WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 23/09/2015

Eva Marie def. Carmella

Every time Eva is in the ring, I’m waiting for the botch to happen. The audience gives her heat but it’s not the good type of heat. People just don’t want to see her. The idea of her becoming the NTX Women’s Champion in a couple of months is outrageous but hey, good looks sell I guess.

Carmella has improved tremendously or at least her face persona allows her to deliver more energy in the ring. She looks much better in the ring these days. Eva had to use a clumsy foot on the ropes and a countout to get the win.

Tyler Breeze def. Bull Dempsey

Tyler Breeze defeated Bull but he cheated to do so. However, Breeze is facing Apollo Cruise at Takeover, so the Bull feud should be over.

I don’t like this Bull Fit character. It can’t be taken seriously. He’ll be a failed character, like Adam Rose, if he goes up to the main roster. The WWE is struggling to figure out a good gimmick for Dempsey and it’s a shame.

Asuka Contract Signing

This was one awkward contract signing. Asuka was dressed in clothes that limited her movements and didn’t match her personality at all. She didn’t look comfortable.

Asuka’s English is worse than Hideo Itami’s and I thought that was close to impossible. She tried to compensate by yelling a lot. The crowd was welcoming but this won’t last too long. Promo skills are a must in this business, regardless of how awesome you are in the ring.

Emma and Dana Brooke crashed the party and told Asuka to leave. The strange part was that she actually did leave. I was waiting for her to toss away the heels and take them out but she just left. That was a very strange first appearance.

The Vaudevillains def. Blake and Murphy

Blue Pants ran in and chased Alexa Bliss off, which made the match 2 on 2.  The Vaudevillains took advantage of this and retained.

The match was good but lacked excitement. The rivalry’s nearly dead. Evidence for this is that Blue Pants is needed to make it exciting.

Blake and Murphy are just terrible heels. They’re way too funny and likable. And the Vaudevillains as faces are way too nice. I don’t agree with the creative direction these characters seem to be taking.

What are your impressions form WWE NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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