WWE RAW – Review, Highlights &Analysis From 14/09/2015


Triple H and Stephanie officially opened the new wrestling season. I can agree with their assessment – a lot of amazing talent joined the roster this year and the product definitely improved. Congratulations to the WWE!

New Day def. PTP

Darren Young carried the match for his team and I’m not complaining because he could stand up to his opponents and look believable.

Xavier Woods was the X factor as usual. His musical distractions won the match for the New Day and it was nothing short of awesome!

It’s evident how well the New Day are doing. The LET’S GO NEW DAY/ NEW  DAY SUCKS chants speak for themselves.

The outcome of the match was no surprise. What makes me sad is that most probably New Day’s next title defence won’t be that successful.

Sasha Banks def. Paige

The match was physical and the crowd loved it. Paige delivered a nasty-looking German suplex that could have ended the match but an interference by Tamina led to the Bank Statement.

I still believe that this feud is a massive improvement to the state of the Divas Division. The story should be given more time for promos.

Miz TV

Miz TV with Wyatts as guests. It looked surreal. The Wyatt Family don’t exactly give off the show bizz vibe.

I loved Miz’s interviewing. He had the guts to interrupt Bray Wyatt to get the correct question in. This gut could have been anything in the show business and still would have succeeded. Respect.

Reigns and Ambrose came down to the Shield theme. Every time this happens, I get goosebumps. When one day they really come out as the Shield, the WWE Universe will face a new era.

People tend to criticize but when there’s improvement they ignore it so I’ll take it upon myself note that all the talking was left to Roman Reigns and he did great.

This will probably be the best feud, storyline-wise  at NoC.

John Cena def. Sheamus

This is a match we hadn’t seen in a while. It’s been so long that it was actually interesting again.

The crowd was going insane every time Sheamus was close to winning because people always hope for a miracle. However, Cena expectedly won.

The booking of this match doesn’t make a real difference. Sheamus lost to Cena but it is Cena, so it will never count as a real loss.

Ryback/Kevin Owens

This was the best segement of  the night promo-wise. Kevin Owens with a copy of The Secret in hand came out to interrupt the Big Guy. Owens held Ryback’s favourite pop psychology book and pointed out the weakness behind believing in such writing. I personally couldn’t agree more.

It baffles me that the WWE think the best way to connect Ryback with the WWE Universe is through pop psychology. The audience was dead. It took a lot of cheerleading from the Big Guy to get a chant started.

The match at NoC should give us a new IC Champion. The reign of Kevin Owens will boost the prestige of the title once again.

Stardust vs. Neville

The match never started because the Ascension and the Lucha Dragons got involved. Kalisto and Sin Cara were so fast that Konnor and Viktor couldn’t even intercept them on the way in the ring. Stardust needed saving.

Ok, I hoped the Cosmic Wasteland would become a successful new faction. Now I know they’ll keep jobbing in this unimportant feud against Neville and the Lucha Dragons. Missed opportunity right there.

Charlotte def. Nikki Bella

We all knew that this match wouldn’t end clean. The end of AJ’s record was coming. The disappointment on Charlotte’s face broke my heart.  All I say to that is NoC is just around the corner, patience, Charlotte, you’ll get what’s rightfully yours.

Emotions aside, the match was good. Nikki was focused on the attack and it paid off. Charlotte fought form the underdog position and sold it well.

Cesaro def. Rusev

This was barely a match. Rusev was dominating when Ziggler came out to give Summer a present. Rusev got distracted and lost.

It was as if Cesaro didn’t even participated. His celebratory music was cut short after Dolph superkicked the Bulgarian Brute.

Summer took the present in the end. Rusev was yelling at her backstage. A betrayal is coming at NoC. I hope that since Lana can’t compete, this storyline will end soon.

Sting & Cena def. Rollins & Big Show

This should have been Sting vs. Big Show but Rollins got involved and Cena came to the rescue. Then a tag team match happened, you know the drill.

This being Sting’s first match on regular WWE TV,was a disappointment. He barely got in the ring. Yet, he was given a very serious victory. This is injustice.

Also, the ending frustrated me. Why would you have Rollins tap out to Sting? Wasn’t Big Show in the match exactly to take the fall? And Rollins was just starting to look credible again.

What are your impressions from RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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