WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 28/09/2015

John Cena US Open Challenge

The New Day answered Cena’s challenge. I expected Big E to be chosen to wrestle but it was Xavier Woods. It was a good decision, although I doubted it in the beginning. Xavier Woods had the opportunity to show that he’s not the weak link; that he’s actually quite capable in the ring.

Woods didn’t go down easily. He was surprisingly resilient and crafty when it came to offence. The New Day got involved to save him from and STF and caused a DQ but that was to be expected. Nevertheless, Woods has never looked that good.

In the end there was chaos. The New Day attacked Cena, so the Dudleyz ran out to help. Interestingly, the New Day actually came on top of this one.

The New Day def. John Cena and the Dudley Boyz

Kane pulled a Teddy Long on us and made this a 3on3 match. The New Day won because they are the smarter team. And their interference was actually legal since Bubba wasn’t supposed to be in the ring. Brilliant!

The New Day are one of the best ideas that WWE ran with this year. Their stable is unique and deserves to rule for a long, long time.

Big Show def. Mark Henry

Mark Henry spent most of the match on the floor. Big Show dominated the entire time and then KO-ed the World’s Strongest Man into oblivion.

This was a Big Show- indulgent match. It served as nothing more than a proof that Show can handle big guys, hence will be fine against Brock.

Miz TV

Miz had Becky and Charlotte on the Show. They called Paige out but got the Bellas instead. Paige got irritated over the fact that Nikki claimed to have started the Divas Revolution, which led to a brawl and a 6-divas tag between PCB and Team Bella.

The one piece of useful information that I got from this segment was that Miz’s head accessory’s called an infinity scarf. If that was Twitter the appropriate hash tag would have been #themoreyouknow

6-Divas Tag

The match was looking normal in the beginning; you’d almost think PCB were still a healthy team. Becky took most of the punishment and when she tagged out the details started piling up against Paige.

First, Becky chose to tag in Charlotte over Paige. Then Charlotte accidentally pushed Paige off the apron, which caused the Brit to walk off. Natalya met her midway and tried to convince her to go back but Paige responded by attacking her. Charlotte lost off the distraction.

Two things here. First, is Natalya trying to replace Paige in PCB? What will they be called then? And if that happens, will Paige be the only solo diva in the division? Second, Nikki pinned Charlotte. Regardless of all the distractions ,this is a fact and it will play into their title feud.

Luke Harper and Braun Strowman def. the Prime Time Players

Harper and Strowman destroyed PTP so quickly that I almost missed the match. I got distracted for a minute and Titus was already hanging in Strowman’s grasp, ready to pass out.

I’m not sold on this Black Sheep character. He’s too generic. The only thing about him is that he’s strong. Nothing exceptional until now. Once the other superstars stop jobbing to him and he finally loses, Strowman will quickly become irrelevant.

Stardust vs. Neville

Speaking about irrelevant, Neville and Stardust had yet another irrelevant match in their irrelevant feud. The WWE screwed both of them badly by mishandling this rivalry. It could have been good.

King Barrett returned and delivered a Bullhammer to both of them. At least Barrett has some chance of getting some momentum out of this mess.

Kane’s HR Evaluation

Throughout the show Kane had been evaluated by an HR representative, called Ashley, which Stephanie had assigned him. So Ashley classified Kane as a “perfect employee” while for Seth Rollins she suggested an evaluation.

Rollins got angry and launched an attack on Corporate Kane, resulting in Kane being carried out on a stretcher. However, Demon Kane jumped out of the ambulance and attacked Rollins, causing Seth to run and the championship to stay in Kane’s possession.

This was a symbolic segment. Seth can beat Corporate Kane but Demon Kane can decimate Rollins. I guess the only way to have Seth come on top is to let him discover a way to manipulate Kane’s personality swaps through words. It would make Rollins look incredibly smart and dangerous.

Randy Orton def. Bo Dallas

You can imagine how that one ended. An RKO finished Bo and Randy had his mandatory appearance on RAW.

Orton will get a rivalry after this, maybe not a very exciting one but a rivalry nonetheless. Bo, on the other hand, will keep jobbing and sinking for what seems like an eternity.

Rusev vs. Kevin Owens

This was one confusing match. Ryabck was at commentary. Owens pushed Rusev into him and so Rusev and Owens ended up beating Ryback until Dolph came out to save him.

I’m not sure that this storyline mash-up is a good idea. I’m getting the impression that neither feud is getting full attention because of it.

Paul Heyman/ Big Show

This was another segment, designed to make Big Show look good. He interrupted Heyman as the Advocate was doing his promo and intimidated him.

I appreciate how hard the WWE is trying to make Show look like a real threat to Brock but when you’re advertising an entire tour, based around the Beast, destroying people, there is no way that we’d believe either one of Brock’s opponents will win.

Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

This was an awesome segment. The match told a story. A story of long-nurtured disdain. It ended in a double count out as both men destroyed each other outside the ring.

There were a number of exciting spots in the crowd, at the barricade and on the table. My favourite was Bray tossing a tech guy at Roman. That poor dude flew high.

It felt like a true fight and could have been a PPV match. In the end, no one came on top. Both men lied down in the rubble.

I think it was a smart decision to protect both Wyatt and Reigns. That way they can restart the rivalry whenever it’s necessary.

What are your impressions of RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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