WWE Night of Champions 2015 – The Infographic

With WWE Night of Champions, coming this Sunday, let’s see what the numbers have to offer in yet another awesome infographic, done by Jake Sharpless and Spencer Stein from Rukkus.com.

With SummerSlam in the rear view mirror, sights are now set on Night of Champions, where all five titles will be up for grabs. The last two years the WWE World Heavyweight Championship has changed hands, and if that happens again this year we’ll see the oldest WWE Champion in the history of the company. Entering Sunday, Sting will be 56 years old and if he wins he will eclipse Vince McMahon (54) as the oldest to hold the title. In order to do so, he’ll have to get through the reigning champion, Seth Rollins, who faces some history of his own.

After scouring through the card of each of the 312 pay-per-views in the history of the WWE/WWF, I discovered that there were a limited number of wrestlers who faced off in multiple matches in a single pay-per-view. Seth Rollins will join only six other wrestlers in the history of the promotion to match up more than once. Excluding battle royals, Royal Rumbles, King of the Rings, Survivor Series, and other tournament style, only a handful of wrestlers have competed (as individuals) in more than one match. At Night of Champions, Rollins will try to be the first ever to successfully defend two individual belts in the same pay-per-view.


Original Source: http://rukkus.com/blog/wwe-night-of-champions-preview/




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