WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 10/09/2015

Wyatt Family

Bray Wyatt is arguably the best talker in the WWE at the moment. The speech that he opened SmackDown with could easily get him a role in Hollywood.

It was interesting that Bray planted a few seeds of conflict between Ambrose and Reigns. He said that Dean was “cursed with loyalty” while Roman just used him as a servant. If the WWE goes with this idea, there might be a heel turn for one of them on the cards. However, I’m not sold on it just yet.

Obviously, Bray threatened Jimmy Uso, who would by no means succumb to the pressure. From that moment on, we just waited for the destruction of Jimmy to happen.

Cesaro def. The Miz

Let’s give the Miz some credit for this match. He stayed true to his character and had to use cheap distractions to gain momentum but once he did, he wrestled well. The A-lister will never be Cesaro in the ring but he is better than people think.

Cesaro is still running with the injured ribs angle but he didn’t lose for a change. It would have been one too many if he had.

Dean Ambrose/ Roman Reigns/ Jimmy Uso

Dean and Jimmy were stoked about fighting side by side, Roman – not so much. What I found curious is that Reigns blamed Ambrose for calling in Jimmy. When his cousin gets hurt eventually, Roman might turn on his brother due to the pressure.

Paige vs. Sasha Banks

This match is the best that the Divas Revolution has brought to the table till now. There was great wrestling, uncontrollable animosity, wild energy and utter chaos. When was the last time you saw a barricade brawl between two divas that was so serious it required a full ring of people to break them apart?

The Divas Division needs more personal, one on one feuds. The title shouldn’t be the only talking point in the division.

Seth Rollins/ Sheamus

Seth hasn’t lost his confidence after Monday but Sheamus keeps pitching in with his briefcase.

I like the idea of having Sheamus in the spotlight. He was almost forgotten, despite owning the MITB contract. Having him annoy Rollins is a good call.

Reigns, Ambrose & Jimy Uso vs.The New Day

It was an awesome match. The energy was high. I’ll start by praising the New Day. They owned most of the chants. Xavier Woods was everywhere – he could hassle, be on his trumpet and almost beat Reigns in a one-on-one face-off in the ring. Big E did some amazing saves and Kofi was just at the right place at the right time.

Jimmy Uso couldn’t wait to get back in action and he was on a roll. Ambrose worked with him as a real tag team partner and looked just as excited. Reigns was serious most of the time. He knew what was coming.

In the end, Jimmy was about to get the victory when the Wyatts’ blackout happened and before Roman and Dean could do anything about it, Jimmy was left lying unconscious on top of the ramp by Braun Strowman. I only hope this doesn’t reflect on the Ambrose/ Reigns relationship.

The Ascension def. The Lucha Dragons

Finally- the Ascension is getting some sort of a push. They dominated in a amtch at last. The Fall of Man hit with all its gravity and let to a win.

Then again, Neville ran out after the match and single-handedly defeated the Cosmic Wasteland. The WWE is really failing miserably at booking Stardust and the Ascension.


The champ and the contender had a run-in backstage to remind us about their match on RAW. I can see them having a rematch at NoC, regardless of the outcome.

Seth Rollins def. Ryback

This lumberjack match was chaotic. That’s because the lumberjacks were fighting amongst each other and with Ryback. Big Show had an altercation with half of the lumberjacks. The Cosmic Wasteland clashed with Neville and the Lucha Dragons, as well.

Only Kevin Owens stood there and watched. He got involved at very end to interfere with Ryback’s work, giving Rollins the victory. Kevin Owens must get the IC Championship at NoC. It will be a glorious reign.

Just to clarify, I’m not saying that Rollins didn’t do anything in the ring. Quite the opposite, actually, he was as awesome as usual. He just didn’t need to do a lot, since the lumberjacks really wanted to get involved in some sort of a fight.

What are your impressions from Smackdown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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