WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 07/09/2015

Seth Rollins/ Sting/ Sheamus

How is he going to win in this impossible situation? He’ll win alright because he’s BATMA…I mean, SETH FREAKING ROLLINS!

I loved this segment! It’s not only that Seth Rollins officially turned himself into the Batman, but also Sting adopted the Joker persona. I’m all against plagiarism but this combination of characters works just too well to complain about it. No, really, this is fan fiction dream – a universe where Batman is the heel and the Joker is the face.

Things didn’t end there. Rollins became the ultimate underdog when Sheamus threatened him with a third match at NoC. How can you not root for Rollins in all of this?

Sasha Banks def. Paige

The match got THIS IS AWESOME chants and it was awesome. However, I have mixed feeling about this.

The reason why the match was so good, aside from the tremendous wrestling, was that it was filled with real animosity. Paige and Sasha developed a mini feud over the beat the clock challenge and worked the aggression from it.

What leaves a bitter taste in my mouth is that the Divas Revolution lacks individuality. Paige and Sasha brought intensity to the table, while telling a story. The Divas Revolution unfortunately doesn’t have many storylines to show. There’s only Nikki vs. Charlotte and everything else is a filler.

Ambrose & Reigns def. The Ascension

And here I thought the Ascension could gain something from joining forces with Stardust… He wasn’t even at ringside! What a way to sell a new faction, WWE!

Reigns manhandled the Ascension pretty much on his own. The save Roman did in the end was awesome.

The Wyatt Family aired a promo after the match. The sheep mask was in focus. It would make no sense if Rowan’s not Roman & Dean’s partner at NoC.


Here, eat an apple so you look more like an a**whole. That’s the one line I could think of as KO chewed a big red apple right in Ryback’s face. The way Owens tied it with The Big Guy’s Hungry catchphrase was brilliant, though.

Again, I cannot wait for Kevin Owens to become the IC Champion.

Ryback def. Seth Rollins

This was a surprisingly good match. Rollins can make literally anyone look good in the ring. The fight was varied and exciting.

Ryback played the John Cena role- he relied on “superhuman strength” and would always kick out no matter what. Rollins countered that in so many ways that it was a pleasure to watch. His speed is amazing.

Sting popped up on the megatron and caused Rollins the match. Is it me or is Rollins the face in this?

Backstage, there was a segment that featured Rollins, the New Day, the Duddleyz and Edge and Christian. Yes, it was exactly as random as it sounds.

It must be my night to praise Rollins because I can’t help but notice his hilarious expression of desperation when the New Day started singing to him.

Summer Apologizes

Why is this storyline still on?! Summer apologized for cheating by erotically describing how hot Dolph was. Rusev accepted her apology and then started a speech that sounded like a courting talk to Lana. The worst part is that netiher of them found it weird.

Ziggler came out and superkicked Rusev while throwing sexual innuendos on the way to the ring. Supposedly Lana wasn’t buying Summer’s stories but that’s not what it looked like.

Really, this needs to end with Rusev and Lana going back together and being strong. Put Summer with Dolph if you think either of them needs to be with a partner.

Randy Orton def. Sheamus

I don’t like where Sheamus’ character is headed. When he first debuted his new look he really didn’t care what the fans thought. He even enjoyed the mean chants. Now Sheamus is getting so distracted by the YOU LOOK STUPID chants that it almost cost him the match.

Orton won clean. I did not expect that. I was convinced that Sheamus would have won. And then, even more surprisingly, the Wyatt Family attacked the Viper after the match. Are we really going for Randy as Ambrose & Reigns’partner at NoC? Why?

The Duddley Boyz def. Los Matadores

The Duddleyz quickly squashed Los Matadores with the help of a distraction by El Torito. So both Los Matadores had their turns beating up Torito, which led to the Duddleyz coming in to save him by putting some bullfighters through a table. I know, it makes no sense…

Why would you break Los Matadores and El Torito over a single table spot?

Cesaro vs. The Miz (Countout)

Why is Cesaro getting buried again!? Sorry, maybe I should have gone over the match first.

Cesaro manhandled the Miz most of the time. The A-lister had a comeback and he was on a roll when Big Show came, chased him off and then KOed Cesaro just to feel better.

To get back to my point: Why is Cesaro getting buried again?! And why is the Miz in a feud with the Big Show. We all know there’s no contest in this.

Team Bella/PCB

So Nikki will defend her title on RAW next week. If she wins, she beats AJ’s record. If she loses, she ties. This is a win/win situation for Nikki.

John Cena and The Prime Time Players def. Seth Rollins & The New Day

This match wasn’t particularly exciting to be honest. The best spot was Darren Young giving Xavier Woods a Gut Check off the apron and Woods wasn’t even in the match.

John Cena hit an AA on Kofi and won, leading to a second loss for Rollins in one night.

Needless to say, the champ wasn’t happy. On top of that, Sting had his statue squashed by a trash truck. The sound it made made me cringe.

I really like Sting’s Joker persona. It’s fun with a good flair of madness. The face paint helps a lot. Yet, I just want to see Rollins retain both titles. It’s probably impossible but I’d love to see that. The situation is way too unfair.

What are your impressions form RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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