WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 15/10/2015

Roman Reigns def. Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas’ character has been tweeked slightly. His promo lacked the finishing inspirational twist and his wrestling had more aggression in it. These changed could have been meaningful but Bo’s being used only as squashing material, so none of it really mattered in the end.

Roman Reigns cut a static promo on Bray Wyatt. He wasn’t particularly convincing on the mic because he was trying too hard to look tough and came off looking stiff.

Bray’s promo wasn’t his greatest but then again he was just setting up a match on RAW. What I loved about it was the focus on pride. Pride is my favourite sin and if I had to write a storyline around one sin that would have been it.

As for Bo, he needs to get in shape or change his gear. The slightly overweight look, in those pants that are hanging too loose, that Bo is sporting is not doing him any favors.

King Barrett & Sheamus def. Cesaro & Neville

This was a copy- paste to the previous match between the two teams. Neville started off, Cesaro picked up some steam but a cheap shot by Barrett served Sheamus with the victory on a silver platter. Nothing particularly exciting is happening in this feud, if we can call it that.

Stardust, who seems to be hanging out with the Ascension again, appears to have some interest in Cesaro. Despite that, he didn’t get involved in the match whatsoever, which was disappointing. The Cesaro vs. Stardust feud will be underwhelming, especially with the Ascension, creating unrealistic imbalance in it.

Kevin Owens def. Zack Ryder

Yet another squash match was added to Kevin Owens’ unimpressive winning streak. Ryback was there to watch and search for a fight in the end but the champ simply retreated, avoiding altercation.

It’s just sad how uneventful Owens’ reign has been so far. He could be one of the most dominant heels on the roster but is being given jobbers and zero mic time instead.

Dolph Ziggler def. Rusev

With Summer Rae – guest referee, impartiality was the last thing we could have expected. She judged against Rusev every opportunity she got and finally managed to hand the victory to Dolph.

The post-match segment makes me worry that the love storyline is STILL alive. Summer tried to get Dolph to date her but he refused out of fear of being used. She didn’t seem discouraged though. I don’t know why the WWE insists on having this love drama. No one really wants to see that.

Strowman & Harper def. PTP

As you can imagine, PTP jobbed to the Wyatt Family. After all, Strowman needs to look strong. People are making fun of Reigns “being made to look strong” but the situation with Strowman is just ridiculous.

On the bright side, Darren Young was on fire. Since his return from injury Young’s been on a roll, never having a weak match. He deserves some recognition.

Charlotte def. Alicia Fox

Charlotte and Alicia Fox are quite a good match in the ring. With the two of them in it becomes a battle of the legs/kicks.

Team Bella needed to dominate Charlotte before Hell in a Cell but their post-match attack was overshadowed by Paige’s rescue and her fake attempts to get redemption. Paige should not have taken front stage before the end of the Nikki vs. Charlotte feud because this kills off the excitement, surrounding the title match.

The Dudley Boyz & Dean Ambrose def. New Day /via DQ/

Despite Ambrose having a lunatic frenzy moment and the Dudleyz staying hyped, the New Day dominated the main event. It was a surprise, especially knowing that Ambrose was wrestling in front of a home crowd.

It’s impressive how far the New Day have gone. It’s even scary in a way because they are becoming more and more dangerous. Before it was easy to just laugh at the New Day’s wins, now it has turned into a serious business.

The way things are going, I don’t know who could match the New Day. They’ve outgrown themselves. It will be difficult to find an opponent worth dropping the titles to.

What are your impressions from SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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