WWE SmackDown –Review, Highlights & Analysis From 08/10/2015

New Day

The New Day cut a cocky promo, placing themselves above all known stables, whether they are legends like nWo, or they are of recent glory like the Shield or the Wyatts. On that note, the New Day are lucky that Bray Wyatt’s busy doing other things, otherwise that comment might have been dangerous.

Dolph Ziggler came out looking for retribution and the Dudleys joined him for support.

This week New Day seem to be leaning more and more to the heel side. Yes, they’re heel but they are also likable, usually. This week they are getting more boos and they are notably more annoying. The reason for that is that the theme they are going with is not really funny. When the audience laughs with them, even if they are acting as heel, the New Day will be over. However, once the joke becomes funny only to them, the crowd will begin to really hate them.

Big E def. Dolph Ziggler

Following the pure heel theme, Big E seemed to be more serious and focused than the usual. He kept punishing Ziggler throughout the match.

A lot of organized cheating and heavy distractions got Big E the victory. The ref just couldn’t keep up with the New Day’s antics.

I’m not a fan of this hard heel direction the New Day appear to be taking. I think they should stay funny and likable. That makes them unique and colorful. Characters don’t need to be simply balck or white to be good.

Summer Rae/Rusev

Summer was busy planning her wedding when Rusev showed up. He was looking for his championship opportunity and Summer gave him one. Well, not directly. She organized for him a chance to become the #1 contender for the IC title.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the slap on the butt in the end of the segment. It looked so genuine and so stereotpyical at the same time that it was ridiculous.

Charlotte, Becky Lynch & Natalya def. Team Bella

The point of this entire match was to show that Paige was jealous of Natalya. I still believe that Paige vs. Nattie will be a filler feud until Charlotte’s done with Nikki and can turn her attention to Paige.

In the match itself, Becky was the weak link, again. She’s so badly overshadowed that it hurts to watch.

Nikki looked great in the ring. To be fair, the amount of interferences by both teams was roughly the same, so I don’t think that Nikki lost any momentum with this defeat.

Ryback def. Rusev

The match was pretty much even but Kevin Owens on commentary was strongly rooting for Rusev, which led me to believe that Rusev wouldn’t be the one winning the match. Even Summer tried to get involved but it didn’t help.

The WWE doesn’t want to let go of Ryback vs. Owens. This feud will happen again. This is why Rusev has to change his focus quickly. He could go for the US title but he could easily surprise us and jump Seth after Hell in a Cell too. The good thing about this is that there’s no wedding on the horizon yet.

King Barrett def. Neville

This was a strange one. Barrett, despite being a heel, offered Neville a handshake, which Neville refused. This is the new twist to Barrett’s King gimmick – he’s now an English gentleman and he acts with class. I like that. It could make him a likeable heel and he could always turn face any time he wanted to.

Neville, on the other hand, got buried once again. And it didn’t take long to do it. The way Neville’s career’s played out on the main roster is sad. If only he had the character to match his skills.

Orton & Reigns def. Wyatt & Strowman/DQ/

The story here is that Reigns is now focused and in this mindset he can take both Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt on his own. Knowing that, how are we supposed to feel any tension when it comes to Hell in a Cell?

Bray should have been protected in this match. He was, for most of it, but in the end he got hit with and RKO and a Spear. That was some weak booking. Reigns doesn’t need to look that strong. It’s counterproductive if he’s to be the underdog.

It was surprising that Orton was booked to be Reigns’ partner, instead of Ambrose. Is the WWE done with the brotherly bond theme? Also, what does it say about Ambrose if Reigns always loses with him but without him, he defeats the Wyatts without any issues? This is not fair on the Lunatic Fringe.

What are your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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