to plant some trouble between Charlotte, Becky and Paige but failed miserably. PCB exposed them for the traitorous hypocrites that they are by reminding us of the Bella vs. Bella feud.

In the ring Brie is doing quite well recently. She’s improved. Actually, both Bellas have. However, Charlotte and Becky were the better team.

In the end Charlotte picked up the victory. Team B.A.D. were on commentary but didn’t get involved. They are turning into a third wheel in the Divas Revolution.

Seth Rollins

Am I the only one whose reaction to seeing Rollins with a microphone is: “Oh, no! Here he goes again!”

Rollins said he wasn’t afraid of Sting and I believe it. After all, his previous opponents were The Beast Brock Lesnar and John Cena.

What I don’t understand is how and why Sting got a title match that easily. He didn’t do anything. He just showed up and immediately got a title shot. Legend or not, I’m not impressed.

Dolph Ziggler & Ryback def. Rusev & Big Show

This match was everything but what it was advertised to be. It was more Rusev and Lana or Rusev vs. Big Show rather than anything else.

This Rusev/Lana/Dolph story is so stretched-out. It’s way past its time and it needs to end soon. It’s killing Rusev’s legitimacy, it’s destroying Lana’s momentum by making here Dolph’s sidekick and I’m not even discussing the degrading of Summer. Ziggler’s fine but then again he’d be fine anywhere.

Who is Ryback feuding with? Is it Big Show because if it is, I’d find it even weirder that Show cares more about feuding with Rusev than Ryback and his title.

Sheamus def. Dean Ambrose

I think Sheamus and Ambrose spent more time fighting outside the ring than inside it.

Then again, we all knew where this was going. The match ended with a distraction from the Wyatts and a loss for Ambrose.

After that match, Reigns came in to help but he was pretty much on his own because Ambrose was down and out, so he got manhandled once again.

I already told you what I think about Strawman. He won’t last.

What I want to know is why the WWE’s turning Sheamus into a footnote and a coward. The only way he’ll be a legitimate champion after his cash in, will be to make him a fearless, aggressive heel.

What are your impressions from WWE Smackdown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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