WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis from 03/09/2015

The Duddley Boyz def. The Prime Time Players

The match built up both teams. PTP were sort of a third wheel in the Duddleys vs. the New Day feud. However, last night they got into the Duddleys’ faces with all the audacity in the world. The crowd respected that, even though PTP lost.

As for the Duddley Boyz, they don’t really need much build-up because their name precedes them but unlike Sting, they actually make the effort to prove themselves. The WWE gave them the victory over Titus. This made them look even more dominant.

The New Day, true to themselves, threw a quick sneak attack and laughed hysterically on their way out.

This is becoming a triple storyline between PTP, the Dudleys and The New Day. I love each combination of rivals for different reasons. The Duddleys are not only legends but they can also bring it in the ring. They brought an entirely new force in the tag team mix. The New Day in their insane genius created the #savethetables and it’s incredibly entertaining. And PTP are looking intimidating for the first time. They are ready to stand face to face with one of the most legendary teams in the WWE, with no fear. All three teams benefit from this storyline.

Stardust vs. Neville

The match never happened because the Ascension attacked Neville. Stardust was overexcited about it and welcomed the WWE Universe to the Cosmic Wasteland.

This could go two ways. The WWE will either make this a new and exciting stable, which could open up strange and entertaining stable feuds (Wyatts?) or this will die down as quickly as the partnership between the Prince of The Dark Matter and the Cosmic King.

Sheamus def. Cesaro

This was a generic match, in which the heel targeted an injury, exposed by the face. To be honest, Sheamus and Cesaro did the best of the story they were asked to tell. The Celtic Warrior is terribly good at being a violent heel.

However, both Sheamus and Cesaro are underutilised. Sheamus is Mr MITB but he’s barely in the periphery of attention. Cesaro seemed to be finally getting a push but now it looks otherwise.

Miz TV

The love drama unfolds. Summer actually brought up the 2014 Fandango/Ziggler love triangle storyline. Lana exploded, attacked Summer and pushed Dolph away.

What was notable in this segment was Rusev’s absence. It would have made sense if he had an opinion on this. After all Summer’s his girlfriend and he still has feelings for Lana. Although, if this is a way to inconspicuously extract Rusev from this terrible rivalry and shift the focus on Lana vs. Summer, I’m all in.

Bo Dallas def. R-Truth

Bo beat Truth in an aggressive manner. However, I’m not getting overexcited here. It’s been one too many times already that I’ve started picturing a bright future for Bo and then the WWE has rudely slammed the door in front of him

Then again this happened and my hopes for a Bo Push are up high again. I just can’t help it, I really like Bo’s character.

Charlotte def. Tamina

Charlotte defeated Tamina without much trouble. Tamina really is the weakest link in the entire Divas Revolution. It’s a shame, since she’s completely different as style to all the other women. She could be a good enforcer.

Also, PCB seem to be all happy and support each other. Their relationship is too good and pure to last in the wrestling world. Jealousy will soon rise, trust me.

Kevin Owens

I don’t always review short backstage segments but this one is worth it. Kevin Owens wants the IC title and nothing better could have happened to the IC championship right now. I can’t wait for Owens champion!

Ambrose & Reigns vs. The New Day

Ambrose and Reigns defeated the New Day, as predicted. They needed the victory badly. The two had taken too much punishment with no real opposition form their side.

The victory led to a post-match, early-Shield type of a promo. Ambrose led the narration, spilled all the insanity and then Reigns finished it off with a few hype lines, full of intensity. The crowd loved it.

Bray offered a match at NoC. Is it going to be a 3 on 2 or are Ambrose and Reigns meant to find a partner? Or maybe it will be the Black Sheep vs the two of them? The exact stipulations of this match will predict the possible outcomes.

What were your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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