WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 01/10/2015

Seth Rollins/Kane

Does anybody apart from Seth Rollins ever open SmackDown? That aside, the segment was yet another attempt by Seth to prove that Corporate Kane and the Demon Kane are the same person. He finally came up with a plan, asking Kane to be at ringside while Demon Kane wrestles.

My question is: Where is the Authority in all of this? If we have to be consistent with the characters, Stephanie and Triple H would have never allowed that to go on. Especially having in mind that this could lead to a mentally unstable demon, holding the WWE’s most precious title.

Team B.A.D. def. Team Bella

Team B.A.D. finally got some action. I take every opportunity I have to see Tamina and Naomi wrestle because it’s a rare sight.

Tamina should be used more. She’s so strong that she doesn’t even have to move, the other divas just crash and burn when they try to hit her.

Team Bella focused all its efforts on making Nikki look good. It even almost won her the match. However, the Boss came on top and made Nikki tap.

Sasha’s going to be the first one of these 6 ladies to go after the title. Then again, it’s to early. It’s possible that there will be a rift in Team B.A.D. too. The commentators mentioned it – they were questioning who the leader of the trio was.

New Day/ Seth Rollins

The New Day met Rollins backstage and gave him a healthy dose of positivity in the form of clapping. The hilarious thing is that it actually worked.


Charlotte and Becky asked Paige to pick sides and Natalya threatened Paige immediately after. The Brit is turning into a really hot heel.

Ryback def. Kevin Owens

The booking of this match was terribly stereotypical. The face-off started strong in the physical department and it was a good fight overall. However, the WWE felt the need to have Kevin Owens voluntarily chose to stay out for the 10 count, in order to save his title. After the match Ryback came on top and stood victorious to compensate for the missed title opportunity.

Kevin Owens is not a stereotypical heel. He’s better than that. I don’t understand why he has to be book in this predictable manner.

Bray Wyatt/ Roman Reigns

It was an intense segment. Every movement that was made, every word that was said were all perfectly placed. Bray held back his men to prove his power and Roman entered the ring without caring whether he’d face Bray only or the entire world. Beautifully done!

It feels as if the Hell in a Cell match will be the end of this cycle of the feud. However, the rivalry could easily be restarted once again in the future and it is a good thing.

The one thing I find strange is that Braun Strowman was made out to be be a big deal upon his arrival but he very quickly turned into a faceless bodyguard for Bray.

Neville & the Lucha Dragons def. Stardust & The Ascension

It is sad that this feud is so irrelevant. I might be repeating myself here but I still claim that this rivalry could have been booked in many different ways and most of them would have been better than what actually happened.

On the bright side, Viktor and Neville seem to have a great connection in the ring. The spot where Viktor plants Neville off the top rope was simply beautiful. I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed until now how well these two go together.

If we have to stay positive, at least all 6 men were on the show this week, while many others are just sitting at home, like the recently returned King Barrett for example.

The Dudley Boyz & Demon Kane def. The New Day & Seth Rollins

Obviously, while Corporate Kane was at ringside, the Demon wasn’t there. At one point Seth dived over the ropes and Kane intentionally got in his way, in order to get himself out of the building.

The Dudley Boyz won. However, their victory was shaded by the Demon Kane’s antics. Seth Rollins ran away, so Kane destroyed everyone else.

In the past, a segment where one guy “with supernatural powers” easily defeats 5-6 other guys, would have looked impressive.  Nowadays, it looks staged. Reality Era.

What are your impressions from WWE SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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